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These two years were actually a closed loop.

What should have happened had already happened.

If Jordan successfully acted as planned tomorrow, it meant that Tylers voice in the recording he heard two years ago was himself!

Tyler had never gotten Hailey!

In other words, Haileys first time was given to Jordan from 2022.

It was Jordan in 2022 who cuckolded Jordan from 2020.

When Jordan thought of this, he couldnt help rubbing his forehead.

“F*ck, the culprit Ive always hated is actually myself… Tyler was innocent.

I even sent someone to castrate him.”

Shaun laughed.

“Innocent He invited your wife to a hotel.

Even if he didnt do anything, he still must be punished for seducing the wife of a Deity.”

Jordan nodded.

This was not the time to be soft-hearted.

“Can we retrieve Tylers voice from the video chat between Hailey and Tyler” Jordan asked.

The video chat between Hailey and Tyler was saved on Jordans computer.

Shaun nodded.

“Alright, Ill make it for you now.”

Soon enough, Shaun found the surveillance footage and extracted Tylers voice.

After setting it up, Shaun took the initiative to try it out on the device.

“Babe, have you eaten”

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Jordan had met Tyler many times.

When he heard what Shaun said through the device, he exclaimed.

It sounded exactly like Tyler himself!

The voice was too similar!

Jordan took the device and sighed.

“I didnt expect that as a Deity, I would have to pretend to be that loser Tyler just to get my wifes first time.”

Shaun smiled.

“Be content.

Its already good enough that you can change the past to this extent.

At least you wont be cheated on.

Tomorrow, Ill get some knockout drug for Tyler to make him think that he succeeded.

Hehe, this silly boy.

He probably never expected someone to travel back in time and ruin his plans.”

The next day, at seven in the morning.

Ring, ring.

Lying on the sofa in the living room, Jordan suddenly heard the ringing of a phone.

However, it wasnt his phone.

It was Haileys phone, which he had been monitoring.

To monitor Hailey at all times, Jordan slept on the sofa in the living room the entire night.

He rubbed his eyes and watched as Hailey answered the call.


Hailey was already awake.

“What Grandaunt Lily in the hospital Is she alright Is it serious What did the doctor say Oh, then Ill go visit her the moment I have some free time.”

After saying that, Hailey hung up.

It was a call informing Hailey that her Grandaunt Lilys condition wasnt too good, and asking her to go visit her when she was free.

Grandaunt Lily really wanted to see Hailey.

Hailey walked out of the room.

At this moment, Jordan had already woken up and prepared a cup of honey water for her.

Honey water was good for ones complexion and health.

Hailey had to drink this every morning when she woke up.

For the past three years, Jordan never once forgot to brew this honey water for her.

He always delivered it to Haileys hands the moment she woke up.

Accepting the cup, Hailey said, “Hubby, I got a call just now that Grandaunt Lily seems to be sick.

Its quite serious.”

Jordan was quite anxious.

“What Grandaunt Lily is seriously ill Oh no, your Grandaunt Lily hasnt been in good health for the past two years.

Since they called you to go visit her, Im afraid things are serious.”

Hailey also looked very worried.

“Huh No way.

Its not that serious.

She said that she just wanted to see me.

Shes so nice to still remember me.”

Jordan from 2020 had no idea what all this meant, but Jordan from 2022 knew everything.

Of course, Grandaunt Lily missed Hailey the most.

She knew Jordans true identity and was afraid that Hailey would ruin her marriage to such a good husband!

Grandaunt Lily had saved Jordans life.

He quickly said, “Hailey, lets go to South Daytona to visit Grandaunt Lily now”

Hailey immediately refused.

“No, I said that its fine.

Whats the hurry Its not like Grandaunt Lily is dying now.”

Jordan said anxiously, “Hailey, you dont understand.

Your family didnt tell you about her illness directly.

But since they took the initiative to call you, it means that her illness must have reached a critical juncture.

Your Grandaunt Lily treats us both very well.

We should go to South Daytona to visit her now.”

Hailey placed the cup on the table angrily.

“I said Im not going! Who do you think you are How can you diagnose my Grandaunt Lilys illness from so far away If you were so powerful, would you be delivering takeout Wouldnt you have become a big boss long ago”

Hailey had an appointment with Tyler at noon, so she naturally couldnt go to South Daytona with Jordan now.

As he was depending on the Camdens at this point, Jordan could only compromise.

“Alright then, well go visit her whenever youre free these couple of days.”

Hailey nodded.

“Yes, um, I have a business meeting with a client this afternoon.

Dont call me unless theres an emergency.”

Jordan nodded stiffly.

“Yes, Im very busy at noon.

I dont think Ill have time to call you.”

Hailey knew that Jordan delivered takeout and noon was his busiest time of the day.

A smile instantly appeared on Haileys face.

She even helped Jordan adjust his white shirt in an intimate manner.

“Yes, it is only right to be busy with work and your career.

Theres no distinction between high and low in professions.

Drew, Elle and the others always say that youve embarrassed us Camdens by delivering takeout.

But I dont think so.

My husband is great in everything he does! Hehe, have a good afternoon delivering takeout.”


Jordan smiled happily at Haileys praise.


On the opposite building, Jordan cursed at his past self.

Hailey appeared to be so encouraging, praising Jordan for delivering takeout, but in fact, she was just relieved that Jordan would be busy at that time and wouldnt have the chance to check on her and find out about her dirty deeds!

His past self had been fooled by her and even smiled at her!

“Hahaha, Deity Jordan, who are you cursing so early in the morning”

Shaun had just woken up and he walked over.

He looked at the surveillance screen and saw Jordan and Hailey gazing lovingly at each other.

Shaun smiled.

“Haha, the two of you seem to be very in love.

Hailey is really talented at acting.

She managed to trick you the first time she cheated on you.

Before that, she even made you serve her honey water.

Hehe, what a pity.

After she returns tonight, thats when her nightmare will begin!”


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