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It was finally 9 April 2020.

Today would be the beginning of a new chapter and the end of Jordans life as an ordinary man.

Since he had caught Hailey having an affair and divorced her, Jordan had embarked on a colorful and exciting life.

First, he found out his family secret.

Then, he found out that he was the new Deity.

In just two years, his thoughts, abilities, the people around him and his personal life had changed drastically.

Soon, Jordan and Hailey left home to go to work.

Shaun said, “Hailey has left.

We should go out and prepare, right”

If Jordan wanted to prevent Hailey from cheating, he had to arrive at the hotel room before the cheating couple did, so he could set up an ambush.

Shaun thought for a moment and said, “Roxy Hotel.

Its a five-star hotel.

It wont be easy to get past security.

How about this Ill use a drone to blow up the glass in that hotel room.

You have good stamina.

No matter how high it is, you can just climb up.

After you enter, you can replace the glass.

Or should we sneak in and steal the room card”

Jordan shook his head.

“There are cameras everywhere in that hotel, and there are service staff everywhere.

Lets not take the risk.

Weve never been here before.

Dont do such sneaky things.

Itll be troublesome if we mess it up.

Its just a five-star hotel.

We have plenty of money.”

Schmid slapped his thigh.

“Thats right.

We can just spend money to buy the hotel! Ever since I took control of the Schmid family, Ive been sitting on assets worth billions of dollars, but I havent had the chance to spend any money.

Its been suffocating me! Ill pay for the purchase of the Roxy Hotel.

I have at least a few billion in my bank card.

The card Rong Huangde gave me has at least one to two billion.

“Theres so much money.

Theres no way I can finish spending it all and no one around to help me spend it.

How annoying!”

Shaun was truly troubled over this and Jordan had the same worry as him.

When Jordan found out that the Steele family was one of the eight secret families in the world, he realized that they had too much money to spend.

He was now a Deity.

If the Rong family was not around, he would have the final say in the world.

Jordan could spend as much money as there was in the world.

His wealth could not be exhausted even in the next hundred or thousand years.

Moreover, at Jordan and Shauns level, many things did not require money at all.

They just had to point a laser or weather weapon at the target, and he would obediently hand over anything.

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Therefore, both of them had an urgent desire to spend money!

Jordan said, “No, I have to pay for this.

I have more money than you.

I feel bad if I dont spend it.”

Shaun said, “I will feel even worse! Im poisoned and might be killed by you and Rong Huangde at any time.

Dont you know that the most painful thing in life is when a person dies before he manages to spend all his money! I dont even have any descendants.

Who should I leave these billions of dollars to!”

Jordan couldnt win this argument, so he agreed to let Shaun pay.

Roxy Hotel belonged to the former richest man in the US, CEO Wyatt.

Jordan knew his phone number and bank account.

CEO Wyatt had some interaction with the Steeles previously.

Therefore, Jordan asked Shaun to transfer $500 million to CEO Wyatts account.


Meanwhile, in the CEO office of a certain CBD building.

CEO Wyatt was sighing as he looked at the clouds outside the window when he heard a message tone.

During this period of time, CEO Wyatts business and personal situation were not too good.

He was in urgent need of cash flow.

Opening his phone, he saw that his bank account had suddenly increased by $500 million.

He was stunned.

“Who… who… who did this Who sent me so much money Huh”

Just as CEO Wyatt was wondering, an unknown number suddenly called him.

Ordinary people couldnt know the private number of someone like CEO Wyatt.

All who could call him were not ordinary people.

Therefore, CEO Wyatt picked up the call and heard Jordans voice.

“CEO Wyatt, I transferred $500 million to you just now.

Did you receive it” Jordan asked.

CEO Wyatt was overjoyed.

“Ah, I just received it.

I was wondering who transferred the money to me.

May I know who you are I dont think I know you.

Why did you suddenly transfer so much money to me”

Jordan said, “Im Jordan from the Steele family.”

CEO Wyatt exclaimed, “The Steele family! Charleston Steele From your youthful voice, you should be Mr.

Steeles grandson, right Oh my, CEO Waldon and I have always wanted to see Mr.

Steele again.

I wonder how his health is.

We havent been able to find the time.

By the way, you suddenly transferred $500 million to me.

Is there something you need my help with Tell me, Ill definitely do it!”

Jordan smiled and said, “Thats right.

Its very simple.

I want to buy your Roxy Hotel in Orlando.”

When CEO Wyatt heard that he hurriedly said, “Oh, you want my hotel Isnt that simple Just say the word and Ill give it to you.

Theres no need to pay me.


Also, youve given me too much.

My hotel is worth only about $100 million at most.

Its not worth $500 million.”

Jordan said, “The money belongs to my friend.

Ive also told my friend that he just needs to transfer $250 million.

However, he has too much money and cant spend it all.

If he doesnt transfer more, he will feel uncomfortable.

Its not that much, so just accept it.”

CEO Wyatt felt like crying.

He was always the one who was able to flaunt his wealth with calm indifference.

So much so that others couldnt stand it.

Now, he was jealous that someone else could flaunt their wealth in this manner.

‘This guy has too much money He is able to casually dispense an extra $250 million I want such friends too!

CEO Wyatt hurriedly said, “Mr.

Jordans friends are really generous! If theres a chance, I hope to meet you and your friends.

Are you taking over the hotel now Ill instruct my hotel staff to get out and hand it over to you!”

Jordan said, “No, dont touch anyone.

Ill bring my familys jade pendant to the hotel later to prove my identity.

Just inform your staff and ask them to cooperate with me.”

CEO Wyatt said, “Alright, alright, Ill definitely get them to cooperate with you!”

After hanging up, Jordan and Shaun took a taxi to the Roxy Hotel.

At this moment, the entire hotel was in chaos, especially the female staff at the front desk.

They were whispering to each other.

“Hey, did you hear Someone bought our hotel for $500 million!”

“Who is it Whos so rich”

“I heard that the new bosss surname is Steele, and hell be here soon.

Everyone, stay alert.

Dont end up not recognizing the new boss.”

Jordan and Shaun arrived at the front desk of the hotel wearing masks and caps.

“Sirs, do you want to reserve a room at this hotel”

The beautiful receptionist asked with a smile.

Jordan took out the jade pendant with the word “Steele” engraved on it and showed it to her.

The female staff at the front desk were so frightened that their legs went weak.

“Greetings… CEO Steele!”


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