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Jordan and Shaun, who were hiding in the hotel rooms closet, were shocked.

It turned out that it was not a coincidence that Jordan would be delivering takeout later.

Tyler purposely arranged it!

Shaun said in surprise, “Tyler is really courting death.

He deliberately arranged for you to deliver takeout so that you can see with your own eyes that your wife slept with him.

He wouldnt have ended up in such a wretched state in the future if he didnt do that.”

Tyler relied on his status as a rich second-generation heir to look down on Jordan.

Little did he know that this would become a turning point in his life.

Jordan was also furious.

Tyler was too arrogant!

Actually, he already found it strange when he received this order two years ago.

This was because very few guests who stayed in five-star hotels would order takeout.

Wouldnt a five-star hotel have all sorts of delicious food

He finally realized now that Tyler had deliberately arranged it.

However, two years on, Jordan was grateful to Tyler for doing this.

If Tyler hadnt done that, Jordan wouldnt have found out about Haileys affair today.

At night, Jordan would confess his identity to her and tell her that he was a billionaire.

In that case, wouldnt Hailey be so happy that she could fly into the sky She would definitely be obedient to Jordan and be his good wife from then on.

The two of them would not get a divorce.

If that was the case, even if he met Victoria tomorrow and was attracted by her aura as a female CEO, Jordan and Victoria would not be together.

Jordan was a faithful man.

Since he already had a wife, he would not mess around anymore.

“Heavens will.

Everything is heavens will.”

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Jordan sighed happily.

After Tyler ended the call, he basked in his evil plan for a while before suddenly thinking of another problem.

“No, its not enough to just specify Haileys husband to deliver my takeout.

This is a five-star hotel.

The hotel wont allow delivery men to come to the rooms.

If Haileys husband doesnt come up, he wouldnt see us.”

Tyler walked to the landline by the bed and picked up the phone to call the front desk.

Tyler said, “Hello, is this the front desk Im a customer from room 1111.

Im going to order a food delivery later.

Get the delivery man to send it directly to my room, do you hear me”

The receptionist said, “Sir, are you dissatisfied with our food Weve hired the best chefs in Orlando.”

Tyler said impatiently, “I want to eat street food.

I dont want to eat your high-end dishes.

Do you have any in your hotel Stop talking nonsense.

Before I leave, Ill give you a hundred dollars as a tip.”

The receptionist said, “Ah, thank you, sir.

Alright, Ill personally bring the takeout to your room after its delivered.”

The service in a five-star hotel was very good.

Some hotels would even have staff who would press the elevator buttons for you.

Tyler quickly said, “No, I dont want you to deliver it.

I want the delivery man to deliver it personally.

He has to deliver it personally, do you hear me”

The receptionist said, “Alright, I understand.

Ill do as you instructed.”

Satisfied, Tyler hung up the phone.

“Hehe, Jordan, dont blame me for being so ruthless.

But a poor man like you is worthy of having a one-in-a-million beauty like Hailey.

Youre occupying a place you dont deserve, so you have to bear the humiliation!”

In the closet, Jordan clenched his fists.

He wished he could rush out of the closet and beat Tyler to death.

Shaun quickly advised.

“Jordan, calm down.

Anyway, youre going to castrate him in the future.

Let him be smug for a while more.

It wont be long before hes castrated.”

Jordan still felt that it was not enough to vent his anger.

He wanted Tyler to be punished immediately!

Jordan asked, “Can I kill him first before reviving him”

Shaun was speechless.

The medical skills of the eight great families were brilliant.

They indeed had the ability to revive someone.

Shaun said, “Why dont we beat him until hes half-crippled I have medicine that can quickly heal the body.

He will recover very fast.”

Jordan nodded.

After a while, Tyler called Hailey and urged her to come to the hotel.

At 11 AM, Hailey finally arrived.

Knock knock!

Hailey knocked on the door.

Tyler quickly went to open the door.

When he saw Hailey wearing a sexy black dress, his heart surged with lust and emotion.

Tyler hugged Hailey the moment she entered the room.

“Babe, youre finally here.

I missed you so much.”

Influenced by the scent in the room, Tyler couldnt hold back when he saw Hailey.

Hailey immediately broke free from Tylers embrace.

“Tyler, dont be like this.

Take a look at the business contract and the proposal first.

Our family business has been growing steadily over the past few years.

If you invest in projects with us, we guarantee that you will make money!”

Hailey took out the contract from her bag and showed it to Tyler.

Tyler picked up the contract and tossed it behind him.

“Hailey, I dont care if I make money or not.

As long as I can get you, Im willing to pay for it!”

Hailey felt rather abashed.

Suddenly, she detected the aphrodisiacal scent in the room and felt that something was wrong.

“Tyler, what did you spray in the room Why do I smell something strange Did you…”

Tyler felt a little guilty because he could also feel that this scent was no ordinary fragrance.

After inhaling it over a period of time, it would make one fall head over heels in love.

“I swear that this fragrance was already here when I arrived.

I definitely didnt do it.”

Of course Hailey didnt believe him.

However, since she was already here, she didnt care too much if Tyler played some tricks.

Hailey said, “Lets have a drink first.

I… Im a little nervous.”

Tyler smiled.

“Hahaha, alright.

Have a drink first.

Theres no hurry!”

Tyler opened a bottle of red wine worth $500 in the hotel room and poured two glasses.


They clinked glasses and downed a glass of wine each.

Tyler smiled again.

“Damn, Hailey, your alcohol tolerance is not bad.

Come, come, lets make another toast.”

Tyler quickly poured another glass for her.

Hailey pretended to be shy.


Are you trying to get me drunk My alcohol tolerance is very low.

Ill feel dizzy after only one drink.”

Hearing Hailey say that she couldnt hold her liquor well, Tyler immediately picked up her wine glass and held it to her lips.

“Come on, have a little more.

This red wine is just like soda.

It wont make you drunk.”

Just like that, Tyler coaxed Hailey into drinking three glasses of red wine in a row.

He also drank four glasses himself.

After drinking three glasses of red wine, Haileys face turned red and she felt a little dizzy.


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