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Influenced by Shauns aphrodisiacal scent and alcohol, Hailey and Tylers faces turned red as they looked at each other with smiles.

Tyler reached out and held her fair hand.

He said affectionately, “Hailey, youre so beautiful.

Youre the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen in my life.”

Hailey smiled shyly and pulled her hand away.

“Um… Im going to take a shower.”

“Alright, alright.

Ill wait for you, baby.”

Tyler was delighted.

He knew that when Hailey came out of the washroom, it would be time for him to have her.


The sound of water came from the washroom.

Hailey played music on her phone, listening to music as she showered.

Taking out a BMW car key from his pocket, Tyler placed it on the bedside table with his phone.

It looked like a car key, but it was actually a recording pen.

He wanted to record the entire session later.


Tyler smiled wickedly.

Suddenly, a cat flew past his eyes.

In the next second, Tyler felt his mind go blank.

His eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground.

Jordan and Shaun emerged from the closet.

Shaun lifted Tyler up and said, “Jordan, give him a few punches to vent your anger, but dont kill him.

Otherwise, well have to perform surgery to save him.

We dont have the equipment and doctors.”

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Jordan punched Tyler twice in the stomach, causing him to vomit blood on the spot.

Looking at Tylers miserable appearance and the sound of his bones almost breaking, Jordan gave a big sigh.

“Two years ago, when I first met you, I couldnt beat you up.

Now, Ive finally vented my anger!”

Seeing that Jordan was no longer angry, Shaun gave Tyler some medicine to help him recover.

After that, Shaun started to influence his mind, putting false memories to make him think that he had slept with Hailey.

After doing this, Shaun threw Tyler under the bed.

More than 10 minutes had passed and Hailey was about to come out of the washroom.

Jordan said to Shaun, “Alright, theres nothing else for you to do here.

You can leave.”

Shaun looked reluctant.

“No, let me stay.

I promise I wont peek.”

Jordan glared at Shaun.

Shaun laughed.

“Alright, I know youre shy.

Ill go to the room next door and find a girl to relax with.”

Shaun quickly left the room.

After Shaun left, Jordan closed the curtains and turned off all the lights.

The entire room was dark and one couldnt see anything.

Not long after, Hailey walked out of the washroom.

As she didnt wash her hair, it didnt take long.

After coming out, she realized that the room had become extremely dark.

She had no intention of turning on the lights herself.

She was a shy girl to begin with.

Turning off the lights like this was exactly what she wanted.

She saw a man standing in front of the bed.

She thought that it was Tyler, but in fact, it was Jordan.

It was Jordan from 2022.

Hailey walked forward with a smile and said gently, “Tyler, Im ready.”

With that, Hailey stood there shyly, waiting for Tyler to pounce on her like a hungry wolf.


What awaited her was not an act of love, but a solid slap!

In the darkness, Jordan cursed at Hailey through the voice alteration device.


Hailey covered her face in confusion.

“Tyler, what do you mean by this Are you having regrets Do you not want to invest in our family anymore If you dont agree to invest, Ill leave now.

“I never even liked you in the first place.

I only agreed to go out with you because of the investment.

I do feel very sorry for my husband! If I knew you were so fickle, I wouldnt have come!”

Hailey was very angry.

She thought that Tyler had suddenly changed his mind and was about to leave.

Jordan felt rather comforted by her actions.

At the very least, this moment proved that Hailey had cheated on him purely because of money.

Jordan grabbed her wrist and said, “Youve already been affected by my special fragrance.

Can you bear to leave Since youre already here, why dont you become my woman”

Hailey shook Jordan off.

“No way.

If you dont agree to invest, I wont agree to sleep with you.

I… Ill call my husband now and ask him to come home.

Ill sleep with him!”

Jordan was a little surprised by her decision.

“Your mother keeps warning you not to sleep with that useless husband, right Are you going to go against her wishes”

Hailey said stubbornly, “So be it.

My husband and my marriage was personally arranged by my grandfather.

As long as my grandmother is alive, no one will dare to change it.

If my grandmother lives for another 10 years, do you think I wont sleep with my husband for another 10 years No way.”

Hearing Haileys true thoughts, Jordan finally felt a little comforted.

Jordan pulled her back and said, “Alright, Ill invest.”

Jordan turned on the BMW recording pen and started the recording.

An hour later.

Jordan left the room.

Hailey and Tyler were both asleep on the bed.

Not long after, the two of them woke up at almost the same time.

Tyler looked at Hailey beside him.

The memories Shaun implanted in his mind came to the surface.

It made him think that he had really gotten Hailey.

As for Hailey, she also thought that she had been with Tyler for the past hour.

They looked at each other and smiled.

“Hahaha, Hailey, when did I fall asleep” Tyler asked happily.

Hailey said, “I dont know either.

Is there something wrong with the wine I suddenly fell asleep just now.”

Tyler cursed.

“F*ck, I also feel that theres something wrong with this wine.

Theres actually fake wine in this five-star hotel.

I have to complain later.”

Hailey had already put on her bathrobe.

“Forget it, lets stay a little longer before leaving.”

Tyler looked at the time.

It was a little past noon.

“Its noon.

Lets leave after having lunch.”

Hailey nodded.

“Alright, Im a little hungry too.”

Tyler said, “How about ordering some takeout”

Hailey was stunned for a moment.

“Huh I dont like takeout food, it doesnt taste good.

Isnt there a restaurant here or room service”

Tyler waved his hand.

“Sigh, Im tired of eating those common things.

Lets order some takeout.”

Without waiting for her to agree, Tyler picked up his phone and placed an order.

As he did this, Hailey opened the curtains and stared blankly out the window, thinking of Jordan.


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