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Thinking of her husband who had doted on her for three years, Hailey felt a little guilty towards Jordan.

‘Sigh, Jordan, why does fate want to torture us like this Why did the heavens put us together We are clearly not from the same world.

And since fate placed us together, why is it making our romantic journey so difficult

‘What happened today might be a test for you and me! Jordan, although youre not worthy of me, I plan to treat you well from today onwards and have a real husband-wife relationship with you!

Now that she had finally become a woman, Hailey also hoped to be with her husband like a normal couple.

At this thought, Hailey smiled.

She knew that Jordan had always wanted her.

If Jordan heard that Hailey had agreed to sleep with him, he would definitely be overjoyed and dote on her even more.

As long as Hailey kept Jordan in the dark about what happened today, her life after her marriage would be incomparably blissful.

Just like her good sister, Rachel Quinn.

When she thought of Rachel, the guilt in her heart gradually decreased.

‘Hmph, Rachel had so many young hunks after her marriage.

I only had one, and it was for the sake of the familys interests.

Im not in the wrong.

Jordan is the one at fault.

He cant help me.”

Hailey comforted herself.

Meanwhile, Tyler had already placed an order for takeout on his phone and asked someone to assign Jordan to send it over.

Tyler had a wicked smile on his face as he looked at the beautiful Hailey in her bathrobe.

‘Babe, I prepared a special surprise for you.

Just like that, 20 minutes passed.

Knock knock!

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“Sir, your takeout has arrived.”

It was Jordan from 2020.

He was wearing a takeout uniform as he stood before the entrance of Room 1111 of the Roxy Hotel.

He was holding the takeout bag in one hand and his phone in the other.

“Hes here!”

Tyler smirked and nonchalantly opened the door.

For most experienced cheaters, if the person in the hotel room with them was not their wife or husband, they would only open the door partially to receive deliveries.

Just enough to bring the takeout in.

They wouldnt open the door wide so that the delivery man could see the other person inside.

After all, they would have a guilty conscience and wouldnt want others to know.

However, Tyler opened the door all the way.

Jordan, who was standing outside, saw the inside of the room clearly.

Including Hailey.

Two years ago, Jordan had been so shocked by Haileys betrayal that he had overlooked this small detail.

If Tyler had really ordered at random and was just unlucky to encounter Jordan, he wouldnt have opened the door so widely.


The takeaway in Jordans right hand instantly fell to the ground!


“Hubby! You… why are you here!!”

Jordan and Hailey looked at each other in shock.

Tyler, the evil instigator, smiled calmly.

“Hailey, so your husband is a delivery man.

Hehe, if I had known earlier, I would have called for room service instead of takeout.”


Tyler cleared his throat after saying that.

However, Jordan was in a daze and did not notice this detail.

Tyler felt very uncomfortable, especially his stomach.

Of course, he didnt know that he had just been beaten up by Jordan from 2022 and was almost crippled.

Although he had taken the miracle medicine developed by a secret family, it would still take some time for him to fully recover.

Still standing outside the door, Jordan from 2020 glared at Hailey.

“Hailey, Ive lived with the Camdens for three years.

Ive prepared three meals a day for your family, walking the dogs, picking up their sh*t, feeding the cats…”


At this moment, Jordan from 2022, who was watching the surveillance screen from the room beside Room 1111, suddenly turned off his computer screen.

Shaun was drinking coffee and watching happily.

He asked curiously, “Why arent you watching anymore The plot is exciting.

Ive never seen you so angry before, hahaha.”

Jordan stood up and said, “Whats there to watch I know all the lines.

Lets go back to the New City residential estate.”

Shaun stood up helplessly.

“Alright, Ill celebrate with you when we get back.”

The two of them were in the room next to 1111.

Wrapped from head to toe, the two men quickly passed by the commotion next door.

“Hailey, I hope that you wont regret this one day!”

“I regret having a useless husband like you the most!”

Shaun couldnt help chuckling when he heard their conversation.

He whispered, “Jordan, your ex-wife is a piece of work.

Shes self-righteous even after being caught cheating.

Do you think we should bring Hailey over the next time we travel back in time If she sees this scene, she will definitely want to strangle her original self.


Ever since Hailey found out about Jordans real identity, her attitude towards him had completely changed.

Jordan and Shaun soon returned to the New City residential estate.

Shaun specially opened a bottle of champagne.

The two of them clinked glasses.


Shaun smiled.

“Deity Jordan, congratulations.

Youve rewritten a huge humiliation in your life! In the future, no one will mock you about Hailey anymore!”

Jordan clinked glasses with Shaun and felt much better.

He drank the wine in one gulp.

In the past, Park Chan-young, Miyamoto Masaki and even b*stards like Geng Weilun would ridicule Jordan.

Mocking him for having been married to his wife for three years, only to have her virginity given to another man.

Now, everyone should know that Haileys first man was actually Jordan!

“Awesome! That b*tch, Hailey, wants to cheat on me Dont you know who I am! Im a Deity! I can travel back in time!”

Jordan felt like he had gotten his revenge!

Just like when he first had Elle.

He did not love this pair of sisters.

He only wanted to vent the unhappiness in his heart!

Reaching over, Shaun tried to fill Jordans glass again, but Jordan kept it and did not move for a long time.

Shaun asked, “Jordan, what are you thinking about”

Jordan came back to his senses and said, “This isnt the only regret I have.

That b*tch Hailey humiliated me more than once.

Since I can change this incident, I can definitely change the next one!”

Shaun knew a lot about Jordan.

“You mean Brad When Hailey gave birth to the twins, one of the children was yours, and the other was Brads.

This must have been a thorn in your heart, right Do you want to change this too”

Jordan nodded.

“I cant accept the fact that one of the twins is not mine! I want both of those children to be mine!”


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