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From the moment Jordan saw the twins, he had fallen in love with them.

He had wished that both children were his flesh and blood!

It would have been fine if neither of them were his.

The fact that one was while and the other was not actually made it harder for Jordan to accept!

Therefore, Jordan wanted these two children to become his.

Shaun found it very interesting.

“Oh What do you plan to do How will you make these two children yours”

Jordan said, “Its very simple.

Bribe the people at the DNA test center to lie when they issue the DNA report.

As for Hailey and Brad, just like today, you can control Brads mind and make him think that he succeeded.”

Shaun smiled.

“No problem.

When did Brad and Hailey get together”

Jordan thought for a moment.

“I think in two months.”

Shaun was shocked.

“What Two months My antidote is only enough for two weeks! Are you planning to stay here for two months Rong Huangde wont let you stay here for so long!”

Two months here would be the equivalent of two months in 2022.

Rong Huangde might not be so patient to wait two months for them.

Jordan snorted.

“I dont care what that old man thinks.

I dont just want to stay here for two months.

I want to stay for two years.”

“Two years What for” Shaun asked.

Jordan said, “After Haileys matter is settled, I still want to change Victorias matter.

This time, I wont let your wife succeed.

I wont let that 18-year-old boy succeed.

Rather than implanting an idea into Victoria, its better to solve this problem from the root.”

Shaun knew that since Jordan had already changed the fact that Hailey had an affair, he would definitely want to change Victorias matter as well.


And that incident only happened a year and a half later.

Jordan said, “Theres no need to stay here for so long.

We can go back first and arrange with Rong Huangde to set another trip back to the date when Victoria met with the accident.”

Shaun nodded.

“Yes, Deity Jordan.

I will support you no matter what you do! However, since you plan to stay for so long and you know that I only have the antidote for two weeks.

Its not very safe.

Can you…”

Jordan understood what Shaun wanted.

He took a sip of wine and said, “You want me to help you develop an antidote, right This way, you wont be controlled by Rong Huangde.”

Shaun immediately filled Jordans glass and said with a smile, “Rong Huangde is Chinese.

I would rather be controlled by a fellow American than a foreigner.

Besides, if you help me develop the antidote, I can help you without any qualms, right”

Before coming, Jordan and Shaun had already formed an alliance.

As Jordan did not have Shauns manipulation techniques, Shaun could be of great help to him.

Jordan nodded.

“Alright, I promise you.

However, I cant complete the development of the antidote alone.

You need to find a top-notch medical team from a secret family.”

Shaun smiled.

“Thats easy.

Ill call my subordinates over.

Anyway, they cant tell the difference between the me from 2020 and the me from 2022.”

“Come, cheers.

I wish you success!”

The next day.

Jordan did not spy on Hailey anymore.

He no longer cared about that woman.

Right now, there was only one person in Jordans mind—Victoria!

He recalled that Victoria was still unconscious on the hospital bed.

He recalled the past month when he stayed by her side every day, talking to her.

The thought alone made Jordans heart very sad and heavy.

“Victoria, I miss you so much… Ill finally be able to see you today… I can finally hear your voice again…”

Jordans eyes were already moist.

Over the past month, he was only able to hear Victorias voice in his dreams.


Shaun, who had gone out early in the morning, returned at this moment with a large group of middle-aged men in white coats.

Shaun was in high spirits and looked very happy.

He said to Jordan, “Deity Jordan, Ive brought all my top doctors!”

Shaun turned to the group of middle-aged doctors.

“Greet the Deity!”

“Greetings, Deity Jordan!”

Everyone bowed respectfully to Jordan, their eyes filled with awe.

Shaun smiled and walked forward.

“Jordan, Rong Huangdes poison must be very difficult to cure.

Theres no time to lose.

Why dont you start making the antidote now”

Jordan looked at them and said, “I want you all to do me a favor first.”

“Please tell us, Deity Jordan.”

Jordan asked, “Can you disguise me as an old man”

“Old man What do you plan to do” Shaun asked curiously.

Jordan replied, “Today is the first time Victoria and I meet each other.

I want to bump into Victoria again after she attends Haileys grandmothers birthday banquet.”

Shaun looked at Jordans affectionate expression and smiled.

“Hehe, I understand.

In the past month or so, youve been by Victorias bedside, watching over her.

You must be very eager to see Victoria alive and kicking now, right

“No problem.

Disguise is childs play to my subordinates.”

Shaun ordered his medical team to give Jordan a simple disguise.

It was done in quick order with makeup.

They made the exposed parts of Jordan, the skin on his face, hands and arms look older.

As for the rest of him, his torso, thighs and other parts, they would be covered by clothes and no one could see them anyway.

Even a professional makeup artist could make a young person look like an old man, let alone a medical team from one of the eight great families.

Using a special makeup formula invented by a secret family, the team made Jordan look like a 70-year-old man.

Looking at himself in the mirror, with a wrinkled face and white hair, Jordan nodded in satisfaction.

“This way, Victoria wont recognize me when she sees me,” said Jordan.

“But your eyes are still very similar to before.

If you want to be absolutely sure, you need one more thing.”

Shaun suddenly put a pair of sunglasses on Jordan.

Shaun smiled at the results.

“Jordan, why do you look like a blind person now Haha.”

Jordan also smiled.

“So what if Im blind You can even give me a fortune-telling board and Ill appear in Victorias life again as a fortune-teller! Victoria, Ive crossed space and time just to see you!”


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