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Although her father had been gone for many years, Victoria still remembered his warm and loving voice as he held her and coaxed her to sleep.

She felt that this old fortune-tellers voice was too similar to her deceased fathers.

It was deep and vibrant.

As she admired and respected her father, when she was 17 or 18 years old, Victoria always looked for men who had such voices.

She found such men extremely charming.

Victoria immediately had a good impression of this old man.

“Sir, we think we hit your leg just now.

Let me take a look.

Are you injured”

Victoria wanted to lift the hem of Jordans pants to look at his leg, but he immediately stopped her.

Jordans skin on the exposed parts of his body looked old, but he did not have the makeup done on his legs.

If Victoria saw Jordans leg, she would be able to tell that it was definitely not the leg of a 70-year-old man.

It was clearly a young mans!

Jordan hurriedly said, “Im fine, Im fine.

Thank you for your concern.

I dodged just now and wasnt hit.”

Ashley was instantly relieved.

“Really Are you really alright Thats great!”

Victoria glared at Ashley.

“Whats so great about that You almost hit someone.

You even said that you would go to get $1,000 from my purse to compensate this mister.

Also, turn on the stoplights of the car.

Otherwise, we might get rear-ended.”

“Oh, yes, yes.”

Ashley quickly went to turn on the headlights and then retrieved $1,000 from Victorias purse.

Ashley placed the money in Jordans hand.

“Sir, Im really sorry.

I wasnt careful when driving just now.

I didnt expect you to suddenly appear.

Please accept this money.”

At the same time, Ashley saw that Jordan was wearing sunglasses and a walking stick was on the ground.

She said, “Grandpa, can you see This is $1,000 in cash.

You have to keep it well.”

Jordan shook his head.

“No, I wont accept your money.”


Victoria said, “Sir, please accept the money.

If you dont, well feel very guilty.”

Victoria was now the deputy president of a listed company.

Her personal matters would affect the company.

She didnt want any scandal because of this.

It would be best if she could resolve it with money.

But Jordan said, “I will only accept the money under one condition.”

“What do you mean”

Victoria and Ashley looked at Jordan in confusion.

Jordan pretended to search the floor for something.

“Wheres my sign”

Ashley was very alert this time.

She immediately picked up the “Fortune-telling Services” sign.

Jordan held the sign and dusted it off.

“I only accept money for reading someones fortune.

And only if I managed to read the persons fortune accurately.

If you want me to accept your money, you have to let me read your fortunes.”

Victoria felt that this old man was a little strange, but she wanted to compensate him for this matter to prevent any potential trouble.

She said to Ashley, “Ashley, I dont believe in such things.

Let this mister read your fortune.”


Ashley didnt believe it either.

What era was it now Who would believe a fortune-teller by the roadside

And a blind one at that!

Ashley looked at Jordans blind disguise and did not think much of his abilities.

“Sir, you cant see.

How are you going to read my fortune”

Jordan smiled.

“Give me your hand.”

Ashley reached out her hand and Jordan held it, caressing it gently.

Ashley was dumbfounded.

She whispered to Victoria, “He cant even see the lines on my hand clearly.

How can he tell my fortune just by touching my hand”

Victoria shot Ashley a look, indicating for her to just humor the man.

She didnt believe in the old mans divination ability at all.

Jordan soon put down Ashleys hand and said, “You are the only daughter in the family.

No, youre the only child in your family, right”

As Jordan had been the President of Ace Corporation for some time, he naturally knew a little about Ashleys family situation.

Ashley and Victoria looked at each other in surprise.

However, Ashley refused to believe that Jordan had deduced this from her palm.

“Its normal for people my age to be an only child.

Unless you can guess what I do and my relationship status, I wont believe that youre an expert.”

Jordan smiled.

“From your palm lines, I can tell your life is calm.

There are no twists and turns.

You are comfortable with the work youre doing and it is not too tiring.

You must be something like an office assistant or secretary, right”

Ashley covered her mouth in surprise.


Clarke, hes right!”

Victoria was also surprised.

It seemed like this blind old man was indeed something.

Through his sunglasses, Jordan noticed the change in their expressions and continued, “As for your relationship situation, I dont need to even read your palm to guess.

Since youre a secretary, you must be well-groomed.

However, the way you speak is quite flighty and you panic whenever something happens.

You often aim for guys who are higher in status than you.

“Young lady, I advise you to be more realistic.

Dont waste your youth.”

When Jordan was the President of Ace Corporation, he noticed that Ashley kept trying to get close to him.

A small secretary dared to dream of becoming the wife of the President of a listed corporation.

Ashley was a little annoyed at being called out by a blind person.

“You… youre spouting nonsense! Im not that kind of woman! You dont know how to read fortunes at all!”

But Victoria just smiled.

Ashley had been under her for so long.

How could she not know what kind of girl she was The old mans description completely summed up Ashley in a nutshell.

Therefore, Victoria, who originally didnt want her fortune told, extended her hand.

“Sir, please read my fortune too.”

Jordan had been waiting for this moment!

If he wanted to get closer to Victoria and have a chance to implant the idea in her mind, he had to find an opportunity to gain her trust.

Taking hold of Victorias hand, Jordan said, “Your career line is very strong.

It means that your work ability and wealth far exceed ordinary people.

However, your relationship line isnt too good.

You must already be in your 30s, but youre still unmarried.”

Victoria and Ashley were shocked.

This old man was too accurate!

Victoria believed in the old mans ability even more now.

“What else”

Jordan shook his head and sighed.

“Sigh, poor child.

I felt a knot at the front of your life thread.

This means that you met with misfortune at a young age.

If Im not wrong, your parents should be long gone!”


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