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As Hailey said that, Jordan pretended to be in a loving marriage with Hailey too.


“Oh, alright.”


Lily assented incessantly with a smile.


Hailey continued, “Grandaunt Lily, I have another piece of good news for you.

Jordan doesnt come from an ordinary family but a prestigious one! They are worth hundreds of billions! Hes now the president of a corporation too!”


At this point, Jordan stared at Lilys facial expression in a bid to see if she would be shocked.


Lily smiled even more radiantly, but she didnt seem particularly shocked.


Instead, she said repeatedly, “Great! Great! Thats wonderful!”


Lily said, “My children are all doing well… Ahem… The only one Ive been worried about…”


Lily coughed a few times and drank some water before continuing to speak.


“Hailey has been worrying me the most.

You must get along well with Jordan, or else… I wont be able to face my brother when I meet him in heaven…”


Although Lily didnt reveal that she had long known about Jordans identity, Jordan could vaguely sense that she was aware of the truth.


They stopped talking to Lily because it was difficult for her to speak.


In fact, it was good enough that they could meet one last time before she passed.


It was already late at night.

When they left Lilys room, Devon asked, “Mr.

Steele, Hailey, are you two going to stay here or at a hotel Ive arranged a room for you in both places.”


Lily lived in a large bungalow with several guest houses.


Jordan pointed in the direction of Lilys room and asked, “What did the doctor say”


Devon said with a sad expression, “She might go tonight or tomorrow.”


Many elderly people would pass away at midnight.

Since Jordan was already there, it would be pointless to stay in a hotel.


“Well impose on you guys for a night,” Jordan said.


Devon said, “Please dont say that, Mr.


Its our honor that youre willing to stay here.

Please come with me.

Ill show you to your room.”


They walked out of the room and walked across the lawn to go to the other side where the guest rooms were.


The buildings around them were elegant and pleasing to the eye with light-colored walls and tiles.


When they arrived in the guest room, Jordan found that he liked the decor of it.


Devon said, “My mom is very frugal, and she doesnt like trendy, high-tech things.


Steele, Hailey, I hope you wont mind the simple furnishings of the room.”


Hailey said, “Uncle Devon, youre too kind.

Why would we mind it”


Jordan said, “Yeah, youre too polite.

I should be feeling sorry for imposing on you by staying here as an outsider.”


“Um, is this the only room available”


It was already 12 midnight, and Jordan was indeed a little sleepy.

However, he couldnt guarantee what might happen if he spent the night in the same room as Hailey.


After all, Hailey was a gorgeous woman who had an excellent figure too.

Jordan, who has been married to her for three years and in love with her, had always wanted to get intimate with her.


It was common for divorced couples to sleep with each other again after meeting each other frequently due to their children or other reasons.


Devon said awkwardly, “We have quite a few visitors this time, so all the other rooms are occupied.

This is the only vacant one left, my apologies.”


Hailey hurriedly said, “Its alright, Uncle Devon, go ahead and carry on with what you have to do.

Well just sit here and get some rest.”


“Alright, get some rest.

Ill take my leave now.”


Jordan waved him goodbye and said, “If anything happens to Grandaunt Lily, please inform us.”


“I will!”


After Devon left, Jordan picked up a pillow from under the bed and took out a large, furry carpet from the cupboard, which he laid on the ground.


“Jordan, what are you doing”


Hailey asked.


Jordan said, “Im going to sleep on the ground tonight.

Havent I been sleeping on the ground whenever we had to share a room in the past”


In the past three years, Jordan and Hailey would occasionally go on a vacation together.

However, Hailey would never take him along if she was going overseas.


If it was a road trip within the country, Hailey would bring Jordan along to be in charge of driving.


Hailey wouldnt opt for standard rooms whenever they stayed in hotels because she felt that the beds were too small.

Besides, it would be strange for a married couple to check into a standard single room and even more bizarre if they booked two rooms.


They would usually book a deluxe room with a large queen-sized bed which Hailey would sleep on while Jordan slept on the ground.


The skillful way that Jordan was laying the carpet on the ground made Hailey feel some heartache.


Hailey sat on the carpet and said, “Jordan, dont sleep on the floor tonight.

Do you still not trust me”


During the two-hour journey just now, Hailey had been playing Jordans favorite songs in the car.


Hailey was not only aware of Jordans favorite songs.

She could also name each and every type of food he liked.


Jordan was touched.


It proved that he hadnt loved Hailey one-sidedly in the past three years and that she fancied him too.


She just never expressed her feelings for him.


Hailey kept telling Jordan that she was innocent, and Rosie swore that Hailey and Tyler hadnt done the deed.


At this point, Jordan began to wonder if it was true that Hailey really hadnt slept with Tyler.


Jordan said, “Even if you and Tyler Collins didnt get the chance to do the deed in the hotel the other day, you must have at least kissed each other, right You must have addressed each other affectionately and exchanged lots of sweet nothings, havent you”


Hailey frantically answered, “No! We never kissed! The furthest weve gone is holding hands! You can look at our wedding photos, none of them are of us kissing each other.

The photographer kept urging us to take some shots of us kissing, but I refused!”


“Ive never called him Hubby either! He kept asking me to, but I couldnt bring myself to do it because I kept thinking about you! Youre the only one I can say that to…”


“Hubby, do you know how much I love you Do you know how much pain I was in during that period”


As Hailey spoke, she had already begun tearing up.


Jordan had seen their wedding photos, and there indeed wasnt any shot of them kissing.


All of a sudden, Jordan began to wonder if Hailey really loved him that much.


‘Otherwise, why hasnt she kissed Tyler yet


Jordan took out a piece of tissue paper and wiped Haileys tears with it.

“Hailey, its too late to say this now.”


“If you had explained everything to me clearly and apologized to me the night I ran into you, perhaps, I wouldnt have been so insistent on getting a divorce.”


“However, you were so self-righteous and even made me kneel down and beg you on the day of your grandmothers birthday banquet.

How can I not be mad at you”


Hailey pleaded tearfully, “I know I was wrong.

Hubby, please give me another chance, okay”


Jordan sighed.

‘Once a cheater, always a cheater, they say.


Even if Hailey still loved Jordan, there was no way he could guarantee that she wouldnt be unfaithful to him again!


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