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Victoria was not Jordans daughter or related to him in any way.

Although she admired and respected him very much, it was impossible for her to bathe him.

Of course, Jordan didnt really mean what he said.

He just wanted to find an excuse not to shower as he had makeup on his face and arms.

If he washed, he would turn from an old man to a young man in his 20s.

And he would look exactly like the Jordan whom Victoria saw during the day.

Wouldnt she be scared to death then

Victoria didnt say anything else.

She went to take a shower and returned to her room to rest.

Victoria fell asleep, but Jordan couldnt sleep no matter what.


Jordan lay on the bed.

As he tossed and turned, he received a message from Shaun.

Shaun asked:Deity Jordan, whats wrong Why arent you back yet

Jordan typed a reply:Im sleeping at Victorias place tonight.

Shaun said:F*ck, arent you progressing too quickly This is the first time you meet her and are disguised as an old fortune-teller, but you already slept with her Victoria isnt such a casual woman.

Dont tell me you revealed your identity

Jordan responded:Dont spout nonsense.

Were sleeping in separate rooms.

We got on well and she thought I was blind, so she asked me to stay the night.

Shaun said:Since youre not asleep, come back quickly.

My medical team is waiting for you to help me develop the antidote!

Shaun was very anxious to get the antidote.

Jordan ignored him:Victoria will go to the office tomorrow morning.

Ill come back in the morning.

A heartbroken emoji was received from Shaun in response.

It was 12:30 AM.

By 3 AM, Jordan was still awake.

He was afraid of sleeping because he was afraid of dreaming of something bad happening to Victoria.

Like the last time he dreamed of her being shot.

He was a Deity.

If he dreamed of something repeatedly, it would definitely come true.

He was afraid of dreaming that something else would happen to Victoria, so he couldnt sleep at all.

Finally, Jordan couldnt hold back his longing for Victoria anymore.

He walked out of the room and quietly pushed open the door to her bedroom.

Victoria had already been asleep for a few hours.

Jordan believed that Victoria must be sleeping soundly as she drank too much, so he walked over.

Victorias room was not completely dark.

There was some blue light in the corner of her room.

This light was very weak, an atmospheric light that did not affect sleep.

With the help of this faint blue light, Jordan saw Victorias sleeping profile.

Recalling how he had watched her lie on the bed for the past month, his emotions surged.

Jordan walked to the bed and held her hand.

“Victoria, I can finally see you again.

Ive missed you so much…”

As he spoke, Jordan couldnt help feeling a little teary-eyed.

Looking at Victorias beautiful side profile, Jordan said softly, “Baby, I love you.”

With that, Jordan couldnt resist kissing Victoria!

Jordan loved Victoria too much.

He couldnt kiss her when she was awake.

And now that she was asleep, Jordan couldnt resist doing so.

Of course, he only kissed her gently and didnt dare to make any big moves, afraid that he would wake her up.

After a minute, Jordan reluctantly left Victorias room and returned to his bed.

After kissing Victoria, Jordans chaotic heart finally calmed down and he soon fell asleep.

But unexpectedly, in Victorias room…

After Jordan left and she could no longer hear him, Victoria suddenly sat up!

She wasnt asleep at all!

The moment Jordan pushed the door open, Victoria was already awake!

Victoria had always been cautious.

She had indeed drunk a lot today.

However, she had been in the Orlando business world for seven years and had long learned how to act in a drinking situation.

Although Victoria admired Jordan, she did not fully trust him.

After all, it was too much of a coincidence to knock over someone who was a rare fortune-telling expert.

Especially since Victoria felt that Jordan was too similar to her deceased father!

Therefore, she did not fall into a deep sleep.

She had already woken up when Jordan pushed the door open.

However, she continued to pretend to be asleep.

She even snored softly, making Jordan think that she was asleep.

Victoria wanted to know why Jordan entered her room so late at night!

If Jordan was planning to take advantage of her and rape her while she was asleep, Victoria would definitely resist and beat this old man up.

However, Jordans words surprised Victoria.

“How did he know my name is Victoria”

Although the two of them had chatted for the entire afternoon, Victoria had never told him her name.

Ashley had only called her “Ms.

Clarke” in the afternoon.

How did the other party know about her first name

No matter how good he was at fortune-telling, it was impossible for him to divine her actual name, right

She thought of what Jordan had whispered:I finally see you again.

I missed you so much, baby.

I love you…

Victorias tears suddenly fell.


“Is it Daddy Are you Daddy Has Daddy come back to visit me”

Somehow, Victoria mistook Jordan for her father!

After all, she hadnt seen her father die with her own eyes.

Perhaps her father wasnt dead.

It had been a long time since they last met.

It was completely reasonable for her father to say words like “I miss you” and “baby”!

The only thing that was difficult to explain was Jordans kiss.

It had been a kiss on the lips.

Generally speaking, it was a kiss between lovers.

But for some European and even American families, this was not unusual.

As the saying went, daughters were their fathers lovers in their past lives.

There were many cases of fathers kissing their daughters on the lips, in a pure show of fatherly love.

For example, Beckham and his daughter.

In Victorias case, Norman doted on her a lot when she was young and would sometimes kiss her on the lips too.

“Daddy, it must be Daddy… Daddys voice.

I will never forget it!”

Victorias eyes were misty.

“But why did he pretend to be an old fortune-teller Why didnt he acknowledge me”

Today, Jordan and Victoria chatted a lot, especially about Victorias love life.

Jordan had even recommended that Victoria go to the capital to find a certain Dr.

Gale to perform a “minor procedure” to implant the idea of growing old with her loved one into her mind.

Victoria even suspected that Dr.

Gale must have hired this old man to source potential patients for him…

“Daddy must have his reasons.

Since Daddy doesnt want to acknowledge me now, I wont say anything else… Daddy, I miss you too.

I love you so much…”


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