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Jordan would not forgive Hailey even though he still had feelings for her now.


Jordan had met many beautiful girls after he got a divorce, such as Victoria, the beautiful deputy president of the corporation, and Ashley, the sexy secretary.


He had even met Elle, the young and energetic girl who had a great figure.


Given Jordans current status, it would be a piece of cake for him to get a girlfriend.


However, he did not fancy any of them.


However, even if he hadnt gotten over Hailey yet and she didnt physically cheat on him, Jordan didnt want to get back with her.



Meanwhile, Diana was having a conversation with Lily alone in her room.


It was late at night and extremely quiet.

The two elderly ladies, whose ages added up to almost 200 years old, spoke very softly.


Diana held Lilys hand and said with a sorrowful expression, “Lily, since you knew of Jordans identity long ago, why didnt you tell me”


Lily said, “Diana, my brother… instructed me not to tell you guys about this… Im sorry.”


Diana sighed and said, “Lily, Ill tell you the truth, but you have to hang in there.”


Lilys life was now in critical danger, and she could barely open her eyes, so she definitely wouldnt be able to take the blow.


If Diana told her the truth, she would very likely kick the bucket.


However, Diana still wanted to tell her the truth because she had been blaming Lily for hiding the truth from her.

Otherwise, the Camdens wouldnt have let go of such a wealthy son-in-law like Jordan.


Diana said, “Ill tell you the truth, Hailey cheated on Jordan, and the two of them have gotten a divorce!”


After saying that, Diana was worried that her words might cause Lily to die of agitation.


However, to Dianas surprise, Lily didnt have much reaction because she had already learned of the divorce a long time ago.


Diana continued sorrowfully, “Thats not all.

After divorcing Jordan, Hailey married the man she cheated on Jordan with but now, she has divorced that man too! Shes now a twice-divorced woman!”


“Some people say that the value of a woman decreases with each divorce she gets.

No matter how pretty Hailey may be, Im afraid no rich scion would want to marry her in the future.”


Diana was already in tears, but Lily still didnt react at all.


Lily even comforted Diana instead.

“Diana, dont be too upset…”


Diana was dumbfounded.

‘How can a dying person be able to take such a huge emotional blow


Lily even smiled, which made Diana panic!


Lily said smilingly, “Diana, its alright, Hailey and Jordan… cant get a divorce.”


Diana asked with bewilderment, “What do you mean Why cant they get a divorce Ive already seen the divorce papers.

They signed it at the lawyers office.

How can it be fake!!”


Lily nodded and said, “Yes, the divorce wasnt valid.”


Diana asked in shock, “Could it be…”


At this moment, she could already vaguely guess the truth.


Lily said, “Im sure you know how careful my brother is.

Before he left, he didnt… tell you the truth.

He… he had already made arrangements before he passed.”


Seeing how difficult it was for Lily to speak, Diana decided to voice the conjecture she had in mind.


“Lily, did your brother guess that Hailey and Jordan would get a divorce a long time ago So he arranged for the lawyers to nullify Haileys and Jordans divorce papers… is that so”


Lily nodded and said, “Yes, all the staff and lawyers working at the firm that Hailey went to have all been given instructions by my brother.

It cant be wrong.”


Diana was overjoyed.

She hurriedly walked out of the room and yelled Benedicts name.


Benedict was smoking outside the house.

When he heard Dianas call, he hurriedly snubbed his cigarette and walked over.


When the Blaines heard Lilys call, they quickly ran over because they thought Diana had passed.


“Benedict, send someone to check Haileys current marital status! Find out if her legal spouse is still Jordan!”


Diana said with a look of excitement.


Benedict said, “Mom, are you muddled up Shes even divorced from Tyler.

How can her spouse be Jordan”


Diana immediately slapped him and rebuked, “Good-for-nothing, just check on it!”


“Yes, yes.”


Benedict immediately took out his cell phone to check using the Internet since almost everything was available on the Internet these days.


However, he realized that he could only get Haileys official marriage record from the City Clerk office.


Hence, he had no choice but to call a friend and ask his friend to contact someone who worked in the City Clerk office.


After a full half an hour, Benedict received a call.


“I found it, Benedict.

It states here that Hailey Camden is married to a spouse named Jordan Steele.”


Benedict was dumbfounded after hearing that!


‘How could this happen!


Seeing how shocked Benedict was, Diana hurriedly asked, “How is it Have you found the record yet”


Benedict nodded and said, “Yes, its stated on the record that Hailey is still married!”


“Whos the spouse Tell me quickly!” Diana was extremely eager.


Benedict said, “Jordan…”


Diana looked up and exclaimed in exhilaration, “Haha, old man! You had great foresight! Youve saved the Camdens!”


“Whats wrong Whats the matter”


Sylvie was startled by Dianas voice and walked over as well.


After Benedict told Sylvie what had just happened, Sylvie also yelled hysterically in the courtyard.


Diana said excitedly, “Quickly, get Jordan and Hailey to come to Lilys room.”




Sylvie dashed to Hailey and Jordans room and pulled them up without hesitation.

She then dragged them to Lilys room.


Jordan and Hailey thought that Lily had kicked the bucket, so they complied, but they were confused about why Sylvie was smiling.


‘Shouldnt she be sad about Grandaunt Lilys passing


When they reached Lilys room, they realized that she was still alive.


Diana said gleefully, “Jordan, Hailey, you two are not divorced yet.

The divorce papers you signed werent valid at all.

They were actually void.”


“Similarly, Hailey and Tylers marriage certificate was fake too.

There are no records in the public registry.”


Hailey couldnt believe it at all.

“Is that true Grandma, does that mean that Jordan and I… are still legally married”


All she wanted was to remarry Jordan!


It turned out she didnt have to do anything at all!


Jordan was dumbfounded too!


Before he arrived, he had a vague sense that something was wrong, but he thought that since Lily knew the truth, it was impossible that she would do nothing about their divorce.


It turned out that they had already planted snitches in the lawyers office!


Jordan nonetheless called Butler Frank to further confirm the truth.

“Butler Frank, please check my marriage status on the public records.”


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