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Jordan had on special makeup which made him look old.

There were many wrinkles on his face, neck and hands.

When he saw that Victoria had been knocked unconscious, Jordans veins bulged.

With his enhanced wrinkles, his angry expression made one shudder!

Jordan clenched his fists.

This group of hooligans dared to attack the woman he loved and have designs on her.

He wanted every single one of them dead! Moreover, they would not be ordinary deaths.

He wanted every single one of them to die miserably!

These lowly hooligans were about to suffer the wrath of a Deity!

“Boys, cut the crap.

Lets kill this old man now so that we can play with Victoria!”

Dale gave the order and was about to slash Jordan.

Salvatore was trembling in fear.

He knew that it would be his turn after Jordan was killed.

Jordan suddenly took off his sunglasses and threw them at Salvatores eyes.

“Ouch! Master, did you hit the wrong person! Why did you throw your sunglasses at me!”

Salvatore immediately covered his eyes as tears streamed down his face.

The sunglasses had hit him quite hard.

Of course, Jordan did this on purpose.

He struck Salvatore before he attacked Dale and his gang because Jordans next move was very cruel and involved a weapon by one of the secret families.

This top-notch secret weapon was not something that Salvatore from 2020 could see yet.

Therefore, Jordan injured Salvatores eyes first, preventing him from seeing the rest of the fight.

“Haha, this idiot!”

Dale laughed when he saw Jordans sunglasses land on Salvatores face.

He then slashed at Jordan.

Jordan caught Dales knife with his bare hands.

However, Jordans hand remained completely fine.

Not a single drop of blood flowed out!

“Thats impossible!”

At this, Dale looked horrified at the unexpected outcome.

The others were likewise terrified.

“Hes just a strong man that this b*tch Victoria spent money to keep.

I dont believe youre invulnerable!”



The blonde man slashed at Jordans back, but it was as if he was cutting stone.

He could not hurt him at all!

Everyone went pale with fright.

“Its over, its over.

Weve met a powerful opponent.


The blonde man and the others finally realized how terrifying Jordan was!


Their blades could not cause any damage to Jordan! How could they fight an opponent with such formidable defense

However, they had provoked Victoria.

How could Jordan let them leave with their lives

Jordan took out a QR code from his pocket and pasted it on Dale.

“A QR code”

Dale was dumbstruck.

He didnt understand why the other party had pasted a QR code on him.

Was he going to transfer money to him

Or should he transfer the money to the old man

Seeing how powerful the old man was, Dale immediately admitted defeat.

“Sir, is this your bank account QR code I understand.

Ill transfer you the money when we go back!”

With that, Dale wanted to leave with his men as quickly as possible.

However, Jordan broke his knee with a kick.

With kicks and punches, Jordan also rounded up the others.

They had touched the woman of a Deity and they still hoped to escape

Jordan had traveled back in time just to save Victoria!

Jordan tied them together with a rope and placed Dale, who had the QR code on him, at the front.

Then Jordan used all his strength to kick them away.


They flew toward the window and smashed through the glass.

This was the third floor.

Falling off this height, one would be injured, but they would not die.

“Were not dead, were not dead!”

Dale and the others were still feeling relieved.

They believed that they would be able to escape since they were still alive after landing outside the building.

This was much better than being beaten to death by Jordan.

But they were too naive.

Jordan took out a QR code scanner.

This was the invention of the Miyamoto family from Japan.

Jordan had modified the size of the QR code scanner and it was now just the size of a ping pong ball and could be easily carried around.

Jordan scanned the QR code attached to Dale.


There was a loud boom!

Dale and the others exploded and instantly turned to ashes.

This was the only outcome for people who offended the woman of a Deity!

“Whats that sound!”

Salvatore had no idea what had happened.

He rubbed his injured eyes and forced them open, walking towards the broken window.

Salvatore was shocked to see black ashes floating in the air.

When he glanced around the room and saw that Dale and the other traitors were no longer there.

He recalled the voice earlier.

Salvatore knelt down in shock.

“Sir, please spare my life! It definitely wasnt my intention for Dale and those traitors to harm Ms.

Clarke! I have no ill intentions towards you and Ms.


Jordan bent over and picked up his sunglasses.

He put them back on and said to Salvatore,

“Salvatore, I can let you off, but remember, you have to pretend that you dont know anything about what happened just now.

Also, Victoria and I werent here today.

You never saw us, understand”

Salvatore was from the criminal underworld, so he naturally understood these principles.

Moreover, he had often said such words to others.

Salvatore quickly said, “I understand, I understand! Ive never seen you and Ms.

Clarke before.

The next time I meet you, Ill definitely treat it as our first meeting!”

Jordan continued to remind him.

“You cant mention this to Pablo or your future benefactor either.

Otherwise, you will suffer the same consequences as Dale and the rest.”

Salvatore immediately promised.

“Yes, yes, yes.

I wont tell anyone.

I swear that if I leak what happened today to anyone else, I will die a horrible death!”

Jordan knew that Salvatore was a smart person.

Without saying anything else, he carried the unconscious Victoria down the stairs and left.

Soon after, Salvatore also went downstairs and arrived at the place where Dale and the others had been reduced to ashes.

He exclaimed.

“What kind of grenade is this It exploded so cleanly.

This old man is definitely from the military!”

An hour later, Jordan had driven Victoria back home.

He took off her shoes and laid her on the bed.

Then he moved a stool over and sat by her bed.

“Daddy… Daddy…”

Victoria, who had been unconscious for a long time, gradually woke up.

When she regained consciousness, the first person she called out for was her father.

She suddenly sat up.

When she saw Jordan, she threw herself into his arms excitedly and cried.

“Daddy! Youre fine.

Thats great.

Hic… Im so afraid that Ill lose you again, Daddy…”

Jordan was at a loss.

‘Daddy When did I become your father


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