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After modifying Jordans appearance, Jordan now had red hair, green eyes and pale freckled skin.

He also looked like he was in his 30s.

These modifications were very advanced.

It was not like basic makeup that could be seen through or easily rubbed off.

Meanwhile, Victoria woke up and realized that her “Daddy” had disappeared.


Victoria called out a few times, but there was no response.

“Why did Daddy leave without saying anything”

Victoria cried for a long time last night and her eyes were a little swollen.

However, she felt very happy.

To be able to lie in her fathers arms and cry, to be protected by her father for a night, it was really too blissful!

Especially since Victoria had lost her father for 10 years!

She finally felt the love of a father last night and wanted to tell her sister the good news as soon as possible.

Victoria made a video call to Emily.

“Hey Sis, why are you calling me so early”

In the video, the innocent and cute Emily rubbed her eyes.

She was still nestled under a blanket.

Victoria said happily, “Emily, let me tell you a piece of great news.

Our father isnt dead! Yesterday, I fell asleep in his arms!”

Emily was not excited at all.

“What are you talking about Even if our father isnt dead, he wont hug you to sleep, right Did one of your lovers hug you instead”

Victoria was a little angry.

“Dont spout nonsense! Im not such a casual woman! Im not lying to you.

Its our fathers voice! And he knows what you look like.”

Emily turned over with half-closed eyes.

“Wheres Daddy Let me take a look.”

Victoria said, “He disappeared early in the morning.”

Emily smiled.

“Sis, you must have dreamed of Daddy.

Sigh, how nice.

To be able to dream of Daddy hugging you from time to time.

I dont even have any memories of him to have such dreams.

Alright, I wont talk to you anymore.

Im going to sleep.

I have to fly in the afternoon.”

Emily hung up.

“Hey… Emily!”

Victoria was frustrated.

She decided that when her “father” came again, she would definitely video call Emily and let her know that their father was not dead!

She called her “father”, but he didnt answer.

Victoria sent a message:Daddy, Im going to work.

Remember to come to my place tonight.

Ill cook for you!

After that, Victoria went to the office.

Today happened to be the day that Jordan had decided to cooperate with the Camdens to develop “Hailey Residences”.

And early in the morning, Salvatore would go to Old Mrs.

Camdens house and accuse Jordan of stealing the Camdens watch and selling it to him.

After being beaten up by Jordan, Salvatore would go to Thailand to find Pablo.

At night, Jordan came to Victorias house dressed as a 70-year-old man.

Under this 70-year-old mans attire was another layer of disguise.

It was that of a green-eyed, red-haired man in his 30s.

Knock knock!

Jordan knocked on the door.

“Hes here!”

Victoria was already home.

She had specially bought a lot of vegetables and meat from the supermarket and returned early to cook for her father.

Opening the door, Victoria smiled when she saw Jordan in his fortune-teller outfit again.

“Daddy, youre so naughty.

You went out so early in the morning and stayed out the entire day.

I wonder what youre doing outside all day.

Do you really have a fortune-telling stall I thought it was just a fake identity you created to get close to me.

By the way, I didnt have the chance to ask you how you brought me back from Salvatores place yesterday.

“Ah, I cant talk to you anymore.

My pot is boiling!”

Victoria was wearing an apron and cooking.

As she spoke, she ran towards the kitchen.

Seeing that Victoria was busy, Jordan was in no hurry to speak either.

Also, Jordan wanted to taste Victorias cooking.

Soon after, Victoria prepared a table full of dishes.

She even brought Jordan his cutlery.

Victoria said, “I video-called Emily this morning and told her about you, but she refused to believe that you were still alive.

Im so angry.

I want to video call her later and let her see you with her own eyes.

Daddy, when the time comes, can you take off those sunglasses”

Jordan paused for a moment before quickly taking a sip of Victorias chicken soup.

He was afraid that after Victoria saw his second layer of disguise, she would kick him out of the house and not give him anything to eat.

Jordan said very seriously, “Ms.

Clarke, I told you yesterday that Im not your father.

Last night, when I saw how certain you were and how much you wanted me to be your father, I couldnt bear to continue arguing with you.

But I cant lie to you like this.

I will feel very uneasy!”

Victoria ladled some more food for Jordan.

“Stop pretending, Daddy.

I cant be mistaken.

If youre not my father, take off your sunglasses.”


This time, Jordan was fully prepared and did not hesitate.

Jordan took off his sunglasses, revealing his new eyes!


Victorias fork fell to the ground!

Looking at Jordans disguised eyes, Victoria was certain that the man in front of her could not be her father.

Her father did not have green eyes.

Victoria was very angry.

She stood up and shouted, “Who are you! I want to see your true self! Youre not as old as you claim!”

Jordan took off the fake white hair wig on his head, revealing red hair.

He then washed away the wrinkles and age spots on his face.

In the end, what was on display was a handsome man in his 30s who looked completely different from Jordan.

Jordan said, “My name is William.

My parents were from Ireland…”


Before Jordan could finish speaking, Victoria slapped him angrily.

Tears welled up in the corners of Victorias eyes.

“Why Why did you deliberately get close to me Why did you say those words to me when I was asleep! Why does your voice sound so similar to my fathers!”

Jordan explained.

“Actually, Ive always had a crush on you, so I deliberately approached you and kissed you when you were asleep.

Im sorry.”

“Sob sob…”

Victoria crouched on the ground and cried.

Actually, she wasnt really upset with William.

She was just devastated about the fact that her father might be really dead.

“Emily is right.

I was dreaming.

Daddy is really dead.

I will never see Daddy again…”


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