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When Jordan saw Victorias pitiful expression, he bent down and handed her a tissue.

Victoria paused for a moment before taking the tissue and hurriedly wiping her face.

She was a headstrong woman.

As the top executive of a listed company, she always gave off the impression of being capable, aloof and mature.

She had never appeared so weak before.

After knowing that the person in front of her was not her father, Victoria no longer cried like an aggrieved daughter.

She quickly composed herself.

Victoria looked at Jordan and said, “Im sorry for hitting you just now.”

Jordan smiled.

Why would he care about this

Jordan had clearly predicted that Victoria would be shot, but he could not protect her, causing her to fall into a coma in 2022.

The entire affair left Jordan feeling very guilty about it.

So he was actually very happy to be slapped by a Victoria who was alive and kicking.

Victoria said, “I shouldnt have hit you.

If it werent for you yesterday, I might have been ruined by Salvatores subordinates.

I might even be dead now.

You saved me.

Youre my benefactor.”

Jordan said hastily, “Dont say that.

I took advantage of you by kissing you.

I dont dare to be called your benefactor.”

Victoria smiled.

“Actually, I can tell that youre a gentleman.

Last night, you held me and slept the entire night.

You kept your hands to yourself and didnt take advantage of me.

This is enough to prove your character.”

Actually, Jordan did want to take advantage of her, but she kept calling him “Daddy”.

How could he bear to do it!

“Sir, please sit.

I spent so much effort making dinner.

Dont let it go to waste.

By the way, how did you save me yesterday”

Victoria no longer acted like a little girl.

She returned to her usual cold and aloof CEO attitude and sat down.

Jordan returned to his seat.


Clarke, you can just call me William.

Yesterday, after that hooligan knocked you out, Salvatores other loyal subordinates rushed in and dealt with the traitors.

Salvatore wants us to pretend that this never happened.

After all, there were people killed.

If word gets out, it will be troublesome for everyone.

Next time you see Salvatore, treat it as your first meeting.

Dont mention this incident again.”

Victoria nodded cautiously.

She was a top executive of a listed company.

If she got implicated in a murder case, it would definitely affect the companys share price.

Victoria continued.

“Then, how did you know the name of Salvatores benefactor Also, how did you know that Salvatore would like someone like Emily Have you seen Emily before You know what she looks like”

Jordan smiled and nodded.

He had already thought of an answer to these questions.

“I have a crush on you and came up with this plan to get close to you.

So of course I did my research on you and know that you have a younger sister whos a flight attendant.

Your younger sister regularly posts on social media and Ive been following her.

As for how I know the name of Salvatores benefactor and what type of girl he likes, I can only say that I really divined it.

“My father taught me divination when I was a young boy and Ive practiced it for 30 years.

I cant say that Ive reached perfection, but Ive at least made some progress.”

Victoria no longer dared to doubt Jordans divination skills.

She asked, “Then, do you think that I am truly fated with Jordan Steele”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, Ive done the calculations.

You and Mr.

Steele are indeed fated.

Theres a high chance youll be together in the future.

However, your signs dont match perfectly.

Although you met at the right time, you will likely be separated because of something in the future.

And youll be the one who will break up with him.”

Victoria sighed.

“Sigh, my personality is too strong-headed.

Even if hes a billionaire businessman, I will still leave him if I feel that hes not suitable.”

Jordan advised.

“This is why I advised you to go to the capital to find Dr.

Gale and have that procedure.”

Victoria smiled and poured Jordan a glass of wine.

“Lets not talk about this first.

Jordan Steele hasnt walked out of his ex-wifes shadow yet.

I think it will be a long time before I have a chance.

William, lets have a toast.

Its a pleasure to meet you!


Like this, Jordan officially became friends with Victoria as William.

After experiencing the near-death incident at Salvatores place last night, Victoria trusted Jordan even more.

Two hours later, Jordan took the initiative to get up and say goodbye.

“Ive enjoyed your hospitality for the past two nights.

I should make a move now.

Goodbye, Ms.


Looking at Jordan, a charming man in his 30s with Irish blood, the slightly tipsy Victoria was a little reluctant to part with him.

After all, this man had brought her so much comfort the past two nights.

However, now that she knew that he was not her father, Victoria had no reason to keep him.

Victoria sent Jordan to the door.

Just as she was about to open it, she said, “Thank you for last night.”


Jordan was a little confused.

Shouldnt she be angry after being held by a strange man for the entire night

Victoria explained.

“Thank you for not exposing your identity last night.

You let me cry and lie in your arms for the entire night.

It made me think that I slept in Daddys arms.

Last night was the best sleep Ive had in 10 years.”

Jordan smiled.

“It is my honor.”

Victoria continued.

“However, William, you know that I have a good reputation in Orlando.

But if word gets out that I was in bed with someone for an entire night, no one will believe that nothing happened between us.

By then, my image will probably…”

Jordan knew that Victoria cared a lot about her image.

He quickly said, “Dont worry, I wont tell anyone about what happened last night.

I hope Ms.

Clarke will completely forget what happened yesterday.

Also, dont mention me to anyone, including Mr.



Victoria agreed.

With that said, Jordan left.

The two of them did not see each other for the next two days.

They only chatted via messages.

Jordan spent the next few days developing an antidote for Shaun.

His progress was very fast.

Finally, on the third day, an antidote was developed that could temporarily neutralize the poison in Shauns body.

This antidote was similar to the one that Rong Huangde gave Shaun once a week.

It could only temporarily delay the poisons effects and not completely cure it.

However, with Jordans ability, it was only a matter of time before he could completely rid Shaun of the poison.

Shaun was very happy that day.

He produced two concert tickets and handed them to Jordan.

“Jordan, to thank you for developing this antidote for me, enough for me to come out from Rong Huangdes control, I specially bought two concert tickets.

Lets go to a concert tonight to relax”

Jordan looked down and saw that it was the concert of that superstar!


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