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Unknowingly, it was time for the superstars concert in Orlando.

Jordan would never forget this day two years ago.

Tyler had proposed to Hailey at this concert, and she had accepted.

In the few seconds before she agreed, Jordan had wanted to step forward to stop her.

He was extremely upset.

At that time, he was still immersed in his relationship with Hailey.

After that, Jordan went on stage and sang the song “A Thousand Reasons to Be Sad”.

Now that he thought about it, he felt that he had been very foolish back then.

A woman like Hailey wasnt worth it.

However, love was sometimes blind and stubborn.

People who were deeply in love and those observing the love from the outside had completely different mental states.

One always hankered after the woman he couldnt have, not the one he was already with.

Even if that woman wasnt that good, that beautiful, or that perfect.

But because he couldnt have her, she would always be in your heart, setting her apart from others.

Jordan had been with Hailey for three years.

How could he let go just like that

Shaking his head, Jordan only said, “Im not going.

Go and watch yourself.”

Seeing that Jordan was deep in thought, Shaun realized that something was amiss.

“Looks like theres a story about you at this concert.”

Jordan didnt continue on this topic.

“Weve been here for almost a week, right In five days, youll have to travel back and ask Rong Huangde for the antidote.

Although I made the antidote for you, we cant let Rong Huangde know that weve joined forces for the time being.

We cant let him know that Ive developed an antidote for you.”

Shaun smiled.

“Yes, thats what I intend to do.

When it comes to playing mind games, Rong Huangde is definitely inferior to us.

Dont worry, Ill go back two days in advance.

If you have nothing to do during this period, we might as well go back.”

Jordan objected.

“I dont want to go back so early.

Victoria hasnt gotten together with me yet, so I cant implant the idea for now.

I plan to make a trip to New York to visit my other wife, Lauren.

Its been hard on Lauren to take care of Chloe alone.

I want to go over and see what I can do for her and Chloe.”

Although Jordan had traveled back in time for Victoria, she had not gotten together with him yet.

As a result, she was unwilling to have that idea implanted.

Compared to Victoria, Jordans other wife, Lauren, was the more pitiful one.

At this moment, Lauren was alone with Chloe.

She knew that Jordan was Chloes biological father, but she couldnt take the initiative to look for him.

The elders of the Howard family had also been urging Lauren to get married, while Chloe lacked fatherly love.

The mother-daughter duo was very pitiful, all alone in New York.

Shaun was delighted.

“You finally have some conscience.

You still remember my disciple, Lauren! Forgive me for being blunt, but Victoria only suffered from that one incident.

If we traveled back to that time, we could have killed or drugged that 18-year-old young boy.

It will be a very simple task for us.

But apart from that, most of Victorias time with you has been blissful.

“But my beloved disciple, Lauren, is different.

She waited for you for several years and suffered alone with her child for several years! Although she didnt have any major crime committed against her and wasnt bullied, I think shes more worthy of your care! Youre the only man in her life!”

Just like Salvatore was Emilys ardent supporter, Shaun was now Laurens supporter.

Previously, when Shaun imprisoned Lauren, he taught her how to control people remotely.

He considered her as his disciple.

Shaun didnt even dare to touch Lauren and taint her purity.

He was extremely respectful to her.

Jordan said coldly, “You dont have to worry about how I treat my wives!”

That ended the conversation.

Jordan stayed on for a little longer before setting off for New York.

“Lauren and Chloe should be at Café Nostalgia at this time, right”

Jordan had driven to New York.

He didnt remember the exact location of Café Nostalgia, so he used his phones GPS to search.

However, when he opened the online map and searched for Café Nostalgia, there was no information!

“Strange Hasnt Lauren set up Café Nostalgia yet”

This was possible because Jordan first visited Café Nostalgia only after he got together with Victoria.

And it would be a few months later.

Moreover, Jordan remembered that the first time he visited the cafe, he noticed that the decor was very new.

Jordan used the ability of a Deity.

As he had extraordinary mental strength, not only could he predict the future, but he could also search for stored memories in his mind.

Closing his eyes, Jordan found the answer: 2553 Claymore Avenue.

Jordan drove to the place.

When he arrived, he realized that Café Nostalgia already existed, but it looked like it was still being set up.

There were some renovation tools at the entrance.

It seemed like Café Nostalgia was not open for business yet so Jordan could not pretend to be a customer to get close to Lauren.

He could only park the car by the roadside and watch from afar.

Soon, it was five in the afternoon.

The renovation workers had all left.

Lauren and Chloe were nowhere to be seen.

“Thats strange.

This is Laurens shop which is being renovated.

Why didnt she come to supervise”

Suddenly, a red Lamborghini sports car worth more than $5 million sped over from afar.

The roar of the sports car, coupled with the heavy bass music blasting from the speakers, made for a very flashy entrance.

The driver even drifted and spun the car around before coming to a stop at the roadside.

He could have just quietly parked by the roadside but he had to purposely perform a drifting maneuver to act cool.

“Which rich second-generation heir from New York is this Could he be one of Caydens idiot friends How unclassy!”

Jordan couldnt help cursing in the car.

He hated such arrogant behavior.

‘You think youre awesome just because you are driving a sports car worth more than $5 million These rich second-generation heirs didnt know about the existence of the secret families at all!

Compared to the descendants of the secret families, they were nothing!

What made Jordan even angrier was that this would be where Lauren and Chloe would stay in the future.

Jordan was annoyed that there were these kinds of fools who drove very fast and drifted around in this area.

They would disturb his wife and daughter.

He looked at the person getting out of the car through the rearview mirror.

If necessary, Jordan would warn them not to come to this street again!

A handsome man wearing sunglasses alighted from the drivers seat of the red Lamborghini.

A beautiful woman with a great figure and also wearing sunglasses alighted from the front passenger seat.

She looked slightly mature and had the aura of a queen!

This woman was not a young beauty in her 20s, but a very charming woman in her 30s.

She was dressed in designer clothes and looked very rich, like a socialite who had married into a wealthy family.

“Strange, why does this woman look so familiar I think Ive seen her somewhere before.”

The woman got out of the car and took off her sunglasses with a smile.

Jordan instantly recognized the woman.




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