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At first glance, Jordan felt a sense of familiarity with this beautiful woman with the aura of a queen.

It was just that she was wearing sunglasses at first, so he didnt immediately recognize her.

The moment she took off her sunglasses, Jordan immediately recognized that this woman was Ms.

Monroe from the luxury toy shop FAO Schwarz in the capital.

At that time, Chris Hank, who was wooing Lauren, had bragged in front of Jordan to gain her favor.

After that, Ms.

Monroe especially rushed over to help Jordan and even gave him a Super Diamond membership card.

“Wait, if this woman is Ms.

Monroe, then this man…”

Jordan thought that this man was just some random arrogant rich second-generation heir from New York, but on second thought, this man was probably Jamie!

As Jordan could no longer see the mans face in the rearview mirror, he got out of the car and looked over.

It was indeed Jamie!

“Damn! I was wondering who it was.

So its Jamie and his girlfriend.”

Jordan was speechless.

He didnt expect Jamie to be so arrogant and not keep a low profile at all when he was in New York.

He had slept with one beautiful woman after another.

His life was too carefree.

Jamie held Ms.

Monroes hand and walked towards Café Nostalgia.

He had helped Lauren set up Café Nostalgia, and was also the one who had come up with the name of the cafe.

Although Jordan had already known about this, what he didnt expect was for Ms.

Monroe to have been here before.

Jamie pushed the door open and walked in.

Jordan was very curious as to why the two of them went into the shop.

Hence, he took out an “insect” from his pocket.

This was a fake bug that could be controlled remotely.

When it flew, it looked like an ordinary bug.

But it was a fake.

Its main purpose was to secretly monitor people.

The “insect” was equipped with cameras and listening devices that could help Jordan monitor their every move.

Like this, Jordan controlled the bug and made it fly through the door gap.

Meanwhile, Jamie was checking out the inside of the cafe and he nodded in satisfaction.

“Baby, I knew it was right to leave the renovation work to you.

The decor is beautiful and artistic.

I believe Lauren will like it,” Jamie complimented Ms.



Monroe hugged Jamies arm like a submissive girl and looked at him with admiration.

“Of course.

Dont you know what I do Ive already done up more than 10 shops.

A cafe is nothing.”

Jamie hooked Ms.

Monroes nose and said, “Baby, give me a Super Diamond membership card to your FAO Schwarz store in the capital.”


Monroe said coquettishly, “If you marry me, the entire shop will be yours.

Why do you still need a membership card Thats for outsiders.

Im already yours, let alone a shop.”

From her words and expression, it was obvious that Ms.

Monroe was completely infatuated with Jamie.

Not only was Jamie handsome, but he was also very rich.

He had just accepted a business training mission from his family in the US.

It was said that when he was doing business, he was very extravagant and unrestrained.


Monroe could probably tell that Jamies had an extraordinary background.


Monroe continued to wheedle.

“Im going to get a divorce because of you.

You wont just sleep with me and not take responsibility, right”

Jordan was listening in on their conversation via the “insect”.

He couldnt help smiling as he lit a cigarette.

“The last time we saw her, she behaved like a queen in front of us.

I didnt expect her to be so clingy with Jamie.”

Jordan sighed happily.

Actually, any woman who looked cold or noble would become very different when she met a man who could subdue her.

And she would be even more clingy and coquettish than the average person.

Jamie said, “I am not the one who wants the membership card.

Im planning to give it to my third brother.

He might be going to the capital in two years and would need it then.”

It was undeniable that Jamie was very considerate toward Jordan.

Jamie was a few years older than Jordan, so he had started the family missions earlier than him.

He knew very well what Jordan was going to experience next.

Since Jordan married Hailey, Jamie already started choosing Jordans next partner.

This was why he helped to set up Café Nostalgia.

Jamie knew that Jordan would come to New York sooner or later, so he specially arranged it.

He had arranged all of this so that Jordan and Lauren could meet and continue their relationship.


Monroe said jealously, “You treat your third brother better than you treat me!”

Jamie laughed.

“Of course.

How dare you compare yourself to my third brother”



Monroe, who had always been fawned over by countless men, felt that she was being disrespected and was very angry.

“Alright, go find your third brother! Im leaving!”

Jamie didnt apologize and smiled wickedly.

“Youre leaving just like that Arent we going to have some fun here”

If it was a normal man, he would definitely coax and apologize when he saw that the woman was angry.

She would only be appeased after he coaxed her for a long time.

However, someone like Jamie, whose background was far more powerful than the other party, would never lower himself to that level.

He knew that he had this woman in his pocket.


Monroe was also a smart person.

She would not leave in anger over such a small matter.

She had to capture this powerful princeling.

So Ms.

Monroe smiled and patted Jamie gently.

“Youre so annoying.

Jamie, if you want me to give your third brother a Super Diamond membership card, you have to make me happy today.”

Jamie hugged Ms.

Monroe and smiled.

“Come on, baby.

When have I ever disappointed you”

As he said this, Jamie secretly took a pill when Ms.

Monroes back was turned.

“Damn, Jamie is so useless.

He has to take medicine! How embarrassing.”

Jordan was dumbstruck when he saw that.

However, seeing that the two of them were really going to have sex here, Jordan felt very awkward.

“You two cheapskates, why dont you go to a hotel to have fun Its not like you dont have the money to get a room! Why must you do it in my wifes shop! My wifes shop hasnt even opened yet.

I cant let you dirty it!”

In Jordans heart, Lauren was a perfect and pure woman.

He would not allow anyone to do such a thing in her shop.

Not even his second brother.

Moreover, Jordan had always disdained Jamies playboy behavior.

He should teach him a lesson!

Therefore, he controlled the “insect” to “sting” Jamie and Ms.


The “sting” was actually a tiny electric shock.


Jamie cried out loud.


Monroe was holding onto the table and she turned around.

“Whats wrong”

Jamie looked around.

“Theres a bug!”


Monroe was speechless.

“Its just a bug.

Whats the big deal Youre a man, yet youre afraid of bugs”

As Ms.

Monroe spoke, Jordan controlled the “insect” and sent it into her mouth!


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