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Monroe had once helped Jordan in the capital.

In addition, Jordan had always been more lenient toward the fairer sex and did not want to lay his hands on her.

Therefore, Jordan controlled the bug to only electrocute Jamie as a lesson to this playboy.

Unexpectedly, after he managed to stop Jamie, Ms.

Monroe urged him on again.

Jordan did not like Ms.

Monroe being so shameless in someone elses shop, so he decided to tease her.


Monroe felt a bug fly into her mouth and immediately retched.


Jamie quickly asked, “Whats wrong”


Monroe kept rubbing her mouth.

“The bug flew into my mouth! Ugh… no, I have to go to the hospital.

How disgusting!”

With the unexpected turn of events, Jamie had lost all interest in sex.

“Alright, Ill take you to the hospital.”

The two of them quickly walked out of the coffee shop.

They didnt even lock the door.

After the two of them left, Jordan entered this familiar cafe.

Upon walking in, Jordan immediately recalled the first time he came here.

It was a sunny afternoon.

After he pushed the door open, the first thing he saw was a stunning woman in a French pink dress.

Jordan was stunned when he first saw Lauren.

He walked to the bar and looked at the items on display.

There was a coffee machine, a cold brew machine, a bean grinder and a fridge.

He recalled that Lauren had once brewed coffee for him.

With this thought in mind, Jordan couldnt resist making a cup of black coffee for himself.

Jordan held his cup and sat by the window.

He looked at the traffic outside and thought to himself.

‘Lauren must have spent a lot of time sitting in front of the window like this, having a cup of coffee and waiting for me to arrive

Jordan felt a lump in his throat.

His heart ached for her.

‘She has been waiting for me for the past few years.

Fortunately, I didnt let her down in the end and got together with her.

However, when he thought about how he had been watching over Victoria for the past month and neglecting Lauren, Jordan felt a little guilty.

Over this time, Jordan only cared about Victoria whom he had lost.

He did not cherish Lauren, who was still there.

“Lauren, Im sorry.

Ill make it up to you after I travel back to the present.”

As Jordan mused over this, the sky gradually darkened.

After an unknown period of time, footsteps suddenly came from outside.

‘Someones coming!

Realizing that someone was coming, Jordan immediately got up from his seat with a cup and hid in the store.

Jordan heard the voices of Jamie and a woman.

‘Damn it, did Jamie come back here after bringing that woman to a doctor Im speechless.

Cant you guys go to a hotel! Why must you do it at my wifes place!

Jordan thought that it was Jamie and Ms.


However, he suddenly heard Laurens voice.

“Chloe, dont run around.”


It was Lauren and Chloe!

Jordan immediately stuck his head out and looked outside.

It was indeed Jamie, Lauren and Chloe!

At this time, Chloe was only three years old.

She looked much younger than when Jordan first met her.

The young girls face was a rosy pink.

When she arrived at the cafe, she kept running around excitedly.

Jamie jogged forward.

“Its alright.

Ill play with her for a while.”

He picked Chloe up and played on the sofa for a while.

It was obvious that their relationship was not bad.

After playing for a while, Chloe was a little tired and fell asleep on the sofa.

Jamie and Lauren went to the bar counter.

Lauren personally brewed coffee for them.

Jamie smiled.

“Lauren, Chloe has such heaven-defying looks.

As her mother, you should be very proud, right”

Lauren nodded gently.

“Yes, Chloe is indeed very beautiful.

Everyone who sees her will praise her.

I hope this wont become a burden for her in the future.”

Similar to her daughter, Lauren had also been beautiful since she was a young girl.

She knew very well the pressures of being a beauty.

Jamie smiled.

“Ive done some research on inherited looks.

Most girls inherit their looks from their fathers.

Chloe is so good-looking because of my younger brothers genes! Hehe, how about that The man I found for you isnt bad, right”

Although Jordan was hiding in the dark, he felt extremely embarrassed and ashamed.

That day in Syria, Jordan and Lauren did not have sex willingly.

To think that Jamie, the culprit behind the incident, actually had the cheek to tease her about it.

As expected, Laurens expression changed.

“Please dont mention that matter again.

If you hadnt helped Chloe and I so much, I would have hated you for the rest of my life.”

Jamie still looked unapologetic as he smiled.


Lauren, you are not far-sighted enough, thats why you blame me.

I expended a lot of effort to find you a good husband.

My third brother is the most outstanding among us.

He has the highest chance of inheriting the family business.

If you become my third brothers woman, youll be the envy of countless other women.”

Jamie had arranged for Jordan and Lauren to be together because Jamie already knew that their eldest brother, Jesse, was not a good person.

One day, Jesse might deal with Jordan or even Jamie.

If Jordan had the Howard familys protection, he would have one more trump card in his hands.

“Forget it, lets not talk about this anymore.”

As Jamie spoke, he took out a small box from his pocket and handed it to her.

“Whats this” Lauren asked.

Jamie replied, “This is the key to a villa in the Great Mountain Villas.”

“I dont want it.” Lauren immediately declined.

She thought that it was a gift from Jamie to make it up to her.

Jamie smiled.

“I know that your family is rich and this villa is nothing to you.

But this isnt for you, its for my third brother.

I reckon hell be coming to New York soon.

When he comes, Ill get Butler Frank to tell him that theres a set of keys to a villa in Great Mountain Villas here.

Help me give him the key when the time comes.”

Hearing this, Lauren carefully put the box away and said, “Oh okay.”

Jamie smiled.


Lauren, it looks like you really want to see my third brother too.

Thats right.

After all, weve waited for three years.

Dont worry, to be able to become the daughter-in-law of the Steele family, waiting three years is worth it!”

Soon after saying this, Jamie left.

Lauren cleaned and tidied up for more than an hour before leaving with Chloe.

The next morning, when Lauren came back, the soft launch of Café Nostalgia commenced.

Lauren had opened this cafe purely to wait for Jordan.

Therefore, the drinks here were two to three times more expensive than the other places on this street.

After the customers found out that this cafe was very expensive, they all stopped coming.

Many customers came to take a look at the price before leaving on the spot.

The cafe was very quiet, but this was also what Lauren wanted.

She didnt like noise and commotion.

The Howard family was so rich that she didnt need the cafe to make money.

Lauren only wanted to live quietly with her daughter far away from the capital.

Suddenly, the glass door was pushed open.

A very elegant woman about the same age as Lauren walked in with a boy and a girl.

“Lauren, long time no see.”


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