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Lauren had been daydreaming by the window.

So she was startled by the woman.

“Faye Fanning”

Lauren knew this woman.

She was Laurens classmate from junior high school and a senior one year older than her.

As they were all in the upper-class circles in the capital, even if they were not in the same cohort, it was easy for them to know each other.

They knew each others identity and their family backgrounds.

When she was in junior high school, Fayes family was not inferior to Laurens.

However, the Fanning family caused some trouble and suffered heavy losses.

After the Fanning family fell, they came to New York to seek refuge with their relatives.

Faye transferred from the capital to New York then.

Faye was an influential figure in school at that time and was once regarded as the school belle.

When she was in her teens, it was already clear that she was a beauty and very exquisite.

Her facial features were like that of those gorgeous celebrities and she had a very powerful aura.

Although Faye stayed in occasional contact with Lauren over the years, they were never particularly close.

Lauren only treated Faye as an old classmate.

Faye smiled and walked forward with the two children.

“Lauren, congratulations on opening a cafe.

I especially brought my two children to come and support you.

Why isnt there anyone in the shop today Do you want me to call some friends over”

Lauren went forward and said, “No need, thank you.

I specially raised the prices so that there wouldnt be too many people.

By the way, how did you know that I opened a cafe here”

Faye patted the heads of the two children.

The boy was about five years old and the girl was about four years old.

They greeted Lauren obediently.


Lauren smiled and nodded at them.

Faye smiled.

“This is New York after all, and Ive lived here for more than 10 years.

Moreover, you seem to have forgotten what my husband does.”

Lauren smiled back.

“I just came to New York to open an ordinary coffee shop.

I didnt expect to be targeted by the FBI.

Isnt this a waste of the countrys resources Or are you deliberately targeting the Howard family”

FBI was the abbreviation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the US.

They were mainly responsible for domestic security matters and investigating various individuals and organizations, especially foreign personnel.

There were a lot of foreigners in New York so there was a major FBI office located here.

Fayes husband held a very important position in the FBI and could not be underestimated.

However, due to the special nature of the FBI, they did not publicize its list of officers.

Most people did not know about Fayes husbands profession.

If not for the Howard familys background, Lauren wouldnt have known either.

Faye smiled.

“How could that be Youre making a mountain out of a molehill.

Darling, my husband isnt targeting you.

Hes just investigating a handsome man who drives a Lamborghini with the surname of Steele.

You saw him yesterday.”

Lauren said seriously, “Im sorry, Im not familiar with him.

If you ask me about him, Im afraid I cant help you.”

Lauren really didnt know much about Jamies identity and background.

Moreover, their relationship was very complicated, and she didnt want outsiders to know.

Faye said, “Youve misunderstood.

Im not here for him.

Im here to look for you.

I was afraid that you and Chloe would be bored, so I specially brought my two children over to play with Chloe.

“Go on, you two, play with Chloe.”


The two children approached Chloe.

Chloe was rather shy and didnt know how to interact with them.

Fortunately, the five-year-old boy was more proactive.

He took out an Iron Man toy figure from his bag and asked, “Do you know Marvel Have you watched Iron Man”

Chloe immediately replied, “Ive watched them! My mother brought me to the cinema to watch the movies.

Ive finished watching the first, second and third Iron Man movies!”

The boy handed the Iron Man toy to Chloe.

“Ill give this Iron Man to you then.”

Chloe said, “I have one too.

My mother and uncle bought me a lot of Iron Man toys!”

“Really Can we take a look”

The little girl, who was about the same age as Chloe, also spoke up.

“Sure,” Chloe said.

Lauren when she saw the three children getting along so well.

Although Lauren preferred to be alone, she hoped that her daughter would have more friends.

After all, Laurens adult nature was different from a little girls.

The two of them were not on the same page.

No matter how hard Lauren tried, she could not replace the role of a playmate for Chloe.

What they didnt know was that outside the coffee shop, Jordan was watching everything from a car parked by the roadside.

The three children took out all their Iron Man toys.

The boy suggested that they play on the lawn outside the cafe.

Chloe approached her mother with her toy.

“Mom, we want to go out and play.”

The cafe was located at the start of the street.

There was an empty lawn to the north.

It was far away from the road and not dangerous.

But Lauren said, “No, you have to play in the shop.”

Faye said, “Let them go out and play for a while.

Well watch by the window.

Itll be fine.”

The boy and girl quickly walked out with Chloe.

So Lauren and Faye sat by the window and looked out from time to time at Chloe and the other children.

Jordan controlled his “insect” to fly out of the cafe.

At this moment, Jordan was more worried about Chloe.


Fayes phone beeped with a message.

She opened it and read the content:

‘Faye, have you met up with Lauren Dont forget to introduce me to her.

After this is done, I will definitely thank you and your husband.

After reading the message, Faye turned off her phone without replying.

Actually, she was here as a favor to someone.

Her husbands colleague at the FBI.

His family background was not bad and he was infatuated with Lauren.

He wanted to marry her.

However, Lauren was stubborn and had no intention of finding a man.

Faye was not that close to Lauren so it was impossible for her to directly introduce someone to her.

So before coming, Faye had already thought of how to broach this topic.

As Faye drank her coffee, she looked out of the window with a wicked smile at the three children playing together.

The three children liked Iron Man very much.

They were all showing off their many Iron Man toys.

Suddenly, the boy asked Chloe, “Why are all your Iron Man toys given to you by your mother and uncle Didnt your father give you any toys”

The girl also asked very directly, “Dont tell me you dont have a Daddy”


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