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Before Chloe could react, Jordan, who was sitting in the car by the roadside, felt his heart crash against his chest!

Chloe was Jordans flesh and blood.

As her father, he felt very upset when he heard someone say such things to his daughter!

Jordan recalled Chloe crying in his arms in the past, saying that other children had fathers, but she didnt.

After Chloe and Jordan reunited, she became very happy because she could proudly tell her friends that she had a father too!

However, Jordan was not by her side at this moment.

When Chloe heard this, she felt very uncomfortable and her expression instantly changed.

“I… I…”

Chloe didnt know how to answer.

The boy continued.

“Thats right.

Why dont you have a daddy We have a daddy.

Our daddy bought all our toys for us.

Why didnt your mommy find you a daddy”

This five-year-old boy was speaking in a very logical, yet aggressive manner.

Clearly, these words were not something a five-year-old boy would say.

Their mother, Faye, had taught them to say this before they came.

Faye wanted them to raise this point to hurt Chloes young heart.

Everyone else had fathers, except for Chloe.

Lauren would be very sad after she knew of this, and the expectation was that Chloe would go crying to her.

When the time came, Faye would introduce her husbands colleague to Lauren.

This was her plan.

Faye was a smart woman, but to achieve her goal, she didnt hesitate to hurt a three-year-old girl with words.

She was too despicable!

Chloe cried.

“I have a daddy! Who said I dont have a daddy!”

The boy probed.

“Wheres your daddy then Why didnt he buy you Iron Man toys”

Chloe didnt know how to answer that.

She kept crying aggrievedly.

“Damn it!”

Jordan slammed the steering wheel angrily.

He hated these two damn b*stard children, and he hated himself!

When he married Lauren, he knew that she had waited for him for three years.

He knew that Chloe didnt have a father for three years.

But he didnt know exactly what kind of hardships Lauren and her daughter had experienced in those years! He didnt know how Lauren had slept alone on countless lonely nights.

He didnt know how aggrieved and sad Chloe was to say that she didnt have a father.

“I wont allow anyone to bully my daughter like this!”

Jordan was extremely angry.

However, they were just a five-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl.

He couldnt possibly rush over and hit them.

He was a Deity and that would be too much.

Therefore, Jordan controlled the “insect” to give those two little b*stards an electric shock!

The boy and girl were still being very aggressive.

They kept insisting that Chloe didnt have a father.

Chloe kept crying.

Lauren and Faye were busy chatting and the glass was soundproof, so they did not notice this scene.

As Faye casually brushed back her hair, she glanced out of the window from the corner of her eye.

She saw Chloe crying miserably as her two children talked.

However, Faye immediately turned her eyes away and did not tell Lauren.

Instead, she continued to chat with Lauren.

She even deliberately peppered Lauren with many questions so that she would be momentarily too distracted to check on the children.

Faye had always been very jealous of Lauren.

After Faye left the capital, Lauren became the school belle.

If nothing had happened to Fayes family then, she would have been the school belle and might grow up to become even more outstanding and popular.

However, Faye did not expect that her two children would end up crying even harder than Chloe.

A bee-shaped insect flew straight at the boys face.


The boy got an electric shock and screamed in fear.

“Go away, dumb bee!”

The boy tried to wave it away.

Unexpectedly, the “bee” once again stung the boys face.

His nose, mouth, neck.

Again and again.

Even the girl was given one electric shock.

“Ouch, Mommy, Mommy…”

The boy and girl cried even harder than Chloe.

They quickly ran to the window and kept knocking on it.

Faye and Lauren heard the children crying.

Lauren turned around and saw that Fayes two children were crying uncontrollably.

She hurriedly got up.

“Faye, the children are crying.

Go out and take a look!”

But Faye did not turn around to look out of the window at all.

She had already seen Chloe crying earlier and knew why she was crying.

Faye grabbed Laurens hand and said, “Come on, the children are just making a fuss.

Isnt that normal Dont worry about them.

Theyll be fine in a while.

Lets continue talking.”

But Lauren was distracted by Fayes two children, so she did not notice Chloes state.

“Is this really alright”

Faye smiled.

“Its fine.

Dont worry, Im more experienced in taking care of children than you.

Theyll be fine in a while, haha.”

If Faye and Lauren had gone out, the two children would have suffered a few less electric shocks

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Jordan continued to electrocute the two children.

Of course, he didnt use a high voltage and the children were not really harmed.

However, the fear in their little hearts far outweighed the actual physical pain.


The boy cried and rolled around on the ground.


Bee, please stop stinging me.


Lauren looked out of the window again and said, “Faye, are you sure you dont want to go out and take a look Your son is crying so badly that snot is running down his nose.”

Faye smiled easily.

“Really, theres no need… wait, what did you say My son”

Only then did Faye turn to look out of the window.

She realized that her children were the ones crying!


Faye got up anxiously and accidentally knocked her leg.

Both women ran out, and Jordan immediately steered the “bee” away from the crime scene.

“Son, whats wrong Why are you crying”

Faye expected Chloe to cry but not her son.

Why was he crying

The boy kept sobbing.

“There are bees.

There are bees stinging me here.


Faye was speechless.

“How useless.

Youre a big boy but you are so frightened by a bee that you ended up rolling on the ground! If your father finds out, he will suspect youre not his real son!”

The boy was so scared that he gradually stopped crying.

When Lauren saw Chloe wiping her tears, she hurried over.

“Chloe, whats wrong Were you stung by a bee too Tell Mommy, where did the bee sting you”

Chloe sobbed.

“Mom, I wasnt stung by bees.

They said that I dont have a daddy, thats why I cried.”


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