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Chloe smiled happily.

This was the first time she felt like she was being admired.

Seeing Chloe so happy, Jordans heart felt warm and comfortable.

Traveling back two years in time to bring even a trace of happiness to his daughter, whom he had yet to acknowledge, was also something Jordan had always wanted.

After obtaining Chloes forgiveness, the boy and girl looked at Jordan.

“Uncle Iron Man, can we become superheroes and protect Earth like you” The boy asked innocently.

A five-year-old boy still couldnt differentiate between reality and fantasy.

In addition, the Marvel universe was based on the real world, so it was even more confusing.

Jordan remembered that when he was young, he had watched the cartoon “Slam Dunk” with Jesse.

Jesse told him that they were cartoon characters and not real people.

However, the five-year-old Jordan still believed that those characters were real.

And that was just a cartoon.

The little boy and girl in front of him had watched a movie featuring real-life actors and real locations!

Jordan said to the boy, “Youre both from New York, right”

The children nodded.

Jordan continued.

“Chloe just arrived in New York and doesnt have many friends.

She might be a little bored here.

When shes bored, you should come over and play with her to relieve her boredom.

If other children bully her, you have to stand up for her, understand”

It was impossible for Jordan to keep an eye on Chloe all the time.

The best solution was to find some followers for her.

These two children were the best candidates.

The boy immediately promised.

“Got it, Uncle Iron Man!”

At this moment, Jordan suddenly heard footsteps.

When he landed earlier, he had sprayed some cold air at the glass window of the cafe, creating a layer of condensation to block the view.

He didnt want Lauren and Faye to see him.

Perhaps the two of them had already realized this and specially came out.

Jordan quickly said, “Alright, I still have to kill Thanos and maintain world peace.

I wont talk to you anymore.

Im leaving!”

“Wait a minute!”

Chloe grabbed Jordans hand and looked up.

She said emotionally, “I have something I want Uncle Iron Man to tell my father.”

Jordan was very excited.

He looked forward to what Chloe had to say to him.

But he was also very nervous.

He thought about how he hadnt fulfilled his duty as a father over the past three years and was a little afraid to listen, afraid that Chloe would scold him.

Perhaps scold him for neglecting her and her mother, and for being irresponsible.

To tell him that even if he returned, she didnt intend to acknowledge him.

No matter how terrifying the enemy was, they could not hurt Jordan at all.

But a single sentence from Chloe could make Jordans heart ache!

“What… what is it” Jordan asked nervously.

Chloe said, “I love him, I love him 3000!”

She loved him 3000!

This was a classic line from last years most popular movie, “The Avengers 4”.

In the movie, Iron Mans daughter said this to him.

And now, Chloe was saying this to Jordan!


Jordan was so touched that he almost cried.

She didnt hate him or blame him.

Why was she so sensible!

Just like Lauren…

Jordan no longer had time to think about anything.

He had to leave, or Lauren and Faye would see him.

“Im leaving.

Dont tell your mommy about me.”

“Chloe, your daddy loves you 3000 too!”

With that, Jordan steered the armor and flew into the sky, disappearing from sight.

When Lauren and Faye walked out anxiously, the three children were looking up at the sky.

Faye saw her two children kneeling on the ground and scolded them.

“Didnt I teach you that a person should never kneel Why are you kneeling!”

The boy smiled and stood up happily.

Faye felt that something was wrong.

“Lauren, the last time my son played with your daughter, he was stung for no reason, and the doctors couldnt even find any sting marks.

Now, hes kneeling for no reason.

Did Chloe do something”

Lauren naturally believed in her daughters good character.

How could she intentionally harm others

Just as she was about to explain, Fayes daughter suddenly stood up and said, “Dont talk about Chloe like that! She is a good person! Shes our boss!”

The boy also said, “Sis is right.

Chloe treats us very well!”

Faye patted her sons head.

“Alright then, Im glad you three are getting along.”

The boy smiled foolishly, and Chloe also gave a secret smile.

The three children now shared a big secret that they didnt tell the adults.

Faye didnt stay for long before bringing her children home.

After returning home, the boy followed Jordans instructions and drugged Fayes drink with the laxative.

For the entire night, Faye did not come out of the toilet…

Two days later, Lauren brought Chloe to Skaneateles Lake to play, and Jordan followed them.

At this moment, Jordan received a call from Shaun.

“Hello, Jordan.

How have you been recently Where are you” Shaun asked.

Jordan answered truthfully, “Im at Skaneateles Lake.

Lauren brought Chloe here to play for a few days, so I followed her.”

Shaun said, “Skaneateles Lake So far away How did you get there, by plane In your current situation, its best if you dont buy a plane ticket.

Otherwise, if Jordan from 2020 also bought a plane ticket to another place at the same time, you will be targeted.”

Jordan had traveled back in time from 2022.

It was best not to use his real name in transportation like planes and high-speed trains.

Otherwise, it might cause some trouble.

Back in 2022, Jordan would have a private plane.

But now that they had traveled back in time, Jordan and Shaun could not do something so high profile.

The fewer people knew about their existence, the better.

“No, they took the plane.

Im wearing Iron Man armor and flew over at night.”

“Iron Man armor F*ck, you still have that thing Why didnt you say so earlier Hurry up and get me one too.

I cant use a private plane here and its so frustrating!” Shaun complained.

Back in 2022, they would take private planes wherever they wanted to go.

Moreover, their private planes were all invisible.

No matter which country they went to, they would not be discovered.

But now, Shauns private plane was being occupied by his 2020 self.

He couldnt use his plane or he would alert his past self to his presence.

Jordan said, “Its very difficult to use.

I had to charge it five or six times just to make this trip.

Fortunately, our charging technology is more advanced and it didnt take too long.

Otherwise, it would be even more troublesome.

By the way, did you call me to tell me that youre preparing to travel back to the present”

Jordan calculated the date.

It had been almost two weeks since Shaun arrived in 2020.

As Rong Huangde had only given Shaun enough antidotes for two weeks, he had to return within two weeks.

Otherwise, Rong Huangdes suspicion would be aroused!


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