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Rong Bingshao was a little angry and argued, “Im a descendant of the Rong Bingshao family.

This is my familys territory.

Why cant I enter”

The soldier knew Rong Bingshaos identity and knew very well that the boy in front of him was the future head of the Rong family and their future master.

He replied respectfully, “Young Master Rong, its like this.

The entrance has been set up such that only authorized people can enter.

Anyone without proper authorization who barges in will trigger the alarm.”

Rong Bingshao said, “Then just give me the authorization!”


The soldier was put in a difficult position, he could not authorize people.

“Whats wrong Whats happening”

A dashing woman in a military uniform walked out.

It was the person in charge here, the high-ranking woman from the Rong family, Lee Su-ji.


Rong Bingshao waved happily at Lee Su-ji.

He was also very familiar with Lee Su-ji.

Whenever they had time, Rong Bingshao, Lee Su-ji and Ban Luming would go hunting together.

Lee Su-ji was surprised and puzzled to see Rong Bingshao.

“Young Master Rong, why are you here”

Rong Bingshao didnt dare to say that he was here to kill Jordan.

Instead, he said, “Im here to find my father.

Hes here, isnt he”

Lee Su-ji said, “Master Rong has been away for almost two weeks.

No wonder youre worried about him.

Dont worry, he will be fine.”

Rong Bingshao didnt want to waste this trip.

“If I have to force my way in, would you stop me”


Lee Su-ji was in a difficult position.

Rong Bingshao was bent on taking revenge for Ban Luming.

He knew that like him, Lee Su-ji was very sad about Ban Lumings death.

Seeing her hesitation, Rong Bingshao forced his way through.

“Young Master Rong!” Lee Su-ji shouted.

Rong Bingshao had already reached the entrance.

Logically speaking, an alarm would be triggered when an unauthorized person approached the entrance.

But the alarm did not ring.

Lee Su-ji immediately instructed.

“Go and check if there is an issue with the alarm.”

Her subordinate soon replied, “There is no problem with the alarm.”

Lee Su-ji was shocked.

“Young Master Rong, when did you get authorization Who got it for you”

Rong Bingshao was also confused.

“I… dont know.

This is my first time here.”

Lee Su-ji smiled.

“Your father must have set up an authorization for you long ago.

Thats right.

As the future successor of the Rong family, you should be authorized.

I believe youre not the only one.

Your sister must already have the authorization here too.

“Since Master Rong has already authorized you, it means that he has agreed to let you in.

Young Master Rong, youre already an adult.

You should learn the family business.

Please come in.”

Rong Bingshao was delighted.

Although his father never allowed him to participate in these things, he had already authorized him.

Without further ado, he quickly walked in.

After entering, he saw a huge, white spinning object on the first floor.

Rong Bingshao had the same thoughts as Jordan and Shaun when they first saw it.

They were all shocked and thought that this thing was the huge secret.

Rong Bingshao walked closer to take a look, but he didnt find anything special.

He then went to the second floor and arrived at the white room.

Using his fingerprint, Rong Bingshao was able to open the first door.

After that—

Beep beep.

Two alarms suddenly sounded in the room.

It was the same when Jordan first entered the room.

When unauthorized personnel barged in, Dr.

T could kill them.

However, Dr.

T didnt attack.

Instead, he did a facial recognition scan on Rong Bingshao.

“Identifying the target.

Target identified as Rong Bingshao.

“Welcome, Young Master Rong.

You have been authorized to enter safely.”

Rong Bingshao swallowed nervously and stepped in.

“What is this place Did Jordan disappear here”

Rong Bingshao knew that there was an AI system in this room, so he chatted with it.

“Do you know who I am”

The wall on the left immediately displayed Rong Bingshaos personal information.

It included his age, photo and even his favorite food.

“Hehe, my father filled this in, right I dont like eating spaghetti anymore.”

In an instant, the spaghetti disappeared from the screen.


T said, “Theres a video your father recorded for you.

He instructed me to play this video for you if you were to come here alone one day.”

The video played, and Rong Bailun appeared and spoke to the camera.

“Bingshao, if you came here by yourself, your grandfather and I might already be dead.

Child, you didnt hear wrongly.

Yes, I mentioned your grandfather.

Actually, your grandfather didnt die 10 years ago.

He has been living in the past.

“Perhaps you dont understand what this means.

Do you see the door in front of you Thats a space-time revolving door that can travel into the past.

And this is the core secret of our family.

Im sorry I didnt tell you when you were a child.

“In the future, you must inherit our mission and continue to explore the secrets of Shaun Handleys family, as well as the origin of the Deitys ability.

Child, I believe you can do it.

I will love you forever.”

The video ended there.

Rong Bailun had recorded this video in advance just in case.

If he and Rong Huangde suddenly died, this video could offer Rong Huangde some closure.

After watching it, Rong Bingshao asked, “My father and grandfather arent dead, right”


T said, “Yes, they have all traveled back to the past.

They are not here now.”

“Traveled back to the past”

Rong Bingshao thought that since his father and Jordan came here together, Jordan must be in the past as well.

“No wonder his signal was cut off.

He traveled to the past! Hmph, time travel was invented by our family.

Hes just an outsider.

What right does he have to use our familys things!”

Rong Bingshao was indignant.

“AI system, whats your name” Rong Bingshao asked.


T answered, “You can call me Dr.


Rong Bingshao said, “Dr.

T, let me ask you, has Jordan been here before Tell me where he is now!”


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