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Shaun had promised Jordan that he would find Lauren and explain the situation to her.

Actually, he was also very concerned about Lauren and was glad to do this.

After all, Shaun had taught her his control technique!

With no further ado, Shaun took a private plane and soon arrived at the capital.

When he arrived at the Steele familys secret base, Salvatore welcomed him and brought him to find Lauren.

At this moment, Lauren was in the ward taking care of the unconscious Victoria.

Salvatore brought Shaun to the door and was about to knock when Shaun reached out to stop him.

He could vaguely hear Lauren murmuring softly to Victoria.

Shaun said to Salvatore, “Ill go in myself.”

Salvatore nodded and didnt say anything.

He knew that Rong Bailun wouldnt hurt Lauren.

Shaun gently pushed the door open.

The moment he entered, he saw a ray of sunlight shining on the beautiful Lauren.

Laurens hair was loosely pulled back.

The quality of her hair was very good.

It was soft and black without a single strand of white hair.

However, she looked a little haggard.

At this moment, Lauren held Victorias hand and muttered to herself.

“Victoria, its all my fault.

I took matters into my own hands and kept the incident a secret.

If I had told you the truth right from the start, you wouldnt have been humiliated in front of so many people.

Perhaps you would have forgiven yourself when Jordan found out about this.

Perhaps you would have been fine…”

Lauren blamed herself.

She felt that she was responsible for Victorias current state.

Shaun shook his head sadly and pushed the door open.

“Beloved disciple, thats not right! What does this have to do with you Why are you taking all of the blame”

Shaun was Laurens supporter and did not like Victoria much.

“Chairman Rong Why are you here You just called me… your beloved disciple”

Lauren was shocked.

She quickly composed herself and stood up from her seat.

No one other than Jordan knew that Shaun and Rong Bailun had swapped minds.

Jordan had yet to tell them.

Shaun got ready to reveal his true identity.

He smiled mischievously.

“Thats right.

Hehe, my beloved disciple, guess who I am”

Hearing this familiar evil laughter, Lauren immediately recognized him.

“Youre Shaun! Youre not dead”

Shaun closed the door and walked forward with a smile.

“I havent taught you all my skills.

How can I bear to die If I die, wont my Handley family have no successor”

Shaun had no descendants and Lauren was extremely talented.

She learned his skills very quickly, and he had really considered teaching her all his skills.

Lauren knew that Jordan had left with Shaun.

She immediately asked, “Shaun, wheres my husband You left together previously.

Where is he now Is he alright”

Shaun replied, “Dont worry, Im your husbands personal guard now.

With me around, no one can hurt him! He has something on now and cant come to visit you, so he specially asked me to tell you that he might not be back for some time.

“He said that he misses you very much.

He misses you every second.

He misses you so much that he cant fall asleep.

He wants to have children with you.

Oh, right.

He also asked you to take a few sexy photos and record some moaning sounds, for me to bring back to him.

When hes bored, he can take a look and listen to them.”

Lauren became very shy and hurriedly said, “Impossible.

My husband wouldnt ask me to do that.

Dont lie to me!”

Shaun laughed.

“Hahaha, as expected of my beloved disciple.

Youre so smart.

Alright, Ill tell you the truth.

Jordan is so focused on saving Victoria that he completely neglected you.

To think youre still blaming yourself here.

Lauren, its not that I want to criticize you, but youre too sensible.

Youre at a disadvantage, do you know that

“As the saying goes, only children who cry will have candy.

Look at Victoria.

She broke up with Jordan and went to Houston to marry another man.

Then, she suddenly disappeared.

Jordan spent a long time searching for her.

Now, shes throwing a tantrum and attempted suicide.

Look at how capable she is.

She knows how to make Jordans heart beat for her.

“Now what about you Youre so sensible all the time.

Other than when I kidnapped you, you didnt cause any trouble for Jordan.

This wont do, understand”

Shaun felt indignant for Lauren.

He felt that she was Jordans best wife and the most beautiful one.

However, Lauren didnt receive the most love from Jordan.

In fact, she didnt even receive as much as Hailey did in the past.

Lauren lowered her head and said slowly, “We love Jordan in different ways.

I dont want to be a burden to my husband, and I dont have the ability to help him.

Im also very worried that we will grow further and further away from each other.

Shaun, please tell me more about your business with Jordan, okay If possible, I really want to help you!”

Shaun smiled.

“Dont worry, youre my beloved disciple.

Jordan and I are on the same side now.

Ill agree to any request you have.”

Lauren was very happy.

She made a pot of tea for Shaun and poured him a cup as if she was respecting a teacher.

Shaun happily drank the tea.

He suddenly remembered that the current Jordan was now with Lauren and Chloe at the lake in 2020.

What Jordan was experiencing now had already happened to Lauren!


At this thought, Shaun suddenly asked, “Lauren, two years ago, did you bring your daughter to Skaneateles Lake to play”

Lauren was surprised.

“Yes, how did you know”

Shaun smiled.

“Tell me if you met any strange people or incidents over there, especially… if you… hehe.”

Shauns signature evil smile appeared again.

Lauren asked curiously, “If I what”

“Did you sleep with a man there” Shaun asked bluntly.


Lauren slammed the table angrily.

“Shaun! I treat you as my husbands friend and my sort of teacher.

I didnt expect you to insult me like this! What information do you want from me Do you want me to commit suicide like Victoria to prove my innocence”

Shaun quickly stood up and said, “My beloved disciple, youre being too serious.

Thats not what I meant.

How could I not know your character I just want to know if your husband slept with you at Skaneateles Lake!”


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