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Lauren looked incredulous.

What was going on Why did he suddenly bring this up

Lauren said, “What are you talking about My husband and I hadnt even met two years ago.

How could something like that… have happened…”

Towards the end, Laurens tone softened and she looked a little shy.

It had been a long time since Lauren was intimate with Jordan.

They had not seen each other for the past two weeks, and the month before that, they had spent it here watching over Victoria.

Jordan was so focused on watching over Victoria that he had no mood to do anything with Lauren.

Lauren was a woman.

Every night, when she fell asleep alone, she would miss Jordan very much.

She missed the past.

The joy Jordan had brought her when they were together!

Shaun smiled, but couldnt sate his curiosity.


He wanted to know if Jordan, who had been following his wife the past few days, would be unable to resist hitting on Lauren from 2020.

After all, when Jordan met Victoria from 2020, he had held her and slept with her for a whole night.


Lauren suddenly spoke up.

“Speaking of what happened at Skaneateles Lake two years ago, I did encounter something very strange.

After I returned, I told my grandfather about it.

My grandfather told me that he would send someone to investigate, and he also ordered me not to tell anyone about this.”

Shaun thought to himself:The strange incident must have something to do with Jordan!”

Shaun was currently in 2022.

He had to wait for Rong Huangde to give him the antidote before he could return to 2020.

At this moment, he couldnt stay by Jordans side to protect him.

Shaun wanted to know what Jordan had done and experienced in the lake, by asking Lauren.

Whatever Jordan from 2022 would do at the lake in 2020, the current Lauren already knew.

Shaun only needed to ask Lauren to know what Jordan would be doing in the past.

To Shaun, this complex cause and effect was something very interesting!

Shaun probed.

“Good disciple, tell me what happened!”

Lauren had promised her grandfather not to leak this matter.

Due to Martins special status, Laurens promise was no different from a military order.

However, Shaun was someone she could confide in.

Be it Shaun or Rong Bailun, they were far more powerful than the Howard family.

After all, he had seen more world secrets than the Howard family.

There was nothing that Lauren couldnt tell Shaun.

Lauren said seriously, “It was a sunny day.

The sun was very bright and the breeze was very comfortable.

Chloe and I had a boat ride on the lake the day before.

We had a lot of fun, so we booked a boat again, as well as the entire lake.

Our boat was the only one above the lake that afternoon.

“The boatman was rowing in front.

We sat in the boat and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

I saw that the lake water was so clear that one could see the bottom, so I reached out and flicked the water a few times.

When Chloe saw it, she insisted on touching the water too.

Therefore, I carried her so that she could touch the lake.

“But suddenly…”

Year 2020.

At the western China secret base.

“Oh my god! How f*cking exciting! I must be in 2020 now!”

Wearing an oxygen mask and heavy clothing, Rong Bingshao walked forward unsteadily.

He had just time-traveled but he did not have to spend too much time recuperating like Jordan and Shaun.

He felt like the world was spinning and many things appeared upside-down.

Nevertheless, at his young age, he was confident that he would quickly adapt.

He slowly walked forward.

Soon enough, he arrived at the western China secret base.

“Who is it! Stop right there! Squat down! Hands behind your head!”

Two soldiers aimed their guns at Rong Bingshao.

Rong Bingshao quickly called out.

“Hey, guys, hello.

Im Rong Bingshao, the son of Chairman Rong.”

“Shut up, damn brat.

You dare to pretend to be Master Rongs son!”

The soldiers couldnt see Rong Bingshaos face as he was wearing an oxygen mask.

They couldnt even tell how old he was.

Rong Bingshao said, “Im not lying to you.

Hey, listen.

Oh, hell, what are you doing!”

A soldier suddenly came over and took off Rong Bingshaos oxygen mask to see who he was.

“Give me back my oxygen mask!”

Rong Bingshao shouted.

He had just traveled back in time and could not adapt to the air here.

He would feel even dizzier without his oxygen mask!

However, even after taking off the oxygen mask, the soldier still couldnt recognize Rong Bingshao.

“Hey, do you know what Master Rongs son looks like”

“Im just a patrolling guard like you.

How would I have met Master Rongs son”

Neither of them recognized Rong Bingshao.

However, because he was Chinese and claimed to be Chairman Rongs son, they did not shoot him.

Instead, they reported to their superior.

“You guys… give me back my oxygen mask first… cough cough…”

With the oxygen mask, Rong Bingshao was getting increasingly dizzy and couldnt stand anymore.

The soldier teased him.

“Kid, I dont think Master Rongs son is as weak as you.

I am sure he doesnt have to wear an oxygen mask when he goes out.”

“Haha, thats right.

The medical skills of the Rong family are beyond our imagination.

Even if his son has any illness, he would have been cured long ago.

You are clearly an impostor.”

“After confirming that youre an impostor, well send you on your way immediately!”

Rong Bingshao knelt on the ground, furious.

He could only blame himself for being inexperienced and too eager to kill Jordan.

Now, he was stopped the moment he arrived at his familys territory.

Moreover, he was extremely dizzy now.

If he died like this, Jordan would definitely laugh to death if he found out!

The soldier took a photo of Rong Bingshaos face and sent it to his superior.

Not long after, an off-road vehicle drove over quickly.

The driver was a very imposing and powerful man.

He was Ban Luming, whom Rong Bingshao regarded as half a father!

“Uncle Ban!”

Rong Bingshao immediately got up from the ground in excitement.

It must be pointed out that Ban Luming was already dead in 2022.

To see a living, breathing Ban Luming now, Rong Bingshao could not suppress the emotions in his heart.

He threw himself into Ban Lumings arms and hugged him tightly.

“Uncle Ban!”


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