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Two days later, Jordan and the Camdens left South Daytona after helping out with the funeral and burial.


Jordan and Hailey were seated in the backseat of the limited edition Maybach Landaulet luxury car, holding hands and looking extremely gleeful.


Hailey asked affectionately, “Hubby, Id like to invite a few of my former college classmates to our home for a celebration tonight.

May I”


Hailey naturally wouldnt have to ask for Jordans opinion if they were going back to the large apartment in the New City residential estate.


Hailey was clearly referring to Jordans villa in Rose Garden.


Since they were married, Jordans home was naturally hers, she thought.


No longer disgusted by the way she addressed him, Jordan said, “Grandaunt Lily has just passed away.

Whats there to celebrate”


Hailey said, “To celebrate our marriage! Hmph!”


Hailey playfully punched Jordan.


Last night, Jordan and Hailey finally consummated their marriage of three years, which had been a bumpy ride full of ups and downs.


At first, Jordan didnt intend to get intimate with Hailey, but she kept trying to turn him on.


Besides, Jordan had already promised Lily to give Hailey another chance.


Not getting to sleep with Hailey in the past three years had been one of Jordans greatest regrets.

Being a human with sexual needs, he couldnt help himself.


After last night, Jordan did verify that Hailey really did not sleep with Tyler before, which he was rather pleased about.


“Okay, you can invite your former classmates over if you want to.”


Jordan remembered that many of Haileys former college classmates were either city locals or citizens from other cities but continued staying in Orlando after graduating.


They were also a bunch of snobs who used to look down on Jordan.

Hence, Jordan wanted to see the attitude they would have towards him tonight!


“Thank you, Hubby!”


Hailey pecked Jordan on the cheek affectionately.


Afterward, Hailey rested her head on Jordans shoulder again.

She thought,Hubby, I really want to go to that villa you bought in Phuket so badly!


‘I also want to meet your grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters.


‘I want them all to know that I am your wife!



Seven oclock in the evening at Rose Garden villa.


Rachel, along with five or six girls in their early twenties, arrived at Jordans villa.


Upon entering, they praised the interior design and decor of the mansion, as well as the expensive furniture and ornaments they had never seen before.


“Hailey, your husband is so rich.

Ive never seen such an exquisite house!”



Steele, youre so compatible with Hailey.

Both of you are good-looking and rich.

When are you planning to have children”


“Yes, yes, we cant wait to attend your baby shower!”


Hearing the compliments of her former classmates, Hailey began to get conceited.


Hailey used to be embarrassed to bring Jordan out to meet her classmates because, knowing how mercenary they were, she knew they would definitely tease her about Jordan being a live-in husband.


Now that they had learned that Jordan was the president of Ace Corporation, they began to envy Hailey.


Hailey said, “Jordan and I are planning to have a baby recently.

If were lucky, we should have a bun in the oven soon.”


One of them said, “Let me do the calculation for you.

If you get pregnant this month, the baby will be born in February next year.

Which horoscope sign would that be”


Another classmate answered with a glass of wine in hand, “The baby can be an Aquarius or a Pisces.

Hailey, do you hope for your baby to be an Aquarius or a Pisces”


Another one of them teased with a chuckle, “As long as its Mr.

Steeles, it probably doesnt matter what the babys horoscope sign is.”


“Hahaha, of course, its going to be Mr.

Steeles baby.”


The women started chatting over wine.

After greeting them, Jordan left.


They were actually just Haileys platonic friends, and since they despised Jordan in the past, he did not need to entertain them.


Haileys purpose of inviting them over was just to show him off anyway.


She actually didnt have many common topics to talk to them about.

During college, they had actually secretly disliked Hailey because they were jealous of her beauty.


After learning that Hailey had married a good-for-nothing, they secretly mocked her countless times before.


After an hour or so of chatting, Rachel and Hailey came to the second floor to have some drinks while the rest stayed on the first floor to savor some famous wine that Jordan had brought home from abroad.

They even took several photos and videos, which they then posted onto TikTok and Instagram.


Rachel stood in front of the parapet with a glass of wine in hand.

Glancing at Haileys lowly former college classmates, Rachel Quinn chuckled contemptuously.


She then turned to ask Hailey, “Hailey, have you slept with Jordan”


Hailey nodded in triumph.


Rachel continued, “Did he not suspect anything”


Hailey answered, “Of course not!”


Rachel said, “Thats good.

By the way, how are your assets divided now Is it going to be according to the previous prenuptial agreement”


Hailey and Jordan had previously signed a prenuptial agreement that stipulated that their individual assets were kept separate.


In that case, the villa, luxury cars, and company that Jordan owned had nothing to do with Hailey.


The Camdens made Jordan sign the prenuptial agreement because they were afraid he would take advantage of them.

Still, to their surprise, it was the other way around!


The Steeles were afraid that the Camdens would take advantage!


Hailey said, “Yes, I asked Jordan, and he said that he has to go to England to see his grandfather, and once I gain his approval, he will include me as one of the inheritors.”


Rachel said urgently, “What are you waiting for then Hurry up and go to England! What are you setting up this gathering for, dear Which is more important Whats most important now is not that youre still married to Jordan, but the Steeles assets!”


Hailey didnt drink because she was trying to get pregnant.

Hence, she took a sip of water and said, “Whats the hurry Were trying to have a baby now, and since Jordan loves me so much, the Steeles will definitely accept me, dont worry.”


Rachel said with a helpless expression, “Youre really confident, huh Arent you scared that Tyler might look for Jordan and tell him about what you two did that day”


Hailey sneered and said, “He cant even save his own ass now.

Tell the truth Well, he wont unless he has a death wish.

Salvatore and Pablo Dalton are both my husbands underlings!”


Rachel said worriedly, “I heard he went to New York to look for the Huxleys.

The Huxleys are very powerful, and even if the Steeles have a high status, Jordans grandfather has already moved abroad.

Theyre definitely not as powerful as the Huxleys in this country.”


Hailey said nonchalantly, “Even though Rosie is a Huxley, her family hates the Collins, so they wont care about Tyler.

Dont worry, I know more about the Collins and the Huxleys than you do.

The Huxleys are not going to offend the Steeles for Tylers sake.”


Rachel didnt say anything else either.

She raised her wine glass and said, “Well, congratulations in advance then, youre about to become a billionaire soon.”


“Thanks, honey.

When I get my hands on the assets, Ill give you a few million dollars to splurge on boy toys.



Hailey raised her glass and clinked it against Rachels.


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