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Ban Luming already expected that it would be something serious.

“Kill who”

Rong Bingshao said, “His name is Jordan Steele.”

Jordan Steele

Ban Luming was surprised.

At this point in time, he had never heard of Jordan Steele.

Jordan had yet to attend his first great meeting and not many people among the eight secret families knew about him.

However, Ban Luming guessed from his surname “Steele” that he might be from that secret family from the US.

Ban Luming asked, “Is he someone from the Steele family”

Rong Bingshao nodded.


Ban Luming instantly felt that it would be a little tricky.

If it was an ordinary man, it didnt matter if Ban Luming killed him.

However, if it was someone from the secret Steele family, he couldnt act rashly and end up disturbing the peace between the eight great families.

Unless Rong Bailun gave him permission to.

However, Rong Bailun told Ban Luming earlier that no matter what Rong Bingshao asked him to do, he just had to do it.

There was no need to ask him for permission.

In addition, Rong Bailun had always doted on Rong Bingshao.

He knew that since Rong Bingshao wanted to kill Jordan, the latter must have provoked him.

So Ban Luming agreed.

“Alright, Ill help you kill him! Where is he now”

Rong Bingshao quickly picked up his phone and found the tracker app.

The tracker embedded in Jordans body showed a signal now that he was in 2020!

Showing his phone, Rong Bingshan said to Ban Luming.

“Hes here.”

Ban Luming looked at the GPS map and realized that it was at Skaneateles Lake in the US.

It was a long distance away.

Rong Bingshao said, “Theres no time to lose.

Lets fly over immediately.

Jordan is not easy to deal with.

We have to mobilize an elite team.

Also, we must bring weather weapons and biochemical weapons.”

Ban Luming was taken aback.

“Jordan should be the third generation of the Steele family, right We are just killing a child about your age.

Theres no need to be so extravagant, right Actually, I can just send anyone to deal with him.”

Rong Bingshao shook his head.

“No, listen to me.

That kid is very difficult to deal with.

As I said, bring along all the weather weapons and whatever.

Jordan is definitely worthy to die by our powerful secret weapons!”

No matter what, Jordan was still a Deity.

Although Rong Bingshao hated Jordan, he still respected his status as a Deity.

No matter how grand the weapon was, Jordan was worthy of such “treatment”.

Ban Luming did not say anything else.

He brought along all kinds of weapons along and quickly flew to Skaneateles Lake.

At Skaneateles Lake.

Lauren and Chloe were on a boat.

They were the only ones on the beautiful lake.

From time to time, Chloes happy laughter and their lovely singing voices could be heard from the boat.

On a distant high ground, Jordan was observing his wife and daughter with a pair of binoculars invented by one of the secret families.

Lauren had booked the entire lake so Jordan booked all the scenic spots around the lake.

Currently, there were only Jordan, Lauren, Chloe and the boatman within a radius of dozens of kilometers.

Jordan treated this as a family vacation.

He did not want anyone to disturb the three of them.

On the boat, Lauren gazed across the lake and couldnt help exclaiming, “The lake water is so clear.

I can even see the aquatic plants inside clearly.”

The boatman replied with a smile, “The water in Skaneateles Lake is not only clean and clear, it can even boost fertility! Women who want to get pregnant especially come here to drink a mouthful of lake water, and are able to bear children when they return.”

The boatman looked like a simple, honest fellow who still believed in folklore.

Chloe found this “fact” very magical.

Thinking that it was true, she urged Lauren.

“Mom, take a sip.

This way, I can have a younger brother and sister! When Dad comes back, he will be very happy to know that you have given me a younger brother!”

Lauren was speechless.

She thought that if Chloes father really came back and found out that she, whom he had not seen for a few years, had given birth, he would probably die of anger, right

She touched Chloes head and said, “We have to believe in science.

Its just a myth.

You cant get pregnant by drinking water.

Theres no such thing as magic water in this world, understand”

Chloe asked curiously, “Then how did Daddy get you pregnant back then”

Lauren was embarrassed and didnt know how to explain.

The boatman also smiled.

Ignoring Chloe, Lauren reached out to caress the clean lake water.

A refreshing feeling instantly assaulted her fingertips.

Seeing this, Chloe found it very fun and said, “Mommy, I want to touch it too!”

Lauren carried Chloe and let her touch the lake water.

An intense chill suddenly surged across the lake.

The originally sunny sky changed color.

The sun disappeared and the weather turned gloomy.

Snowflakes started to fall!

“Oh my goodness, why is it snowing!”

The boatman was also shocked.

Gradually, he found that he could not row the boat anymore.

The lake water was turning into ice!

“April snow”

In the distance, Jordan also found this scene very strange.

Therefore, he immediately took out his phone and searched if it had really snowed in 2020.

His phone was from 2022, and the search results showed that this phenomenon did happen in 2020.

After searching for a few keywords, he found some relevant news.

A certain morning newspaper reported:Its snowing and as cold as December! Many areas are experiencing snow in April.

Skaneateles Lake wasnt the only spot.

Snow had fallen across the entire New York.

“So it is supposed to snow.”

Actually, it was not that strange for it to snow in April in a place like New York.

However, what happened next stunned Jordan and the others!

In just a few minutes, the lake water turned to ice!

“Thats impossible!”

Jordan was shocked when he saw this.

Even if it was snowing and the temperature had plummeted, it was impossible to freeze the lake water in such a short period of time!

On the lake, the boat that Lauren and Chloe were on was completely trapped in the middle of the lake.

It could not move at all!

“Oh no!”

Jordan suddenly had a bad feeling.

Chloe, on the other hand, was abnormally excited.

It was snowing and the lake water was frozen.

In her opinion, this was too magical and interesting!

Therefore, Chloe suddenly jumped off the boat and onto the frozen lake!


Lauren and Jordan shouted at the same time.

Chloes actions were very dangerous!

This was a lake.

One would drown if they fell in! However, the lake was frozen solid and Chloe was fine jumping around on it.

However, the boatman immediately warned Lauren.

“Bring the child back to the boat.

If anything happens, it will be very troublesome!”


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