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Lauren had the same thought.

She quickly reached out to Chloe.

“Baby, be good.

Come to Mommy.”

However, Chloe liked the feeling of being on the lake.

She shook her head.

“No, I want to skate! Mom, didnt you say that you wanted me to learn how to skate”

With that, Chloe began to slide forward on the frozen lake.


Afraid that something would happen to Chloe, Lauren also jumped off the boat.

Fortunately, the surface of the lake was indeed frozen solid.

It could even hold the weight of an adult like Lauren.

Lauren carefully chased after Chloe.

“Mom, come and chase me.

Lets see who can slide faster, hehe.”

When Chloe saw Lauren getting off the boat, she had no idea that she had done so to bring her back.

She even wanted to compete with her mother.

In the end, Chloe ran even further.

Chloe was young and didnt know the danger.

In addition, she was light and her shoes were suitable for skating.

She slid quickly on the ice.

Meanwhile, Lauren chased after her with much trepidation.

As she chased, she said in a pleading tone, “Chloe, Im begging you.

Stop running.

Mommy cant catch up.”

But Chloe continued to play happily on the ice.

In the distance, Jordan was feeling very conflicted when he saw this!

He quickly searched for the keywords “Frozen Lake” on his phone in 2022, but he did not find any relevant news!

“That cant be.

Theres news of snow in April in New York but nothing on a frozen lake.

Its such a major matter, but it didnt make the news.

Something is wrong!”

How was it possible for a sunny day to suddenly turn into a snowy day

How was it possible that the surface of the lake had instantly frozen

Jordan suddenly thought of a possibility.

‘Could it be… a weather weapon

Jordan had also studied weather weapons with the Geng familys scientific team.

In his opinion, unless someone had used a weather weapon, it was impossible for the weather to change so drastically in such a short period.

And at this point, only the Rong and Geng families had the ability to launch weather weapons.

However, Jordan did not understand why those two families would launch their weather weapons in New York.

To deal with Lauren

Although the Howard family was very powerful in the US, they were not worth mentioning in the eyes of the two secret families.

If they werent dealing with Lauren, then there was only one possibility.

‘Am I the target

Jordan glanced up.

A small ray of sunlight suddenly shone through the gloomy sky.

“Oh sh*t! Someone is indeed controlling the weather!”

If the sun shone again and the temperature rose, the frozen lake surface would melt.

Lauren and Chloe, who were standing on the lake, would fall into it!

Their lives were in danger!


Suddenly, a shot was fired from a long distance away.

The sniper accurately shot the boatman to death.

The boatman died on the spot and fell onto the lake.

“Damn it!”

Jordan was furious.

He immediately used his Deity ability to find the location of the sniper.

Jordan then used the Iron Man armor and flew to the spot.

It was a nearby pine forest.

There were many people in the forest, all armed.

Their weapons and equipment were all highly-advanced.

Jordan landed in the middle of the group.

“Ban Luming Rong Bingshao”

Jordan was surprised to see them.

So it was them!

“Jordan, youre finally here!”

Although Jordan was wearing Iron Man armor, Rong Bingshao recognized him at a glance.

He was definitely Jordan!

Jordan paused for a moment and asked, “You activated the weather weapon to lure me out Why”

Jordan found it strange.

This was 2020 and he had yet to attend the great meeting.

Logically speaking, the Rong family still didnt know about him.

Why did they lure Jordan out today

Also, how did they know that Jordan was here

If they were tracking Jordan, they should be tracking the Jordan from 2020.

Jordan from 2020 was currently in Orlando.

Rong Bingshao said angrily, “Why Because you deserve to die! We lured you out to take your lousy life! If you dont want your wife and child to die, kill yourself!”

Jordan looked at Rong Bingshao and realized that this 17-year-old version of him was the same as the 19-year-old version.

It was the same boy, so there was nothing strange about it.

However, the way he looked at Jordan was the same.

This made Jordan feel very puzzled.

In 2022, Rong Bingshao hated Jordan as he believed that he caused Ban Lumings death.

However, Rong Bingshao from 2020 had no reason to hate Jordan.

Jordan immediately guessed that the boy in front of him was not the one from 2020 at all.

Rong Bingshao must have also traveled back in time!


Jordan was about to speak when Rong Bingshao interrupted him.

Rong Bingshao didnt tell Ban Luming who he really was.

He didnt want Ban Luming to know too much as he couldnt change history.

“Shut up!” Rong Bingshao shouted.

“Since youve guessed who I am, just die quietly! It wont do any good to tell anyone! You should know that!”

If Jordan revealed that Rong Bingshao had traveled back in time, Ban Luming and the others would know too much.

They couldnt guarantee that this wouldnt affect the timeline.

Jordan smiled.

So, it was a little kid who had just reached adulthood, who wanted to kill him for revenge.

Jordan was a Deity.

How could he lose to a 19-year-old child!

Jordan knew that Rong Bingshao hated him because of Ban Lumings death.

He would definitely want Ban Luming to kill Jordan personally as revenge.

Therefore, Jordan said, “If you promise me that you wont use your weather weapon for the time being and dont let the lake thaw, Im willing to fight this soldier beside you one-on-one.

Im willing to die under his knife!”

Rong Bingshaos heart surged when he heard this.

‘Uncle Ban died because of that b*stard, Jordan.

If Uncle Ban kills Jordan himself, it will be like taking revenge two years in advance!

Rong Bingshao immediately agreed.

“Alright! Ill let you die under my Uncle Bans knife!”

Rong Bingshao took out a laser knife from the armory and handed it to Ban Luming.

“Uncle Ban, dont hold back.

Kill this b*stard and my wish will be fulfilled!”

Holding the high-tech weapon, Ban Luming thought that this was overkill.

However, he continued holding the laser knife and said to Jordan, “I can destroy your third-rate Iron Man armor with one slash.

Before you die, Ill give you a chance to kneel and repent in front of Young Master Rong.

Beg him to forgive you!”


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