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Jordan laughed arrogantly.

Ban Luming really didnt understand the situation.

Asking Jordan to kneel to Rong Bingshao

Was he worthy

Even Rong Bingshaos grandfather had to show respect to Jordan.

Jordan did not care about a brat who had just reached adulthood.

Jordans current plan was to fight with Ban Luming.

On the one hand, he could stall for time so that Lauren could catch Chloe and bring her to a safe place on the lake.

On the other hand, it was an opportunity to turn the tables.

Jordans body had been modified.

His speed and strength were far beyond that of an ordinary person.

In addition, Jordan was wearing Iron Man armor and could fly around.

His combat ability was extraordinary.

As long as he attacked quickly at the right time, no matter how many people or high-tech weapons the other party had, they would not be able to do anything to Jordan.

Jordan confidently reached out to Ban Luming and said, “You can try and see if you can break my Iron Man armor.”

Ban Luming sneered.

“Its just a lousy copy of the one from the movie.

Do you really think the Steele familys technology level can perfectly replicate Iron Mans armor”

Ban Luming knew all about Marvels Iron Man armor.

The Iron Man armor in Marvel could fly out of Earth and was indestructible.

It could also fire very powerful laser cannons.

Only the Rong family could create such a domineering and perfect armor.

It was impossible for the Steele family to have that ability.

“Alright, since Young Master Rong has ordered it, Ill kill you today!”

Ban Luming aimed his laser knife at Jordan.

As it was a laser weapon, there was no need for him to get too close to Jordan.

He could kill him from afar.

However, in the face of such a terrifying attack, Jordan only tilted his body slightly and dodged it.


Ban Lumings laser attack landed on a huge pine tree behind Jordan.

The pine tree instantly fell to the ground and shattered into two.


Ban Luming couldnt believe that Jordan managed to dodge his first strike.

This was a laser weapon.

It was inhumanly fast.

By the time you realized that the other party was about to swing at you, it would be too late to dodge.

“What agile moves!”

Ban Luming did not dare to be careless and continued to slash at Jordan.

However, Jordan jumped lightly and flew to a high branch, dodging it easily again.


Ban Luming refused to believe it.

He attacked Jordan a few more times, but none of his attacks made contact!

Ban Lumings subordinates were also stunned.

“Oh my god, this person is amazing.

He actually dodged so many of Mr.

Bans attacks!”

“Could it be that this imitation armor has an automatic evasion system It can predict laser attacks in advance”

“Its possible! Otherwise, theres no other explanation.

Its impossible for him to know in advance all of Mr.

Bans moves!”

Everyone thought that Jordans armor was superb, but in fact, it was just an ordinary copy.

The truly powerful one was Jordan.

He could indeed predict the direction of Ban Lumings attack in advance because he was a Deity.

“Damn it!”

Ban Luming and the others didnt know, but Rong Bingshao did.

However, Rong Bingshao couldnt tell Ban Luming.

If he told Ban Luming that Jordan was a Deity, things would become very troublesome.

Ban Luming would definitely tell Rong Bailun from 2020.

After dodging Ban Lumings attacks several times, Jordan flew back and forth on the tree, luring Ban Luming a short distance away from the others.

Jordan stood on a tree and mocked Ban Luming.

“General Ban, is that all youve got You cant even kill a person like me whos wearing replica armor from a movie.

Are you even worthy of working for the Rong family Why dont you come over to my family and Ill train you well”

“B*stard! You arrogant fellow, Ill chop you into meat paste!”

Ban Luming was completely furious and kept chasing after him.

Jordan, who had been dodging the entire time, suddenly attacked Ban Luming after dodging once!

“Uncle Ban, be careful!”

Rong Bingshao became very worried.

“Protect Uncle Ban!”

Rong Bingshao shouted at his men.

The others immediately aimed their guns, cannons and laser weapons at Jordan.

They had agreed on a one-on-one match but it had now turned into a multiple men-against-one.

Jordan knew that they would be so unscrupulous.

Actually, Jordan was just pretending to attack Ban Luming.

His real target was actually Rong Bingshao!


Jordan flew over Ban Lumings head, past him and the others, and grabbed the defenseless Rong Bingshao!

“Damn it! Let go of Young Master Rong! Jordan, youre courting death.

Do you know who you have captured! If you dare to touch a single strand of his hair, the entire Steele family will be buried with him!”

Ban Luming shouted at Jordan.

He was very concerned about Rong Bingshaos safety.

Jordan held onto Rong Bingshao and aimed the only weapon on his armor at his head.

He had turned the tables.

He knew that as long as he had Rong Bingshao in his hands, the others would not dare to act recklessly.

“Damn it! You despicable fellow! Take off your armor if you dare.

Lets fight one-on-one.

Ill chop you into meat paste!” Rong Bingshao said indignantly.

Jordan smiled and said in a relaxed tone, “Rong Bingshao, you are still too young and immature to deal with me!”

Rong Bingshao, who had just become an adult, wanted to deal with Jordan, who had experienced combat since he was a young boy.

Jordan was not even afraid of even Rong Bingshaos father, Rong Bailun, much less this little brat!

Jordan completely crushed Rong Bingshao in all aspects!

Jordan threatened Rong Bingshao.

“I want to see the people on the lake leave safely.

Before that, you are not allowed to activate any weather weapons.

You are not allowed to change the weather and the temperature of the lake.”

Although it was April, snow fluttered in the forest.

The cold wind was oppressive, like the northeast in winter.

Every time Jordan or Rong Bingshao spoke, their breath was visible as white smoke.

Rong Bingshao had no choice but to compromise.

On the lake, Lauren finally caught Chloe and held her.

She turned around and realized that the boatman was already dead.

Knowing that they must escape as soon as possible, she ran out carrying Chloe.

She called her grandfather and left New York for the capital.

After she left, the frozen lake instantly thawed.

The lake water became as clear as before, and the temperature gradually eased.

It was still snowing as Jordan did not want the weather to change too quickly.

Since it was snowing, it should keep snowing for a while.

Rong Bingshao said, “Alright, your woman is safe.

Let me go, you b*stard.”

Jordan smiled and whispered in his ear.

“Rong Bingshao, tell me, where is your 2020 self right now”


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