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The noble Lauren was swift and decisive.

She really knelt and bowed to Shaun!

Shaun was shocked.

He hurriedly bent over and helped her up.

“Dont do this.

If Jordan finds out that you knelt before me, he will curse me to death!”

Lauren was Jordans wife, the wife of a Deity.

Shaun was not worthy of her kneeling before him.

Jordan still controlled Shaun and could decide his life and death at any time!

Even so, Shaun did want to teach her more when he saw how sincere she was.

Initially, Shaun had sworn that he would never teach the Handley familys secret techniques to outsiders.

But now, his original body was already buried in the cemetery.

“Shaun Handley” had been dead for a long time.

And now, Shaun was still being controlled by Jordan and Rong Huangde.

They could kill him anytime they wanted.

In addition, Shaun had come into contact with the worlds top secrets.

His secret technique was nothing.

Therefore, Shaun agreed.

“Alright, Lauren.

On account of our affinity and the fact that I imprisoned you for more than half a year, Ill teach you another trick.”

Lauren was delighted.

She knew that Shauns methods were very suitable for her.

Lauren was a weak woman and was not suitable for direct combat.

Controlling people from afar was the most effective method for women.

Shaun continued.

“Im going to teach you how to control cats!”

“Cat-controlling technique”

Lauren widened her eyes.

Shaun casually grabbed at the air.

Suddenly, a meow rang out.

A black cat jumped out from under the table and flew into his hand.


Lauren was shocked.

She took a step back and asked, “Where did you get this cat Did you bring it with you”

Lauren had heard Jordan mention before that Shaun seemed to be able to conjure cats anytime he wanted.

She thought that he probably brought a few cats with him wherever he went.

Shaun shook his head.

“I dont need to carry it with me.

Wherever I go, I will naturally attract the nearby cats to look for me.”

“Moreover, I can immediately control these cats.

The moment I walked into this room, this black cat quietly followed me in.

It has been hiding under Victorias bed the entire time.

Its just that you didnt notice.”

Lauren was surprised.

“How do I learn this ability”

Shaun said, “To learn this, you first need to have the mental strength of my Handley family.

This needs to be nurtured from a young age, but youre already so old.

You definitely cant learn it.

Ill just transmit it to you directly.”

Lauren immediately thanked him.

“Thank you, Teacher!”

Shaun let Lauren sit on the ground while he pressed her head and transmitted his mental power to her.

Soon, Laurens forehead was covered in sweat.

She felt like she was in a daze and completely out of control.

After a while, Shaun stopped.

Lauren was drenched in sweat.

She was sweating so much that her thin clothes were drenched.

Shaun had also expended a lot of energy.

“You now have some mental strength now and can control the cat.

Ill teach you more techniques next.

You need to practice them diligently.”

Shaun personally taught her how to control a cat and how to link it to the person she wanted to deal with.

This was also Shauns specialty.

It was not easy to learn.

Half an hour later, Shaun said, “Ive already taught you the method.

As for whether you can learn it, it will depend on your comprehension and personal ability.”

“I hope you succeed too!”

Shaun didnt say anything else.

He immediately left the US and rushed to China.

He wanted to travel back to two years ago and see what had happened to Jordan.

Year 2020, Cortland County, New York.

Holding onto Rong Bingshao, Jordan flew in the direction of China.

But he was not really going to go there.

He only said those words to fool Ban Luming.

He landed in a small, empty house.

Cortland County was a sparsely populated county.

It only had a population of less than 50,000 people.

Moreover, it was surrounded by several mountains and there was not much traffic.

After landing, Jordan threw Rong Bingshao to the ground.

Rong Bingshao immediately stood up and glared at Jordan proudly.

“Jordan, dont think I dont know that you have asked my family to do you a favor.

You want to use my familys time-travel machine to save your wife, Victoria.”

“You dont dare to kill me at all! If you kill me, my father and grandfather wont let you off!”

When Jordan saw Rong Bingshaos fearless expression, he admitted.

“Youre right.

I really dont dare to kill you.”

“Hmph, you beast.

Its a pity that I couldnt kill you this time… ouch!”

Just as Rong Bingshao was feeling very smug, he cried out in pain as he was suddenly punched.

Of course, Jordan was the culprit.

Jordan said, “Its true that I dont dare to kill you, but I dare to hit you.

Moreover, I can beat you till you are half-dead and cripple you.”

Rong Bingshao was furious.

“How dare you! My grandfather will definitely kill you if you cripple me! Dont even think about using our familys technology to save your wife!”

Jordan walked forward and patted Rong Bingshaos shoulder.

“Child, with your IQ and experience, how can you fight me”

“Its not like you dont know the medical standards of the secret families.

I can cripple you first before restoring you.”

“When your grandfather sees that youre fine, he wont be able to do anything to me if I deny everything.

Dont you think so”

Shocked, Rong Bingshao took a step back.

He was really afraid now!

Could he really do that!

Rong Bingshao pointed at Jordan.

“You… youre indeed vicious! You can even come up with such a cunning trick! You are so scary!”

Jordan looked at Rong Bingshao in disdain.

This fellow was completely ignorant.

Jordan said, “You havent met Shaun yet.

His methods are 10 times more vicious than mine.”

“However, your father has experienced it before.”

With that, Jordan took off his armor and cracked his knuckles.

“Tell me, kid.

Do you want me to cripple your left leg first, your right Or some other limb”

“As a Deity, I guarantee that no matter what part of your body I cripple now, I will repair it a few hours later.”

Rong Bingshao broke out in cold sweat.

“Jordan, lets… lets talk things out!”


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