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Shauns sudden intrusion shocked everyone.

Jordan was the most surprised.

Shaun had gone back to 2022 much earlier than he did.

So how did he know about what Rong Bingshao had done at the lake

Jordan couldnt have called or messaged Shaun while they were in different years.

Shaun walked toward Rong Bingshao threateningly and continued to reprimand him.

“You little…”

Shaun was indeed very unhappy with what Rong Bingshao had done.

After all, that was American soil.

It was outrageous that Rong Bingshao dared to launch the weather weapon so unscrupulously.

However, just as Shaun was about to continue reprimanding Rong Bingshao, he suddenly saw the fierce expression on Rong Huangdes face.

He looked like he wanted to eat him up.

After all, Rong Bingshao was Rong Huangdes grandson.

How could he watch a fellow who had occupied his sons body reprimand his grandson

This was Rong Huangdes territory.

In this room, no one could defeat him.

As a result, Shauns expression underwent an immediate change.

“You little smarty! You came all the way here and even knew how to use our familys Time Gate to return to two years ago.

Youre really something!” He managed to launch a weather weapon in the US on his very first time travel.

As expected of my son! Son, youre right.

Although I killed Ban Luming, Jordan was the reason it happened…”

At this point, Jordans expression was as fierce as Rong Huangdes.

When Shaun saw this, he was afraid again.

Jordan and Rong Huangde could decide his life and death at any time!

Shaun felt very aggrieved and changed his words again.

“But Bingshao! You cant be angry at Deity Jordan for Ban Lumings death! Although Ban Luming has always been loyal to our family, he is not perfect! In recent years, his personal influence has grown.

He groomed a group of warriors who only obey his orders and are beyond my control.

Also, this fellows relationship with your mother is very ambiguous…”

Shaun wanted to make Ban Luming sound bad.

This way, Rong Bingshao would not care so much about Ban Lumings death.

Unexpectedly, Rong Bingshao said firmly, “Impossible! Uncle Ban is not that kind of person!”

Rong Huangde didnt want everyone to argue over a mere subordinate so he intervened.


From now on, no one is allowed to mention Ban Luming!”

Rong Huangde was a person who did great things.

He was not like a child who cared so much about the life and death of a subordinate.

He didnt really care about such trivial matters.

What he wanted to know was whether Jordan had made any progress over the past two weeks and if he had finished what he needed to do.

Rong Huangde looked at Jordan “Mr.

Jordan, its been two weeks since you time-traveled.

I wonder if youve implanted the idea into Ms.


Jordan shook his head.

“No, I havent had the chance to.”

Rong Huangde looked a little unhappy.

“Its been two weeks, but you havent had a chance to With your Deity Jordan ability, I dont believe that you cant complete such a simple task in two weeks! Are you deliberately wasting time there You know that I dont have long to live and hope to wait out until my death”

Shaun could tell that Rong Huangde was annoyed and was afraid that he would really be angry.

Once this old man turned hostile, the two of them would be finished.

So Shaun hurried forward.

“Dad, Jordan didnt waste time on purpose.

He was delayed by something else.

The day after we traveled back in time, his ex-wife had an affair.

He couldnt help but settle that first.

Give him some more time.

I guarantee that he will finish it quickly, right, Jordan”

Rong Huangde looked extremely stern.

Rong Huangde didnt dare to mention Ban Luming again but he gave a cold snort.

“Hmph, you dont feel any sense of urgency when using my familys things! You think you can stay there as long as you want Do you think my grandfather asked you to go back in time for a vacation”

This time, Rong Huangde sided with Rong Bingshao.


Jordan, dont blame my grandson for being blunt.

He does have a point.

You cant just go there and hang around, changing one regret after another.

Reliving your life and enjoying time with your ex-wife.

“I let you use the time machine because I want to work with you.

I wanted to help you save Victoria, not to change things about women who are no longer important to you.”

It was obvious from Rong Huangdes tone that he was a little impatient and dissatisfied with Jordans progress over the past two weeks.

Jordan had just punched Rong Bingshao.

Rong Huangdes heart must have ached to see the bruise on Rong Bingshaos face.

He was still a grandfather after all and it was not surprising that he would speak up for his grandson.

It couldnt be helped.

The time machine did belong to the Rong family.

Jordan said, “Mr.

Rong, I will save my wife as soon as possible.

I wont waste any more time because of others.”

Rong Bingshao retorted.

“How long isas soon as possible A day or two Or a month or two You are so cunning.

You only know how to play word games!”

With his grandfather backing him, Rong Bingshao was no longer afraid of Jordan.

Shaun spoke up.

“Jordan, actually, if you want to save Victoria, a day or two is enough.

Just like how you changed the fact that Hailey cheated on you, we can travel back in time to the day my wife controlled Victoria.

You can come up with a way to have Victoria sleep with you instead.”

Jordan nodded.

He originally wanted to implant an idea into Victoria.

However, since he managed to successfully change the fact that Hailey and Tyler slept together, Jordan decided that he would do the same for Victoria.

He didnt want his wife to have sex with an 18-year-old boy.

Jordan said to Rong Huangde.


Rong, please give me one more day.”

Rong Huangde nodded.

“Yes, its good you realize that time is ticking.

I believe that with your ability, you will definitely be able to turn the situation around.

However, everyone has just time-traveled.

Lets rest for two days first.”

Jordan agreed.

“I have the same intention.

I want to return to the US first to accompany my wife.”

Shaun said, “I just came back from Laurens place.

If I had known that you were fine, I wouldnt have come over.

I would have waited for you in the capital.”

Jordan was curious.

“How did you know about what happened between Rong Bingshao and me at Skaneateles Lake”

Rong Bingshao and Rong Huangde also looked at Shaun in surprise.

Shaun stood with his hands behind his back, pretending to be mysterious.

He laughed loudly.

“Hahaha, Deity Jordan, do you think youre the only Deity in the world”


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