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Shaun looked very mysterious.

It was as if he was saying that he was also a Deity.

Jordan was surprised for a second.

Had Shaun also become a Deity

However, Jordan quickly rejected this thought.

Shaun had already defied the heavens and changed his fate to become Rong Bailun.

The heavens couldnt possibly give him the power of a Deity on top of that.

As for how Shaun knew about what happened at Skaneateles Lake, Jordan soon guessed it.

Hadnt Shaun said that he had just come from Laurens place She must have told him.

For Jordan, what happened in the lake had happened just a couple of hours ago.

But to Lauren, it was two years ago.

It was just like what Rong Huangde had said many times when he first traveled back in time.

What should happen had already happened.

Jordan did not realize this previously.

Jordan patted the smug Shaun on the shoulder and said, “Its getting late, so rest early.

Sweet dreams.”

With that, he walked out of the door and flew to the US.

Arriving at the Steele familys secret base in the capital, Jordan immediately went to Victorias ward.

He thought he would find Lauren here because she had been taking care of Victoria.

However, he only found the unconscious Victoria.

Lauren was nowhere to be seen.

Jordan asked Salvatore, “Is Lauren not here”

Salvatore answered, “Ms.

Lauren just left a few hours ago.

Shes been here all this time! Every day, Ms.

Lauren personally washes Ms.

Victorias face and body.”

Salvatore wanted Jordan to know how well Lauren had taken care of Victoria during his absence.


Jordan naturally had no doubts about Laurens character.

Looking at Salvatore, he recalled how he had barged into his territory with Victoria when he traveled back in time.

Jordan couldnt help asking.

“Salvatore, have you been hiding something from me”

Salvatore didnt fulfill his duty.

He let Victoria take his gun and attempt suicide.

Hearing Jordans words, he knelt on the ground.

“Master, I would never dare to hide anything from you.

Im not disloyal!”

Jordan said, “Think about it again.

Didnt you meet any suspicious people in Orlando in the past Something to do with Victoria”

When Salvatore heard this, he knelt down and bowed.

“Ah, I remember now! Im sorry, Master! There was an old man! That day, he and Victoria accidentally drove into my territory.

My subordinates brought them up.

In the end, that old man killed all my subordinates who rebelled!

“That old man told me not to tell anyone about that incident.

I was so scared that I suppressed that memory.

If I had remembered this incident, I would have definitely told you about it!”

Jordan smiled and felt that time travel was indeed magical.

What he had just said to Salvatore two days ago had now existed for two years.

“Its alright.

Get up and go out.

I want to talk to Victoria alone for a while.

Also, prepare the car.

Im going to the house to find Lauren later.”

“Yes, Master!”

Jordan sat on the chair by the bed that he had been sitting on for the past month or so.

He held Victorias hand.

Her face was no longer filled with worry, but with a smile.

Jordan said softly, “Victoria, do you know Ive changed my past! Do you remember that Hailey and Tyler slept together Actually, I was the one who slept with Hailey on that day, not Tyler.

“Strictly speaking, Hailey didnt have an affair at all.

At the very least, she didnt have an affair in the physical sense.

Hehe, if Hailey finds out about this, she will definitely be so angry that she will stomp her feet and say that its unfair.

However, its a good thing that I thought Hailey had an affair.

Otherwise, how could we have had the chance to be together

“Victoria, Im going to use the same method to change your past.

What happened between you and that 18-year-old boy… Sigh, you silly girl.

You committed suicide because of that.

Now, Im officially telling you that I was that 18-year-old boy! Just like Hailey.

You didnt have sex with other men at all.

Silly girl, you did it with your husband!”

Unfortunately, Victoria could no longer hear Jordans words.

Otherwise, she would have woken up now.

Jordan smiled.

He was confident that what he had just said would become reality!

After talking to Victoria for a while, Jordan slowly got up and gazed at the unconscious Victoria.

“Victoria, wait for me for a few more days.

The next time I come back will be the day you wake up!”

After kissing Victorias forehead, Jordan left and took a taxi to the villa he had bought in the capital.

Jordan was in a good mood because he knew how to save Victoria.

Not only could he save Victoria, but he could also prevent his wife from sleeping with another man.

This was perfect!

Jordan soon arrived at the villa.


Jordan called out, but there was no response.

“Could she be resting in the bedroom”

Jordan walked towards Laurens room.


A super cute white Ragdoll cat jumped past his feet.

Jordan almost stepped on it.

“Oh, what a beautiful kitten.

It looks like no one has lived in this house for months.

Could some stray cats have taken over this place”

Jordan remembered that they didnt have any cats in the household.

Jordan didnt think much of it and pushed open Laurens door.


Lauren and Jordan were shocked to see each other.

It was as if she was with another man in the room.

However, Lauren was not like Hailey.

She was not with a man, but with a group of cats.

There were dozens of kittens in the room.

They were all very pretty and slender.

They could be considered cat goddesses.

None of them were scruffy or fat.

“Hubby Why are you back”

Lauren was shocked.


Before Jordan could reply, the kittens were so frightened that they fled in all directions.

They seemed to have a mind of their own and ran away when they saw Jordan.

Jordan felt rather bad when he saw this.

Why did they flee at the sight of him

It was as if they had done something immoral with his wife in the room just now!

Jordan asked curiously, “Lauren, why are there so many cats at home Did Shaun bring them here That b*stard.

He brought them here but didnt have the courtesy to take them away.

But his taste has improved.

In the past, he always summoned those huge, ugly cats.

Just the sight of them is terrifying.

In contrast, these kittens are really cute.”


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