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Chapter 96: Cayden Huxley Fancies Hailey Camden

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The Huxleys home in New York.

New York was the most developed city in the US.

In a top residential district in the city, the property price was close to $3,000 per square foot.

Tyler was kneeling on the ground and pleading with the Huxleys.

“Grandpa, please save the Collins!”

Facing an elderly man, Tyler swallowed his pride and got on his knees.

The old man was Rosies father, Arthur Huxley.

Arthur was the founder of Breezy Express, one of the countrys leading domestic courier companies.

Arthur was not alone in the house.

His son, Dave, and Daves wife, Emily Wilden, were also present.

There were also Daves sons, Shane Huxley and Cayden Huxley, who were Tylers cousins.

The 25-year-old Shane had a mature and stable appearance, while 22-year-old Cayden was tall, slim, and suave.

Cayden gibed sneeringly, “Isnt your father pretty impressive Why are you asking us for help I remember that he was really smug and arrogant when he came by to visit us after his company became listed a few years ago!”

Arthur said to Tyler, “Tyler, even if your mother comes begging me on her knees today, I wont save Leonard Collins!”

“Back then, I had already made arrangements for Rosies marriage.

If she had agreed back then, my business now… would have flourished even further!”

At that time, Rosie went against her familys wishes and married Leonard, which made Arthur extremely infuriated.

All along, Arthur had never acknowledged Leonard as his son-in-law.

Tyler said, “Well, even if you dont save my father, dont you care about the pride of the Huxleys”

“What do you mean by that”

Arthur asked with his hands behind his back.

Emily was also curious as she looked at Tyler while drinking water from her teacup.

Tylers face suddenly turned red, and he felt extremely humiliated.

“Do you guys know Jordan Steele”

Cayden laughed and said, “Haha, yes, the young president of the Ace Corporation, who at most, only has millions in assets, right I heard that you snatched his wife and ended up implicating your family, causing them to be in a pathetic plight.

Youre such a good-for-nothing.

You cant even deal with such a small fry like him.”

Cayden completely disregarded Jordan, which was what Tyler hoped to see!

If even the Huxleys feared Jordan, he wouldnt be able to take revenge!

Shane asked, “What does Jordan Steele have to do with our familys pride and reputation”

Suppressing his anger, Tyler said menacingly, “That beast Jordan Steele slept with my mother!”

Emily spat out the mouthful of water that she had just drunk.

Members of prestigious families were very particular about manners and etiquette, so she grabbed a piece of tissue paper and wiped her mouth with it before bending forward to dry the water.

While doing so, she asked, “Tyler, isnt Jordan Steele your rival in love He should be the same age as you, right How did he end up sleeping with your mother”

The Huxleys were visibly upset.

No matter what, Rosie was still a Huxley, and she had always been a dignified and elegant lady who had never embarrassed the Huxleys!

Yet, such a disgraceful thing happened today!

At this moment, Dave flew into a rage, picked up a teacup, and smashed it onto the ground.

Daves eyes were full of a murderous gaze as he glowered at Tyler and hollered, “Rosie must have done this to save your lowly life! You snatched Jordans wife, and he wanted to exact revenge on you.

Thats why Rosie did what she had done!”

Clearly, Dave still loved and cared about his younger sister.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been so furious.

Tyler was frightened and explained, “No! Jordan deliberately did it.

He said that he likes sleeping with women of the Huxley family!”

“What did you say!!”


Shane and Cayden were all enraged, and they stomped towards Tyler in unison, feeling a strong urge to kill him.

His words had indeed angered all the Huxleys!

It was a considerable provocation!

An ultimate provocation!

Tyler raised his right hand and exclaimed, “I swear Jordan said it to me!”

Shane was infuriated.

“Grandpa, Dad, Jordan is a tycoon from Orlando, so he thinks he can be arrogant and disregard everyone else.

We have to teach him a lesson!”

Cayden barked with anger written all over his face, “Kill that scoundrel!”

However, Arthur remained conscientious.

“Wed better get to the bottom of the truth before deciding what to do.

Take this bastard away first! Dont let him in again!”


Cayden dragged Tyler out and followed him all the way to the elevator downstairs.

Tyler was exasperated about the fact that they had refused to help him.

“I dont need you to follow me.

I can leave on my own! I wont come to you for help again in the future.

Youre just a bunch of cowards who dont even dare to deal with Jordan Steele!”

To his surprise, Cayden suddenly handed Tyler a cigarette and said with a playful smile, “I heard that Hailey Camden is known as the most beautiful girl in Orlando, huh”


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