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While Jordan and Geng Anli did have an ambiguous relationship, Geng Anli had always been very respectful towards Jordan.

She had never spoken to him so rudely before.

Jordan immediately realized that there was something wrong from the other partys tone.

“Youre not Geng Anli! Who are you!”

Rong Bingshao was slightly surprised, but he wasnt afraid of being exposed.

Instead, he smiled.

“As expected of a Deity.

You can tell so quickly that Im not that flirtatious old woman, Geng Anli.

Guess who I am”

Rong Bingshao continued to use Geng Anlis voice.

He wanted to see if Jordan was really that powerful to be able to guess his identity.

Jordan felt that the other partys words were rather childish.

Moreover, there seemed to be an extremely strong desire to humiliate Jordan.

He immediately linked it to Rong Bingshao, whom he had just gotten into conflict with two days ago.

“Are you Rong Bingshao”

Having been identified, Rong Bingshao stopped using Geng Anlis voice and used his real one.

“Hmph, thats right.

Im Rong Bingshao! B*stard, you killed my Uncle Ban and beat me up.

You even wanted to cripple me.

How can I watch you use our familys invention to save your wife! Theres no such thing as a free lunch in this world!”

Jordan was speechless.

“You dont know whats good for you.

Didnt your grandfather teach you well If I had known that you were so troublesome, I would have killed you last time!”

Rong Bingshao said angrily, “B*stard! Youre just a small soldier serving our family.

How dare you kill me If you dare to touch a single strand of my hair, your wife, your children, your family, and all your compatriots in the US will die with you!”

Rong Bingshao was very domineering.

Although Jordan had a noble status, in terms of military strength, the Rong family was still the strongest.

If they really fought, the Rong family was not afraid of the existence of a mere Jordan.

Jordan knew that this kid was young and impetuous.

The boy hated him and could not be reasoned with.

“What on earth do you want! Kid, let me remind you not to mess around.

Im your grandfathers VIP.

Your grandfather wants me to help him find out the secrets of the Handley family and the Deity.

If you stop me today, you will only delay the process of me helping your family!”

Rong Bingshao shouted, “I dont care about the Handley familys secrets! I dont want to know those things! I only know that I have to make you pay the price.

I have to defeat you today! Just now, I detonated four locations surrounding the capital.

You should already know where Im going to explode next, right”

As a citizen of the US, Jordan would never allow outsiders to do such a damaging thing!

Jordan said, “Bingshao, dont do anything rash! The Geng family planted a lot of paper bombs in the capital.

If you detonate them, the consequences will be unimaginable! You and I both traveled back in time.

We all know that there was no explosion in the capital last year.

Youre playing with fire by doing this.

Do you want to change history!”

Rong Bingshao smiled.

“I didnt say I would detonate it now.

I will detonate it in 10 hours.

That will be 7 pm in the capital.

If you can rush over before then to stop me, then the capital will not be destroyed.

Oh, I almost forgot.

It seems like at that time, your wife Victoria will be sleeping with another boy, right

“Oh sh*t, what should you do If you come to China now, you wont be able to stop Victoria from sleeping with that boy.

This is really a difficult choice.

However, you dont have much time left.

It will take you at least 10 hours to fly here to stop the detonation.

Make a decision as soon as possible!”

With that, Rong Bingshao hung up.

Far away in the parking lot of the capital, Jordans face was livid with anger!

Shaun asked, “Jordan, whats going on I heard you say that it was Rong Bingshao, my fake son”

Jordan nodded.

Shaun was shocked.

“F*ck, why did that brat travel back in time again! What is he trying to do this time Is he really going to blow up the capital”

Jordan clenched his fists.

“I wont let him succeed! However, if I rush over to stop him now, Victoria will…”

Only then did Shaun realize Jordans dilemma.

Given the current situation, Jordan had to make a choice.

Go to China to stop Rong Bingshao from detonating the paper bombs and save the capital and the US.

But if he were to do this, he would end up abandoning Victoria and allowing her tragedy to happen.

If he did not, did that mean he would have to ignore the lives of the millions of people in the capital and stay behind to stop Victoria and that young boy

If he did this, there would be no stain on Jordan and Victorias love.

They would be happy for the rest of their lives.

On one side were the lives of everyone in the capital, and on the other was one of the women he loved the most…

It was too difficult a choice!

Jordan was a member of the Black Ops Team.

Although he spent most of his youth overseas, his grandfather had always taught him not to forget that he was American.

Moreover, Jordan had been secretly sharing advanced military and medical technology with the US to help it become stronger.

He absolutely did not want anything to happen to the US!

Jordan looked at Shaun.

“Can you go to China and help me resolve this matter Bingshao still doesnt know your identity and thinks that youre his father.

He will definitely listen to you!”

Jordans current idea was to let Shaun go to China to stop Rong Bingshao from detonating the paper bombs in the capital.

Meanwhile, Jordan would stay in the capital to stop Victoria and the little boy.

Shaun was in a dilemma.

“No, Im Rong Bailun now.

Im the master of the world and the head of the Rong family.

If I sneak into the Geng familys secret base and am discovered by them, what will happen It will immediately trigger a war!”

Jordan considered this for a moment.

Shauns concerns were valid.

With his status, it was not appropriate for him to go to the Geng familys secret base.

Otherwise, it would cause chaos.

“Im sorry, Jordan.

I really want to go over and help you solve this problem and teach that kid a lesson, but I cant help you.”

Shaun looked very guilty.

Jordan shook his head.

“Forget it.

Perhaps this is our fate.”

Shaun was taken aback.

“Youve made up your mind Youre really going to China Youre not going to care about Victoria anymore”

Jordan nodded.

“I cant let anything happen to the capital.

I cant let the US be threatened! Thousands of lives versus my own.

I can only choose the former!”


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