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The US capital.

10 PM.

By now, the paper explosions in the locations surrounding the capital had ended.

Only one factory was seriously damaged.

It was on the news, but no one mentioned anything about paper bombs.

They just reported that it was an ordinary factory accident.

Jordan had already informed Lionel that he would settle this matter himself.

However, just in case, he still asked Lionel to evacuate the big shots in the capital.

Some important cultural relics, documents and precious items were also transported out of the capital as quickly as possible.

While they were busy with these important matters, Clara controlled Victorias body to go to a bar on 14th Street.

She had specially put on a mini-dress, revealing Victorias fair, long legs and smooth shoulders.

Her good figure was on clear display.

Clara felt very satisfied with this because she was a woman who had grown up in a remote town.

In addition, she was an old, dowdy woman now.

All her life she had been ugly and had no figure to boot.

If she wore this outfit with her original body, men would probably vomit.

It was different for Victoria.

She was countless grades above Clara.

Not only was she fair, but she also had a slender, firm body.

Even a woman like Clara admired Victorias figure very much.

It was only natural for men to go crazy over her.

Clara deliberately seduced a man at the bar, but he felt that she was too proactive and was afraid of being tricked.

He became intimidated and did not leave with Clara.

In the end, Clara had no choice but to take a taxi to a nearby five-star hotel.

As Jordan had already ordered for all the entertainment venues nearby to be closed, it was very difficult for Clara to find more men.

Therefore, Clara decided to find someone in the hotel.

If she saw a man she liked, she would snatch him away even if he had a girlfriend.

At the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Clara waited for a long time but did not see a man she liked.

Her main goal was to destroy Victorias reputation and use her to indirectly hurt Jordan.

But Clara would be the one directly participating in the affair.

She would be the one who would suffer if she did it with a man she didnt like.

No woman would want to suffer in this aspect.

Suddenly, a young couple around 18 years old walked into the hotel.

The young couple instantly attracted Claras attention!

The people who came to such luxurious hotels to get a room were usually successful men in their 30s.

Most of those men had big bellies, and some were even balding.

Many businessmen didnt care much about their image, even if they were from the upper class.

Claras heart couldnt help thumping at the sudden appearance of such a young, vibrant and handsome boy.

Who said that only men liked 18-year-old women

Older women also liked 18-year-old boys!

Clara smiled sinisterly and thought to herself:Victoria, Ill get you an 18-year-old handsome lad.

When you wake up and find out about this, you wont blame me too much, hehe.

However, Clara did not know that the 18-year-old boy in front of her was actually Rong Bingshao!

After setting up everything in Suzhou, Rong Bingshao came to the capital to prepare his disguise and get a new girlfriend.

As the successor of the great Rong family and the future controller of the world, Rong Bingshaos new girlfriend was also not an ordinary person.

This girl was the school belle and top student of the most elite private high school in New York.

She had just finished her college entrance examinations and was very obedient.

However, Rong Bingshao managed to successfully woo her within an hour.

An ordinary man wouldnt be able to get to fourth base with such a girl even after wooing her for a year.

Perhaps when compared to Jordan, Rong Bingshao was far inferior.

However, as a descendant of a secret family, he was very beneficial to the social status of an ordinary high school student.

Rong Bingshao held the girls hand.

He had already spotted “Victoria”, but he pretended not to know her and continued walking forward.

Clara immediately stood in front of them.

“Miss, whats the matter” The girl asked softly.

Clara asked arrogantly, “Whats the matter How old are you two Are you adults already”

Rong Bingshao said, “Im eighteen and a half.

Im an adult!”

The girl also said timidly, “I… I turned 18 last month.”


Clara slapped the girl.

“You just became an adult a month ago and youre already coming here to sleep with a man Are you that cheap”

The hotel manager rushed over.

Clara took out a name card and threw it domineeringly at the managers face.

“Ubereats President, Victoria Clarke!”

“Ah, Im sorry, Ms.

Clarke! I was blind and offended you.

I hope you can calm down!”

When the hotel manager saw that the woman in front of him was the President of a listed company and the number one beauty in the capital, his face was instantly filled with admiration.

He even lectured the girl and urged her to listen to Victoria.

Soon, the girl left obediently.

As for the boy, he was stopped by Clara.

Clara sized up Rong Bingshao with a wicked smile.

“I want you to accompany me tonight.

Are you willing”

Rong Bingshao looked at Victorias figure and was secretly delighted.

‘Hahaha, so this woman is Victoria.

Is this the woman you love the most, Jordan I should really record this and show you when I get back! Haha, I wasnt the one who asked to sleep with your wife.

Your wife approached me herself!

Rong Bingshao pretended to be momentarily taken aback before acting shy and honest.

“I… I am.”

Clara was very happy.

She didnt expect this boy to agree so readily.

She thought that such a handsome and rich boy would not like to have anything to do with a woman who was so much older than him.

Taking Rong Bingshaos hand, Clara smiled flirtatiously.

“Do you want me to treat you well Ill love you and give you whatever you want.”

Rong Bingshao nodded shyly.


Still holding Rong Bingshaos hand, Clara said, “Lets go up.

Ill take good care of you.”

With that, Clara held Rong Bingshaos hand and walked toward the stairs.

They were feeling extremely blissful and did not notice a man wearing a cap following behind them.

He was wrapped up tightly in a cap and mask.

He was also wearing dark glasses.

The man followed them into the elevator and stood behind them.

It was Shaun!


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