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Shaun was in the elevator with Clara and Rong Bingshao but they didnt care about his presence.

She continued to whisper flirtatious words to the boy, treating Shaun as if he was just empty air.

After all, Clara was controlling Victorias body now.

She didnt need to care about her image.

She had already killed someone on the streets during the day.

Now, she hoped that even more people would see the beautiful businesswoman Victoria acting audaciously.

Clara looked at Rong Bingshao coquettishly and asked, “Young man, whats your name Where do you go to school Which grade are you in”

Rong Bingshao answered, “Im from Trinity High School.

I just finished my college entrance examination and am about to enter my first year at university.

My name is Canine Steele.”


Clara was stunned when she heard this name.


Clara asked curiously, “Your surname is Steele How do you spell your first name”

Rong Bingshao smiled.


Both Clara and Shaun were taken aback by this name.

What kind of name was that

Which parent would name their son “Canine”

Didnt canine mean dog!

Clara laughed out loud.

“I was a little annoyed to hear that your surname is Steele because one of my enemies also has the same surname.

But your first name is well-chosen.

Canine Steele.

Dog Steele.

Those with the surname Steele are all dogs.

Hahahaha, I like it.

Im sorry, handsome.

Im not insulting you.”

Rong Bingshao had come up with the name Canine Steele himself.

His intention was to mock Jordan.

Therefore, Rong Bingshao wasnt angry at all.

He smiled and said, “Its alright.

Ill be your little puppy tonight, Ms.


Clara swiped Rong Bingshaos nose.

“No, I dont like cute little puppies.

I want you to be a wolf.

You have to be very fierce.

Can you do that”

Rong Bingshao smiled wickedly.

“No problem!”

‘Damn! Clara, this b*tch! Youve really let me down!

As the two of them flirted, Shauns face turned increasingly grim.

No matter what, Clara was still Shauns wife.

Although the two of them no longer had any love for each other, they were still family.

How could Shaun take it when he heard Clara seducing a young hunk

Soon, the elevator reached the floor of Claras room.

However, she was not in a hurry to get off the elevator.

Instead, she said coquettishly to Rong Bingshao,

“Young man, my legs are tired from walking.

Can you carry me over”

Shauns face stiffened as he grumbled in his heart:Well well, Clara.

You suddenly know how to act so coquettishly after taking over Victorias body! Ive known you for decades, but Ive never seen you act so coquettishly to me!

But as angry as he was, Shaun also blamed himself.

Every woman had a “little girl” side to them.

Clara usually stayed with Shaun in the dark world.

She couldnt go out and seldom saw the sun.

To be honest, Clara had suffered a lot with Shaun.

And she ended up dying before Shaun succeeded.

Rong Bingshao naturally wouldnt refuse.

He immediately picked her up.

As Rong Bingshaos right hand reached around “Victoria”‘s waist, Shaun glanced at his hand.

He realized that Rong Bingshao was wearing a ring on his right finger.

It was obvious that this ring was expensive and not an ordinary item.

And there was a Chinese character engraved on the ring.



Shaun was shocked.

He suddenly recalled that this was a ring from the Rong family! Every family member, including Shaun, had this same ring!

Shaun sized up this 18-year-old boy again and realized that his physique was exactly the same as Rong Bingshaos.

His hair and skin looked Caucasian.

But upon closer inspection, his eyes looked very similar to Rong Bingshaos!

‘F*ck, this kid is Rong Bingshao! Hes my fake son! This kid flew over from China to sleep with Victoria!”

Shaun was shocked.

He never expected Rong Bingshao to have such a profound plan.

First, he used the Geng familys paper bombs to threaten and lure Jordan to China.

While Jordan was rushing to China, he came to the US and disguised himself as an 18-year-old Caucasian boy.

Everything was planned so that he would be the one to sleep with Victoria and take revenge on Jordan!

At this moment, Rong Bingshao was already carrying Clara in his arms.

She smiled charmingly.

“Oh my, your hands are a little naughty.”

With Victorias body in his arms, Rong Bingshao couldnt help groping her a little.

“Im sorry, Ms.


Your figure is too good.

I… I didnt do it on purpose.”

Rong Bingshao pretended to be a good, honest boy.

Clara giggled.

“But I like it when you do that, hehe.”

The two of them smiled at each other and walked out of the elevator.

Shaun quietly followed behind, but he kept a distance.

Just as Rong Bingshao carried Clara into the hotel suite and was about to nudge the door close with his foot, Shaun flicked a card out to slot in right between the door and doorframe.

The card was a special one that was difficult to detect with the naked eye.

The door seemed to be closed, but in fact, it was not completely closed.

Shaun pushed it open and entered.

He stood just inside the door and listened to the faint laughter coming from the room.

He was deep in thought.

‘Jordan, if I dont go in, your wife will be taken by that brat, Rong Bingshao.

You killed my wife and my mother.

The two closest women to me died in your hands! Do you really think that I will forgive you and be friends with you That I will help you and Victoria today

‘But if I dont go in and stop them, Ill be cuckolded too! That kid calls me father now.

How can I let him sleep with his fathers woman That would be a mess!

Shaun would never allow such a thing to happen.

If this was really just an ordinary boy, Shaun might just stand by and not interfere.

But it was Rong Bingshao, his “son”!

Although he wasnt Rong Bingshaos real father, Shaun was already fully immersed in his role as Rong Bailun.

Therefore, Shaun ventured further into the room.

The suite was huge.

On the soft bed inside, Rong Bingshao and “Victoria” couldnt keep their hands off each other.

“Ms… Ms.

Clarke, what… should I do”

Rong Bingshao put on a nervous act.

Clara smiled.

“Darling, you dont have to do anything.

Let me do it, hehe.”

With that, Clara pounced on Rong Bingshao with Victorias curvaceous body.

Just as Clara was about to press Rong Bingshao down, she suddenly saw a black cat flash past!


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