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Clara was shocked!

“Why is there a cat”

A cat would not suddenly appear in a five-star hotel.

Clara knew of a way to summon cats at any time.

However, she was currently having fun with a young and handsome boy.

She was about to get intimate with him and had no interest in summoning a cat.

Rong Bingshao lay down and looked at Victorias goddess face and charming smile.

He suddenly closed his eyes and fell unconscious.

Clara looked at the black cat.

She saw it land on the bed before closing its eyes and falling asleep.

Its mannerisms looked exactly like Rong Bingshao!

“The Handley family technique!”

Almost instantly, Clara realized that it was not a coincidence that this black cat suddenly appeared.

Someone was controlling it! It was then that she finally noticed the stranger in the room.

She panicked.

As she looked at the Chinese man in front of her, she couldnt understand why he knew the Handley family techniques.

Clara knew very well that the Handley familys methods were only passed down to family members.

Outsiders couldnt learn them.

The rest of Shauns family, including his father, grandfather and uncles, had all died many years ago and didnt leave behind any descendants.

In this world, there were only two people who knew how to use such techniques.

One was Shaun, and the other was Clara.

Clara immediately got off the bed.

Although she was barefoot, Victoria was tall and domineering.

Clara questioned the stranger.

“Who are you! How do you know our Handley familys techniques!”

Shaun walked forward and smiled.

“Clara, so you still remember that youre the daughter-in-law of the Handley family Then why are you sleeping with this young hunk behind your husbands back You have let me down!”

Clara was taken aback.

Why did his tone sound so much like her husbands

Moreover, he was speaking in an accent native to their remote town!

If the other party was a foreign Chinese man, it was impossible for him to speak with this accent!

Clara couldnt believe it.

She walked forward and pulled off Shauns mask, hat and glasses.

She wanted to see who this Chinese man was.

However, after Clara saw the other partys face, she was so frightened that she collapsed on the ground!

“Rong… Rong Bailun…”

Of course Clara would recognize Rong Bailun.

After all, he was the idol of her husband, Shaun! He was the person whom Shaun yearned to replace!

Over the past decade or so, Shaun had told Clara countless times that one day, he would develop a mind-transplant procedure.

He would swap minds with Rong Bailun, while Clara would swap minds with his wife.

The two of them would replace the Rong couple and dominate the world!

Clara loved Shaun deeply.

For the past few decades, Shaun had been her life.

Shauns dream was her dream.

She would die without hesitation for the sake of his dream.

One seldom saw this kind of self-sacrificial love in modern society.

However, for people like Shaun and Clara, who were from the older generation, this type of love still existed.

Clara was very afraid of Rong Bailun.

She believed that the person in front of her was really him.

Therefore, Clara instinctively summoned a cat to attack “Rong Bailun”.


A white cat flew fiercely towards Shaun.

Shaun gave a faint smile.

He could control all cats.

Why would he be afraid

Shaun easily caught the white cat with his hand.

After being caught, the white cats fierce gaze instantly disappeared, and it became extremely obedient.

It even kept licking Shauns hand.

Clara was completely stunned.

Apart from her husband, there was no one else in the world who had such an ability!

“Are you… Shaun” Clara asked in disbelief.

Shaun nodded.

“Who else could I be Am I disturbing your fun If so, Ill leave now and pretend I never came!”

Indeed Shaun was a little angry.

He turned to leave.


Clara immediately got up and grabbed Shaun from behind.

Shaun detected a waft of fragrance as Clara hugged him.

Shaun couldnt help sighing in his heart:A beauty is indeed a beauty.

Victoria is so fragrant.

No wonder Jordan is so infatuated with her.”

As Clara hugged him, she realized that there were no accessories on Rong Bailuns body.

Over all of these years, Clara and Shaun had to use a certain type of ancient accessories to control others.

Without them, they could not do it.

Clara was shocked.

“Shaun, why arent there any accessories on this body How are you controlling him”

For example, Victoria was currently wearing a number of ancient accessories.

No matter what, she couldnt take them off.

Otherwise, Clara would lose control of Victorias body.

Shaun said, “My current situation is different from yours.

Im not controlling Rong Bailun remotely.

Ive become Rong Bailun!”

Clara covered her mouth in shock, unable to believe what she was seeing.

“What You… have become Rong Bailun Thats impossible.

The research on the mind-transplant procedure is not even halfway done.

Weve only just parted ways recently.

Its already a miracle that you can control Rong Bailun during this short period.

And now you are saying that you underwent the mind-transplant procedure with him Thats cant be real!”

Clara had a rational mind that ordinary women did not have.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong.

Clara and Shaun had agreed on a plan before going their separate ways.

Shaun couldnt possibly have followed her to the US without informing her first.

Shaun tried to explain.

“This matter… is a little complicated.

Im sorry, Clara.

I cant reveal too much to you.”

Shaun was unwilling to tell Clara the truth, but she had already guessed it.

“Shaun, youre not the same Shaun whom I last saw in Switzerland.

Ive known you for decades and have been with you since we were young kids.

I know your temper and personality too well.

The Shaun I last saw was still immersed in the anger of being chased out of Switzerland by Jordan.

In addition, you saw me with this young man.

Its impossible for you to be so calm.

If it was your current self, youd have already slapped me a few times…

“You… are not the current Shaun, but the future Shaun, right”

Shaun was astonished.

Somehow, his wife had managed to guess the truth!

Shaun nodded.

Clara saw an unmistakable hint of sorrow in Shauns eyes and asked, “Shaun, am I… about to die”


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