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Tyler was stunned when he saw Cayden handing him a cigarette.


Cayden had always despised Tyler.

When Tyler gave him cigarettes in the past, he would often refuse.


‘Why did Cayden take the initiative to give me a cigarette today


‘Has that playboy Cayden taken a liking to Hailey too


Tyler took the cigarette and chuckled.

“Hailey is not only the most beautiful girl in Orlando, I personally think shes the most gorgeous girl in the country! Ive met countless women, but Ive never seen a woman more beautiful than Hailey!”


“Im not boasting, but none of the women here in New York can measure up to her!”


Caydens smile gradually became more and more lewd and perverted.

“Come on, lets go chat in my villa.”


Cayden took Tyler to his villa in his Mercedes G Wagon.


The villa he lived in was designed by an internationally renowned architect, while the interior was designed by a famous foreign interior designer.

The decor of the two-story villa was in a luxurious, continental style.

There was also a basement and a sunken private courtyard.


Tyler was a wealthy scion, after all.

Upon arriving at Caydens villa, he didnt gawk around and marvel in awe like a hillbilly would and instead just praised casually, “Your home is well decorated.”


When he reached the couch, Tyler suddenly saw an album of wedding photos on the seat and picked it up to take a look, only to be surprised.

“Arent these the wedding photos of Hailey and me”


The Huxleys had naturally been invited to Tyler and Haileys wedding.

Tyler even delivered a copy of their wedding photos along with the invitation card to the Huxleys.


His purpose then was just to show off that he married a beautiful wife.


To his surprise, none of the Huxleys attended the wedding, nor did they send any gifts.


Tyler knew that the Huxleys didnt want to be in touch with the Collins, so he thought that the wedding photos he had sent to them had been thrown into the garbage can long ago!


He didnt expect Cayden to have brought it home with him and even kept it!


After flipping through the photos and seeing how beautiful Hailey was, Tyler couldnt help but sigh.


‘What a beautiful woman!


Unfortunately, Tylers family was about to go bankrupt, so a beautiful woman like her would no longer belong to him!


Tyler knew that Cayden must have kept the wedding photos because he had taken a fancy to Hailey.

Hence, he asked, “How is it, buddy My ex-wife is beautiful, isnt she”


Cayden ordered his servant to pour them two glasses of wine.

When the wine was served, he picked up a drink for himself and laughed.

“I didnt expect that there would be such a stunning woman like her in Orlando.”


The women who could be described asstunning by Cayden were few and far between in this world.


The Huxleys were worth billions of dollars, while Cayden was tall and handsome.

He had never failed to win the heart of any woman he courted!


Tyler heard that Cayden had slept with many famous actresses and models!


Cayden pointed at the wedding photos Tyler was holding, saying, “Tyler, I looked at your wedding photos repeatedly, but I realized that you guys were never kissing in any of them.

Did the stunning beauty refuse to let you kiss her”


Clearly, Cayden was already smitten with Hailey!


Tyler said in disdain, “How is that possible I had already slept with her a long time ago! We didnt take any kissing photos because we shared a kiss in the car two days before the wedding shoot, and I got an allergic reaction after that!”


“At that time, the businesses I had invested in were losing money, and I wasnt in the mood to check if I had an allergic reaction to her lipstick.

So, we didnt have a kissing shot during the shoot that day.”


Cayden nodded and said, “So thats what happened.

I thought you hadnt kissed her.

However, you should be bragging when you said you slept together, right My friends in Orlando have heard that even your parents have clarified that you and Hailey hadnt done the deed.”


“I heard that Jordan and Hailey are remarried now and are still very much in love with each other.

If youve really slept with his wife, how can he continue being married to her”


Tyler laughed without saying anything.

Instead, he took out a BMW car key and swung it in front of Cayden smugly.


Cayden asked in confusion, “Why Do you think I cant afford a BMW 7 Series”


Tyler laughed and said, “You treat your Mercedes-Benz G Wagon like a toy car.

How would I dare to show off my BMW 7 series in front of you”


“Buddy, this looks like a car key, but its actually a secret voice recorder!”


“Voice recorder” Cayden asked in astonishment.


Tyler said with a wicked smile, “I secretly recorded the entire process when I slept with Hailey in the hotel the other day.

Hows it Do you want to hear it”


Cayden was highly excited.

Although there was no visual image, he still wanted to hear Haileys voice!


Cayden reached out to grab it.


Tyler immediately retracted his hand and said, “If you agree to take revenge for me and make Jordan Steele end up penniless, Ill give this to you and help you get Hailey too.

How does that sound”


Cayden couldnt help but take another look at the wedding photo, and more specifically, at Haileys enchanting smile.


He had planned to teach Jordan a lesson in the first place because Rosie was friendly to him.


Now that Hailey had become the prize, Cayden had no reason to refuse.


“Sure, since Grandpa cant be bothered to deal with Jordan Steele, I shall educate that good-for-nothing!”


After saying that, he snatched the voice recorder that was disguised as a BMW car key.


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