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Shaun had just “witnessed” his wifes death.

At this moment, he was venting all his emotions.

Usually, Shaun was a pretentious person who knew how to hide his true emotions.

In front of Jordan and Rong Huangde, he pretended to be compliant and curry favor with them.

However, in Shauns dark heart, he wanted to get rid of them.

Just like when he killed Ban Luming.

A second ago, he treated him as his good brother and subordinate.

In the next second, he cut off his head.

Shauns cries gradually softened.

He used a tissue to wipe the tears on Victorias body.

He then kissed Victorias forehead and took out a pink scarf from his pocket to cover her face.

It was like covering the face of a dead person.

Although Victoria was not dead, she was now Clara in Shauns eyes.

This scarf belonged to Clara.

He had specially brought it over from 2022.

After paying his respects, Shaun walked to Rong Bingshao, who was lying on the ground.

He searched Rong Bingshaos body to see if he could find anything that would confirm his identity.

Shaun soon found the “body treatment device” invented by the Rong family on him.

This thing could be activated after an injury occurred, to automatically analyze and treat the person.

There was no need to find a doctor.

It was very convenient.

It was also a defensive system that could be activated to kill enemies.

“This is indeed Rong Bingshao!”

Shaun was completely certain that the person in front of him was Rong Bingshao.

He looked at Rong Bingshao and smiled wickedly.

“Hmph, since I have you as a scapegoat, Ill just push all the blame for what happened just now to you.

Anyway, you idiot.

Youre so bent on taking revenge on Jordan, that youll be dying to admit that you ruined Victoria.”

Apart from the death of his wife, everything else went smoothly for Shaun today.

He had been intimate with the wife of a Deity and found a perfect scapegoat.

Jordan would never suspect him.

Shaun immediately used his mental power to hypnotize Rong Bingshao and instill all the images of him and Victoria into his mind.

It made Rong Bingshao believe that he really slept with Victoria.

Shaun took off Rong Bingshaos clothes and threw him and Victoria together.

He then quickly left.

Rong Bingshao soon woke up.

He felt dizzy.

Looking at Victoria, Rong Bingshao recalled the fake memories planted by Shaun.

Rong Bingshao couldnt help chuckling.

“Hehe, I succeeded.

Victoria is indeed a woman favored by the Deity.

It was very enjoyable! But when did I faint Just now, there seemed to be a cat in the room… Could it be that witch, Clara, who knocked me out Hmph, that old woman is really detestable!”

Rong Bingshao knew that Clara knew witchcraft, so he thought that she had done it.

And he also knew that Clara should be dead by now.

Looking at the unconscious Victoria, Rong Bingshao thought to himself:This woman is so charming.

I just got her, but my heart is still itching.

Forget it, I should leave quickly.

The other Jordan is looking for Victoria all over the capital.”

Rong Bingshao didnt dare to waste time.

He took a photo, put on his clothes, and left.

At this moment, Jordan from 2022, who was in China, had temporarily blocked the Geng familys paper bombs from exploding in the US capital.

Meanwhile, after receiving the news, people in the capital were quickly collecting all the suspicious papers.

Jordan placed Geng Anli back in her room.

He would treat it as if she did not know about anything that just happened.

Then he left and called Shaun.

“Shaun, hows the situation on your side How… is Victoria”

Jordan was very worried about Victoria.

Shaun said, “Jordan, this matter is a little complicated.

Lets talk when we meet! Ill wait for you in the capital!”

Since Shaun was unwilling to say it over the phone, Jordan could guess that the outcome was not good.

He rushed back to the capital.

By the time he arrived, it was already morning.

The warm and bright sunlight shone on every corner of the capital.

The office workers went about their usual busy day.

They had no idea how terrifying yesterday had been, and how close they had come to danger.

If not for Jordan, they might all have died.

Jordan had stopped an epic disaster, but no one knew about it.

And Jordan had just done what he had to do.

He did not need any reward or glory.

All he wanted to know now was if the woman he loved had been saved.

Shaun leisurely enjoyed a doughnut and coffee before rushing to the airport to meet Jordan.

Jordans plane landed at the airport.

Shaun ran over quickly.

Before Jordan could come down, he ran up himself.

Jordan asked impatiently, “Shaun, how did it go I didnt use my prediction ability.

Im worried that the outcome is bad.

I hope you can tell me that you stopped it!”

Shaun suddenly cried and knelt down.

He hugged Jordans thigh.

“Im sorry, Jordan! I couldnt stop it.

I couldnt change it.

My beautiful sister-in-law was still ruined!”

Jordan was furious.

“Shaun, you did it on purpose, right You stood by and watched, right With your ability, how could you not be able to deal with an 18-year-old boy! Dont tell me youre afraid of changing history.

You have so many tricks and methods.

I dont believe you cant find a perfect solution!”

Shaun said sincerely, “I know.

I really wanted to help you resolve this matter! Not only are you my good brother, youre also a Deity.

Youre the most noble person in the world! How can the woman of a Deity be touched by an ordinary boy!

“Last night, I already thought of a countermeasure.

I wanted to get rid of that 18-year-old boy in advance.

So I disguised myself and quietly followed that boy, wanting to ambush him.

However, he suddenly reached out and it was a metal arm holding a weapon.

He knocked me unconscious.”

Jordan didnt believe him at all.


How could you be knocked out by a high school student”

Shaun sighed.

“I also thought that he was just an ordinary high school student, so I was careless and didnt use my ultimate move at all.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have lost so badly.

Jordan, do you know who that 18-year-old boy is Hes not an ordinary high school boy.

Hes Rong Bingshao!”


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