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Rong Huangde and his grandson became serious because they expected Jordan to be upset and give them trouble.

However, when the duo arrived, the atmosphere was not that tense.

Instead, it was a little comical.

“Oh, damn it.

This door is too small.

The box is stuck! Can anyone come over to help” Shaun shouted.

Jordan and Shaun had traveled back with a large box made of special materials.

“A box”

Rong Huangde and his grandson stood rooted to the ground.

They did not dare to move forward.

In the end, Jordan used force to squeeze the large box in.

Rong Huangde was cunning and already thought of a solution.

He glanced at the box and walked forward with a smile.


Jordan, youre back How did it go Did you successfully save Ms.


“Oh, whats in this big box Can I take a look”

But Jordan just glared fiercely at Rong Bingshao.

Ignoring Rong Huangde, Jordan walked straight to Rong Bingshao.

“Rong Bingshao! You piece of trash!”

Jordan dared to curse Rong Bingshao even in front of Rong Huangde.

Not only did Jordan curse him, but he also wanted to kill this beastly boy in front of Rong Huangde!

At this moment, an electric guitar solo played.

This tune was very familiar.

It was from the original soundtrack of the famous movie “Kill Bill” called “Battle Without Honor Or Humanity”.

The tune came from the phone in Shauns pocket.

Rong Bingshaos English name was Bill so Shaun deliberately played this tune to warn Rong Huangde that Jordan wanted to kill Rong Bingshao!

Shaun naturally didnt want Jordan to succeed.

If Jordan killed Rong Bingshao, Rong Huangde would kill him.

In the end, Shaun did not get what he wanted.

Hearing this tune playing, Jordan turned around and glared at Shaun.

Shaun immediately picked up his phone, cutting off the music.

He pretended to answer a call.

“Hello, who is this What You are selling insurance”

Jordan ignored him and continued to glare at Rong Bingshao.

After Shauns warning, Rong Huangde immediately knew what Jordan was planning.

Rong Huangde went forward.


Jordan, dont be rash.

Is there some misunderstanding Bingshao, did you provoke Deity Jordan again What did you do!”

Rong Huangde pretended to be completely unaware, just like the previous time.

After all, Rong Huangde still had to work with Jordan.

He had to remain on friendly terms with the Deity.

Rong Bingshao snorted.

“Jordan, youre really patriotic.

In order to prevent trouble in the capital, you were willing to sacrifice your wife, Victoria.”

Rong Huangde pretended to be surprised.

“What You traveled back in time to create trouble for Jordan again Mr.

Jordan, this is all my fault.

I didnt discipline him well.

I apologize to you on his behalf.

“However, what happened between Victoria and the 18-year-old boy cant be changed.

Do you remember what I said Actually, its a mistake for you to want to change it.

No matter what, it will happen.”

Jordan glanced at Rong Huangde.

He didnt know if Rong Huangde was clueless or was just pretending.

And he didnt want to know!

It wasnt important!

Regardless of whether Rong Huangde knew about it or not, Jordan had to make Rong Bingshao pay for humiliating him and Victoria!

Jordan looked at Rong Huangde.

“What happened cant be changed.

Yes, thats correct! But your grandson is that 18-year-old boy who booked a room with my wife.

Tell me, how can I not take revenge!”

Rong Huangde and Rong Bingshao were both shocked.

Jordan actually knew that the high school student was Rong Bingshao in disguise

How did he know!

Rong Huangde glanced at Shaun, who scratched his head.

For the sake of future cooperation, Rong Huangde could not make his relationship with Jordan too awkward.

Therefore, Rong Huangde tried to defuse the situation.


Jordan, could there be a misunderstanding How could my grandson do such a thing At most, he just…”

Before Rong Huangde could finish, Rong Bingshao couldnt hold it in anymore.

He shouted angrily at Jordan.

“Thats right! Im that 18-year-old boy! Im the one who slept with your woman! You almost crippled me last time.

Why cant I teach you a lesson! Jordan, remember this.

Youre just a dog of the Rong family! My grandfather treats you politely, but you dont know your place!”

“Shut up!”

Rong Huangde was angry and flustered now.

He scolded Rong Bingshao.

Rong Huangde immediately apologized.

“Deity Jordan, Im really sorry.

I didnt expect Bingshao to do such a bad thing.

I sincerely apologize to you on his behalf! I hope you can forgive him this time on account of his young age.”

Jordan sneered.

“Forgive him You want me to forgive him Im a Deity.

Do you think Ill forgive him after humiliating me like this!”

Rong Bingshao shouted, “So what if you dont forgive me! This is our familys territory! I can have my grandfather kill you here anytime!”

Jordan looked at Rong Huangde.

“Your grandson has already admitted it.

Yes, I want to kill him.

Are you going to protect him”

When Rong Huangde saw that Jordan had made up his mind, he knew that he would not be able to persuade him with just a few words.

Just as Rong Bingshao said, this was the Rong familys territory.

Rong Huangde couldnt show too much fear of Jordan or appear too ingratiating.

Having no other choice, Rong Huangde placed his hands behind his back with a cold expression.


Jordan, Ive shown you respect and I want to work with you to explore the Handley familys secrets.

Im very sorry about what happened to your wife.

However, in my opinion, this is not a big deal.”

“The woman is just an ordinary woman whom my grandson slept with.

Is this really that important For ordinary people, it might only take a few thousand dollars to make them pretend that nothing happened.

What you and I have on the line is a world-class secret! Do you want to ruin our good relationship over such a small matter”

Seeing this, Shaun leaned over and advised.

“Hes right, Jordan.

Think about the big picture.”


Jordan punched Shaun.

Jordan looked at Rong Huangde very seriously.

“Exploring the Handley familys secrets is your business, not mine.

Ill ask you again.

I want to kill your grandson.

What will you do!”

Rong Huangde sighed.

“In that case, fine.

Ill tell you what Ill do.

I wont let you hurt my grandson in any way!”


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