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Jordan had already guessed that Rong Huangde would protect his grandson.

It was human nature.

No grandfather would let others kill his grandson.

It was possible that the grandfather was helpless, but Rong Huangde was clearly stronger than Jordan in all aspects.

It was impossible for him to let Jordan do as he pleased.

Jordan said, “Alright, in that case, Mr.

Rong, our friendship is over.

I officially declare war on your family!”

Jordans words made the Rongs feel deeply threatened.

Rong Bingshao pointed at Jordan.

“What right do you have to start a war with our family! Youre a turtle in a jar now! You cant even walk out of this house!”

But Rong Huangde just frowned.

He knew that Jordan was not someone who would make baseless claims.

That large box…

Rong Huangde cautiously looked at the large box Jordan had brought with him.

He guessed that there might be something very dangerous hidden inside.

At this moment, Jordan took the initiative to open the large box.

Everyone saw that it was filled with paper.

Rong Huangde instantly felt a hint of fear.

“These are… papers invented by the Geng family that can explode And there are so many of them”

Rong Bingshao was also shocked:Damn it, he must have gotten it from the capital! He brought back all the papers from the capital!

Jordan said, “Thats right.

Its all thanks to you, you trash of a kid.

After the capital was threatened, I immediately gathered all the papers sent from China and brought them here.

Rong Bingshao, just the fact that you threatened to detonate the paper in the capital and kill thousands of citizens is enough reason for me to kill you!”

Rong Bingshao snorted.

“Im not American.

What do your American lives have to do with me Dont think you can scare us just because you brought these papers over.

Everyone knows that the key to detonating these papers is at the Geng family base.

Youre here now, how can you detonate these papers”

Rong Huangde was still cautious.

“Have youve already arranged for someone to be at Geng Anlis in advance”

Jordan shook his head.

“No, I modified the program and set it to detonate at a certain time.

The time set is…”

Jordan looked at his watch before continuing.

“In two minutes.”

Shaun panicked and hurriedly said, “Dad, Son, hurry up and compromise with Deity Jordan! He isnt doing this just to scare you.

These are indeed the paper bombs that the Geng family placed in the entire capital.

There are several times more papers than the ones planted in our western China secret base! Once they explode, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Everyone here, as well as the Time Gate, will be blown to pieces!”

Shaun didnt expect Jordan to care so much about Victoria.

If he had known earlier, he wouldnt have told him that the 18-year-old boy was Rong Bingshao.

But Shaun was the one who slept with Victoria so he had a guilty conscience and was afraid that Jordan would suspect him.

So he had to push the blame to someone else as soon as possible to prevent Jordan from suspecting him.

Rong Huangde became very nervous and immediately called Geng Anli.

“Anli, this is Rong Huangde.

Stop the detonation of the paper bombs for the capital immediately.”

When Geng Anli heard Rong Huangdes voice, she screamed in fear.

“Oh my god, Uncle Rong How did you…”

To Geng Anli, Rong Huangde was long dead.

It was too shocking to hear the voice of someone who had been dead for 10 years.

Rong Huangde didnt have the time to explain this to her.

“Lets not talk about this first.

Stop the detonation immediately! Hurry! You only have one minute.

Otherwise, you have to bear the consequences!”

Geng Anli could hear the threat in Rong Huangdes voice.

She knew very well that he was a very terrifying existence, far more powerful than Rong Bailun.

In fact, Geng Anli had been deeply influenced by Rong Huangde.

He had guided and advised on many of the Geng Anli familys inventions and procedures.


Geng Anli flew to the detonation control base as quickly as possible and was surprised to find that her secret place had been tampered with.

“Damn it, who set this timed detonation system!”

Jordan had hidden his timed detonation system very well.

Under usual circumstances, no one would be able to spot it.

One would only detect it when he was about to detonate the paper bombs placed in the capital.

Geng Anli said over the phone, “Uncle Rong, I saw that the papers in the capital have been relocated to Fort Rong in China.”

Rong Huangde said impatiently, “Cut the crap and stop it!”

Geng Anli said, “Im sorry, I cant do it.

The program has a password.

I dont have the password to stop the detonation.

It will take at least 10 minutes if we want to hack the password.

And the paper bombs will explode soon.

Theres no time…”


Rong Huangde panicked when he heard this.

“Whats wrong, Grandpa What did Auntie Geng say” Rong Bingshao quickly asked.

Jordan said, “Mr.

Rong, dont waste your efforts.

Since I have decided to detonate this place, how can I let you stop me so easily”

Rong Huangde knew that things were not looking good.

Although he had lived for 80 years, this was the first time he was going against a Deity.


Rong Huangde immediately pressed the alarm.

When the staff heard it, they all went on high alert.

Many soldiers were already on standby at the entrance with weapons in their hands!

This was the Rong familys territory.

Be it people or weapons, the Rongs had the advantage.

Rong Huangde was confident in defeating Jordan in those aspects.

But now, Rong Huangde was stunned.

This was the first time in his life that he was forced into such a state.

He said angrily to Jordan, “Jordan, I didnt expect you to destroy this place and perish with us for a common woman.

Theres clearly a bigger and more dazzling world waiting for you at the other end of the Time Gate, but you dont care at all!

“Jordan, youre not worthy to be the successor of the Steele family.

You and your father are both trash without ambition! Charleston, that old fool, actually handed over the Steele family business to you two.

I feel sorry for Randall Steele!”

Jordan was also extremely angry.

He pointed at Rong Huangde and said, “Youre not worthy to mention my uncles name!”

Randall was Jordans uncle.

He had a good impression of this uncle.

When Jordan was young, Randall doted on him very much.

Rong Huangde snorted.

“Im not worthy What do you know, little kid My understanding of your uncle far exceeds yours! Randall is the only ambitious and capable talent in the Steele family! He came to me for help back then and asked me to help him obtain the position of the Steele familys successor.

Unfortunately, I rejected him.”

At the mention of Randalls character and ability, Shaun narrowed his eyes and nodded in agreement.

Shaun had interacted with Randall before, so he knew very well who he was.

Rong Huangde stopped talking about the past.

He grabbed Rong Bingshaos hand and said, “Bingshao, lets go.

Let them get blown up by the paper bombs that they brought over themselves!”


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