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Jianmenguan National Forest Park, Sichuan, China.

There was a dense canopy of green trees.

The scenery was picturesque, and the air was fresh.

There were also quiet lakes, spectacular waterfalls and magnificent mountains around.

It was a place for many rich people to relax and enjoy themselves.

In order to buy time for Rong Bingshao to escape as far as possible, Rong Huangde kept attacking Jordan.

Although Rong Huangde was well-equipped, his reaction and combat experience were far inferior to Jordan, who was not even 30 years old.

As a result, Jordan managed to defeat Rong Huangde just by using a replica of the Iron Man armor.

Meanwhile, Shaun was flying above the forest in the plane he had taken from the base camp.

He watched the battle from afar.

He still did not want either side to win or lose.

As they were flying at a lower altitude, Shauns plane was like a sickle that cut the tops off the trees.

A security guard drove over on a four-wheeled electric scooter.

“Which department are you from Damn it, why are you destroying the trees here!”


Shaun used his weapon to kill this innocent person.

When the rich people playing golf on the green lawn nearby saw this, they quickly drove away and called 911.

Soon, the Rong family people arrived under Lee Su-jis lead.

However, Rong Huangde did not let them attack.

Shortly after, Geng Anli arrived with the Geng family soldiers.

At the same time, Jamies fighter jet, the Steele familys fighter jet piloted by Dragon, and the Schmid familys plane rushed over.

Jordan had left a note for Dragon a year ago, saying that there would be a battle near Chengdu today.

The other great families were all gathered here today.

These people were all big shots who could change the world.

Geng Anli stepped forward.

“Uncle Rong, Deity Jordan, stop fighting!”

Rong Huangde stopped and opened his mask.

The elderly man was already sweating from exhaustion.

From the Schmid familys plane, Lota and her father, Tom Schmid, emerged.

Tom Schmid was surprised to see Rong Huangde.


Rong Are you really Mr.

Rong Youre not dead”

When Rong Huangde saw Tom Schmid, he smiled and nodded.

“Tom, its been many years.

How are you I heard about you and know that youve suffered a lot in the past decade.

Its a pity that I couldnt help you much.”

Rong Huangdes relationship with Tom Schmid was not bad.

Tom Schmid was also very respectful to Rong Huangde.

“Youre being too polite.

Being able to see that youre still alive is an encouragement to all of us! We need you so much!”

Geng Anli walked over and smiled.

“Thats right, Uncle Rong.

Everyone says that people from the eight great families dont live past 80 years old, but youre still alive.

Can you tell us how you did it”

Jamie walked over.

He had no memory of Rong Huangde at all.

Nevertheless, it could be seen that Rong Huangde was very respected among the major families.

Especially for middle-aged people like Geng Anli and Tom Schmid.

They were all indebted to Rong Huangde in the past.

Rong Huangde said, “Anli, well talk about this later.

Thank you for rushing over.

Deity Jordan wants to kill my grandson.

Please help persuade him.”

Geng Anli believed that she had a good relationship with Jordan.

She walked up to him and said, “Jordan, Uncle Rong is really the soul of our eight great families.

In the past few decades, he has been the one controlling our eight great families and our world.

Uncle Rong is a very generous person.

He will sincerely help every family.

Actually, your Steele family has also received Uncle Rongs help.”

Rong Huangde said, “Jordan, Im the same age as your grandfather.

We tell each other almost everything.

The Steele family has been developing more slowly and is lagging behind us.

However, I didnt look down on him.

Instead, I encouraged him and worked with him.

“Perhaps after I faked my death, Bailuns relationship with your family became very strained, but when I was in power, our families had a very good relationship! Its not just your grandfather.

I have a good relationship with your father, Rowan, and your uncle, Randall.

Especially your uncle, Randall.

Are you really going to start another world war over a common woman like Victoria”

People of Rong Huangdes standing were usually outstanding speakers.

Rong Huangde was no exception.

He immediately captured the hearts of the people and pushed the blame on Jordan.

Sounds of sirens could be heard.

Suddenly, a black police car drove over.

A fat police officer alighted from the car.

He held a gun with both hands and aimed it at Jordan, Rong Huangde, Geng Anli and the other big shots.

“Dont move! All of you, crouch down!”

The sounds of a jet engine echoed through the sky.

A fighter jet suddenly flew over from the sky.

A voice came from the fighter jet.

“This is the Chinese Air Force.

Repeat, this is the Chinese Air Force.

Everyone below, lower your weapons and prepare to be registered.”

Jordan, Rong Huangde, Geng Anli, Jamie and the rest did not move at all.

Suddenly, dozens of fighter jets a hundred times cooler and more advanced than the Chinese Air Force appeared in the sky! They had been in stealth mode the entire time.

Only when the fighter jet flew over did they reveal themselves and completely surround it!

The pilot was terrified.

Only then did he realize what kind of people he had provoked!

“Oh my god, these fighter jets… theyre so cool.

Theyre like alien technology… so scary!”

The pilot swallowed.

He knew that there were secret families.

He knew that these people were the secret families who controlled the world.

How could he dare to poke his nose into their business

Soon, he shouted again, “This is the Chinese Air Force.

I repeat, this is the Chinese Air Force.

Everyone below, Air Force Number 89757, solemnly apologizes to you.

Im sorry to have disturbed your gathering.

Please give me a 65-foot opening so that I can leave.

Thank you!”

However, the fighter jets surrounding him did not give him a chance.

Instead, they used special energy to toss him far away.

Nevertheless, the pilot was not hurt.

He quickly escaped with his tail between his legs.

On land, the armed police officer was also stunned when he saw this.

Jordan, Rong Huangde, Geng Anli and Jamie all looked at him.

The police officer swallowed and hurriedly retracted his gun.

He bowed respectfully.

“Sorry to disturb you! Have a good afternoon!”


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