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Shaun was a smart person.

In terms of shrewdness and methods, he was more experienced than Jordan.

He was very sure that Rong Huangde would not let Jordan kill Rong Bingshao.

Jordan had already gotten Dragon to give the Mirakuru serum to Lee Su-ji, so Rong Bingshao would soon become Superman.

However, this was not enough to stop Rong Bingshao from dying at Jordans hands.

Even between supermen, there was a difference.

Actually, Jordan was also thinking about this.

He could tell that Rong Huangde was very confident in his grandson.

Jordan frowned.

“Rong Huangde doesnt seem to be a person who goes back on his word.

Since he said in front of the major families that he wouldnt interfere and let us juniors settle it ourselves, he probably wont interfere.

But if he really doesnt interfere, Rong Bingshao will definitely die.”

Shaun nodded.

“I think so too.

Unless he truly believes that Rong Bingshao can defeat you.

But Rong Bingshao is far inferior to you in terms of physical ability and strategies.”

Jamie suddenly interrupted.

“What if Rong Huangde assists from behind the scenes With Rong Huangde advising Rong Bingshao from behind the scenes, he will have good strategies, while his physical ability will be similar to Jordans due to the serum.

Coupled with the high-tech weapons of the Rong family, will Jordan still have a chance of winning”

Jordan snorted.

“If thats what he thinks, then hes underestimating me.

As long as the Rong family doesnt use their large-scale weapons to protect Rong Bingshao, he will definitely die!

“Alright, stop standing outside.

Lets talk inside.

Jordan, Ill show you my current living environment.

Youll definitely fall in love with this place, haha!”

Jamie couldnt wait to pull Jordan in.

He owned the place and had renovated it as he pleased.

Now, he wanted to show it off to Jordan.

Shaun followed them in and came to a very spacious living room.

The decor was very classy.

Sleek, white furniture, modern art pieces and warm lighting.

Jamie invited them to sit in the living room and snapped his fingers.

“Jessica, Taylor, come and pour tea for the guests!”

Soon, two lovely women in tight-fitting outfits walked over and poured tea for Jordan and Shaun.

Shaun looked at the two women in a daze.

“Eh Why do these two women look so familiar Are they celebrities”

Jamie took a sip of tea and smiled.

“Celebrities They are just maids.

Hahaha! I heard that you like to play with female celebrities, Shaun.

You chose Paris Gildon previously, right Shes so ordinary, yet you still like her.

With your lousy taste in women, how are you worthy of being my third brothers partner! Ill give you a few amazing ones.

Youll definitely like them!”

Jamie asked Jessica and Taylor, who had starred in many television series, to leave first.

He then snapped his fingers.

“Demi, Sharon, Goldie, Julianne, come out and meet my third brother and my VIP!”

Jordan and Shaun held their teacups and looked at each other.

They wondered who these women were.

Soon, four beautiful and alluring goddesses who could instantly surpass any female celebrity in the entertainment industry walked toward them.


Shaun had just taken a sip of tea when he was so shocked that he spat it out.

“Oh my god, you actually managed to get these four major beauties!”

Shaun was shocked.

These four beauties were all the female celebrities whom Shaun had admired when he was young.

Even among goddesses, they were at the top.

Going by age, they were indeed on the older side.

However, Jamie used the Park familys youth-enhancing pills l to turn them into their younger selves.

The four beauties walked up to Jamie.

He immediately introduced them.

“This is my third brother.

Its all thanks to his research that you were able to become 20 years younger!”

Previously, the Park familys research could only make a person 10 years younger.

However, after further research by Jordan, he managed to extend the effects to 20 years.

If not for the fact that he didnt need it, Jordan would have continued the research until the results yielded 30 years younger!

The four beauties quickly bowed and thanked Jordan.

“Thank you, Mr.


At Jordans age, he had actually not watched many of their shows.

However, he knew that they were the most popular female celebrities back then, so he returned the greeting very respectfully.

When Shaun saw that the goddess he admired when he was young was still as beautiful as he remembered, he couldnt hold it in anymore.

“Jamie, can I really choose any of these goddesses” Shaun asked.

Jamie said disdainfully, “What goddess They are just my maids.

Pick whoever you want!”

Shaun stood up and pulled a tall and sweet beauty into his arms.

“Demi, Ive liked you for many years.


Shaun gave a wicked laugh.

Seeing this, Jordan hurriedly berated him.

“Shaun, let go of her.

Be more respectful!”

He said to the beauties, “Everyone, I know youre all very famous female celebrities.

Youve also worked hard for so many years.

You deserve our respect.

My second brother is too reckless.

But dont worry, I have the authority to allow you to leave this place.”

But after they heard Jordans words, one of the female celebrities grabbed Jordans hand.

“No, Mr.

Jordan, we dont want to leave.

We stayed here willingly.

Your status is so noble.

You must not put us on a pedestal.

If you like us, that will be the happiest thing for us.”

“Sharon, this…”

Jordan was stunned and did not know what to say.

Jamie gave a wicked smile.

“Jordan, youre not as good as me when it comes to women.

I didnt force them to stay here, and Ive never forced them to do anything they dont want to do.

But let me tell you why theyre still willing to stay here.

“If they go back to their ordinary world, they will gradually grow old as time passes.

Plastic surgery will eventually not be enough and theyll become old, ugly and unpopular.

They wont even dare to go out and ruin the good image their fans have of them.

By staying with me, I can keep them in their 20s or 30s forever.

Which woman doesnt want to stay young forever”

The four beauties nodded in unison.

“Yes, as long as you let us stay here, were willing to do anything for you.”

“Hahaha, in that case, I wont stand on ceremony! Ill have some fun first.

You two brothers can continue chatting, haha!”

Shaun laughed loudly as he went into a room with a beauty under each arm.

“Damn it, let my brother choose first!”

Jamie scolded Shaun before saying to Jordan, “Look, its just these two now.

Do you like them”

Jordan waved his hand.

“You know my style.

When have I ever slept with anyone other than my wives Let them leave this room.

Theyre all my aunts generation.

I feel very stressed with them in here!”


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