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Perhaps most ordinary middle-aged men would not be able to control themselves at the sight of these four beauties.

But to Jordan, the four of them were too old.

Some of them were already 60 years old!

In addition, Jordan had grown up overseas and his taste was more diverse.

Jamie shook his head.

“You dont like these ladies who are more mature and experienced Isnt Victoria also older than you”

Jordan replied softly, “These ladies are 30 years older than Victoria!”

Indeed, Victoria was 30 years old.

But these ladies were 30 years older than her!

They could even be Jordans grandmothers!

Jamie laughed.

“So, in this aspect, youll always be biased! You refuse to try women who are 30 years older than your wife Youre too lousy! Alright, ladies, you can go back first.

Ill call you if theres anything.”

After the maids left, Jamie held his teacup and sighed.


Jordan was rather annoyed.

“You lead such a carefree life here, and so many female celebrities have warmed your bed.

Why are you sighing”

Jordan realized that he was a Deity and the head of the Steele family, but his life was not as carefree as Jamies.

As the saying went, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility and the higher the status, the more enemies one would have.

More people would be jealous and attack you.

During this period of time, Jordans life had been far from carefree.

He had been through a lot.

Alibaba founder and billionaire Jack Ma said he regretted building Alibaba and would rather have held a normal job with a normal salary.

Most people believed that he was just “humble-bragging”.

Perhaps others could not understand him, but Jordan could! He had the same thoughts!

He would rather be an ordinary man.

He didnt even need to be that rich.

It was enough for him to have Lauren and Victoria by his side.

Jamie took a sip of tea and shook his head.

“These women arent true love.

Its just an exchange of benefits.

Everyone is just taking what they need.

I covet their beauty and bodies.

They covet my money, status and eternal youth.

“Actually, in the past few years, the only person who can make me feel love is Sora… Younger girls are less materialistic and less scheming.

Only they will love someone with all their heart.

Oh, right.

How has Sora been recently I want to see her…”


Jordan splashed the tea in his teacup onto Jamies face!

Jordan said angrily, “Jamie, are you still going to mess around I clearly told you not to find Park Sora anymore.

Shes our half-sister!”

Jamie wiped the tea leaves off his face and said aggrievedly, “I didnt.

Youve misunderstood me.

Jordan, how could I dare to do such a thing to her Do you think I wont be afraid of Dad beating me to death Im just concerned about her.

I want to know how shes been recently.

“As you know, she just lost her mother and grandfather.

She has no one.

Cheon Ji-hoon isnt her biological father.

I dont know if he will take good care of her.”

Hearing this, Jordan also felt that Park Sora was very pitiful and worried about how she was doing.

After all, Jordan was the one who killed her mother…

Jordan also felt very guilty toward Park Anya.

Even if she wasnt his younger sister, Jordan still had to take care of her.

“Ill call and ask.”

Jordan called Tim first because he had arranged for him to go to South Korea to take care of all the Park family matters.

Tim soon found Cheon Ji-hoon and asked him to talk to Jordan personally.

“Hello, Mr.


Im Cheon Ji-hoon!”

Cheon Ji-hoon greeted Jordan in English.

Jordan could tell that Cheon Ji-hoons English was not good, and it took a lot of effort for him to understand him.

So he took the initiative to communicate with him in Korean.

“How has Park Sora been recently”

Cheon Ji-hoon said, “Im really sorry.

I lost her!”

“Lost her What do you mean”

Jordan became worried.

Cheon Ji-hoons tone was apologetic.

“Its all my fault.

I was forced to step down.

After leaving the Blue House, I became depressed and drank every day.

I didnt care for Sora.

I thought that she had been hiding in her room to brood over her mothers death.

I didnt disturb her and only sent someone to deliver food.

“But one day, I went to visit her and realized that she was no longer in the room.


Tim and I have already sent people to search the country, but we cant find Sora.”

Jordan felt very worried.

Park Sora was a rebellious girl.

It could be seen from the way she fell in love with Jamie behind her parents backs and flew to the battlefield to meet him.

Jordan was worried that Park Sora would choose to commit suicide after learning that his mother was dead.

In that case, Jordan would feel even more guilty.

He would have let Madam down.

Jordan said, “She might have left South Korea.

Ill send people to search for her in various countries.

By the way, why did you step down”

Cheon Ji-hoon sighed.

“You should know that its all thanks to Madam that I was able to achieve my status.

Once Madam died, those people knew that my backer was gone, so they took me down.

Not only did they strip me of my position, they even wanted to send me to prison! Mr.

Steele, I know youre resourceful.

Please help me!

“Although Im not Soras biological father, Ive watched her grow up all these years.

In her eyes, I am like her father.

She cant lose me, and I dont want to leave her!”

Jordan said, “You can talk to Tim about these minor matters.”

Jordan hung up the phone.

Hearing the debacle, Jamie walked over anxiously and asked, “Jordan, what happened Is Sora missing”

Jordan nodded.

“She might have run away from home.

You should know her personality very well.

Its definitely possible for her to do such a thing.”

Jamie looked worried.

“Her mother is dead.

She was the only one who could control her.

Im worried that something will happen to her.

Ill send men to find her immediately!”

“No need!” Jordan immediately rejected.

“Ill send my men to find her.

As the head of the Steele family, I order you not to interact with her.”

Jordan could tell that Jamie still liked Park Sora.

He was afraid that this b*stard wouldnt be able to control himself and would do something wrong again.

Jamie looked very aggrieved.

He was so angry that he kicked a million-dollar chair.

“Ill go find Daddy tomorrow to do a DNA test! I dont look like our father at all.

Im definitely not his biological son! By then, you will have no reason to stop me and Sora!”

Jordan pointed at Jamie.

“We have different mothers, so if youre not Daddys son, then were no longer brothers.

But Park Sora is still my younger sister.

If an outsider like you sullies my younger sister, Ill kill you immediately!”

Jamie was momentarily taken aback.

After analyzing this logic, he hurriedly went forward.

“Brother! Look at me closely! How can I not be our fathers son! How about you take a seat Ive invited your favorite American talk show host to stay here.

Ill get him to come over and perform for you.”

Meanwhile, Rong Huangde and his grandson had met up again.


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