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10 minutes later, in the VVIP reception room at the capital airport.

A long-legged 175cm tall beauty wearing a flight attendant uniform was carefully wiping the eggs and dirt off Jordans body.

The airport board of directors had specially sent this beauty over.

She was the most beautiful air stewardess they had.

Lionel and the directors hoped that they could use a beauty to appease Mr.


“Sir, there are some traces of rotten eggs on your legs too.

Shall I wipe it for you” The beauty stammered and was about to crouch down.

At this point, how could Jordan still be in the mood to admire beauties

“Go away, you dont have to wipe it!”

Jordan stated coldly.

Lionel shot the beauty a look to indicate that she should leave the room.

After she left, Lionel looked at Jordan regretfully.


Jordan, I think your heart definitely aches at this moment! Others might not know, but do you think that I dont A year ago, strange explosions caused by paper bombs occurred at four spots surrounding the capital.

The capital was in danger! You were the one who revealed to us that the danger came from the paper.

“It was also you who personally stopped the explosion from happening in the capital and gave instructions to transport the papers out.

Some time ago, there were multiple paper bomb explosions in China.

From the pictures and videos we obtained, the power was very great! This further proves that without your help back then, the capital would have been destroyed!

“Youre the benefactor of everyone in the capital.

Youre the hero of America! On behalf of all the people in the capital, I kneel and thank you!”

Lionel knelt down and bowed to Jordan.

It was true that Lionel did not have any official position and 99% of the people in the US did not know about him.

However, no matter where he went in the country, he would receive the highest degree of treatment.

Jordan helped Lionel to his feet and said, “Lionel, you dont have to do this! I know.

When you see me being attacked by those civilians, you think that my heart hurts and I regret it.

But youre wrong.

I dont regret what I did a year ago.

I would do the same thing if given another chance.

“So what if after saving the lives of millions of people, they threw rotten eggs at me My heart faces the sun and my conscience is clear!”

‘My heart faces the sun and my conscience is clear!

At this moment, Lionel admired Jordan even more.

‘Even with millions of people standing in my way, I would still go forward!

Jordan sighed and shook his head.

“I dont care what the civilians in the capital think of me.

It doesnt matter whether they treat me as a hero.

But I dont want them to treat Rong Bingshao, this villain with ulterior motives towards the US, as a hero!”

Lionel was shocked.

“What Youre saying that Canine Steele is Rong Bingshao Hes from the Rong family”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, hes actually a Chinese citizen.

He is in disguise.

A year ago, he deliberately used the paper bombs in the capital as a threat to lure me to China.

Although I successfully saved the lives of millions of people in the capital, I couldnt stop my wife, Victoria, from being tainted by this b*stard!”

“What Mrs.

Jordan was…”

Hearing this, Lionel became angry.

That day, Lionel remembered that he had also led a team to find Victoria.

Victoria was behaving very abnormally that afternoon and had even knocked someone over with her car.

Thinking about it now, did Victoria have a nervous breakdown and commit those acts because she had been tainted by Rong Bingshao

Lionel picked up his phone.


Jordan, please hold on.

Let me make a call!”

Meanwhile, Rong Bingshao was brought to a very hidden place by Lionels men.

After Rong Bingshao got into the car, he was covered with a hood so that he wouldnt remember the way.

But Rong Bingshao had high-tech methods and managed to record the route.

Compared to what a secret family had, the methods used by Lionels team were impossibly outdated and completely useless.

Rong Bingshao was brought to a strange interrogation room.

This place was clearly not the police station.

First, Rong Bingshao was locked in a room alone for about half an hour.

Then, a very dignified middle-aged man in a special uniform walked in.

The middle-aged man was holding two glasses of water.

He placed one on the table and pushed it toward Rong Bingshao.

Rong Bingshao took the cup and looked at it.

He realized that it was plain water and smiled.

“I prefer coffee.”

The middle-aged man said sternly, “Make do with it, Mr.

Canine Steele.”

Rong Bingshao took a sip of water without any fear.

He didnt care if there was poison or any kind of drug in it.

The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes and carefully observed any changes in Rong Bingshaos expression.

Rong Bingshaos expression remained the same.

After two minutes, Rong Bingshao had almost finished the water in his cup.

He smiled at the middle-aged man.

“The water is not bad.

Is there any more”

The middle-aged man was stunned.

Rong Bingshao smiled.

“What Sir, you seem very surprised.

Did you drug my water”

After Rong Bingshao was injected with the Mirakuru serum, his immunity was extraordinary.

In addition, he had taken a pill that made him immune to any poison before he came.

In terms of medicine, the Rong family dominated the world.

No one in the capital could stump him.

The middle-aged man smiled.

“How can that be You are our countrys hero.

Why would we drug you”

“Let me introduce myself.

My name is Yule Chancey.

You can call me Director Chancey.”

Rong Bingshao was surprised.

“Director Chancey Which department”

Yule said, “You dont need to know that.

You just need to know that we have the right to interrogate you.

Weve already let the relevant researchers review the information you provided regarding the artificial intelligence chip.

They said that its quite surprising and admirable! These things are at a level that our countrys researchers wont be able to achieve in the next 50 years.

Please tell me, how did you get these things”

Rong Bingshao smiled.

“Of course its the result of my dedicated research.

I told you, Im a scientist.

I can guarantee you that as long as Im around, I can make America the worlds most technologically advanced country in the next five to ten years, far surpassing any other nation!”

Yule frowned and asked, “What do you want in return”

Rong Bingshao smiled again.

“What do I want I dont want anything.

Im from the US.

Isnt it only right to contribute the most advanced technology to my country But since you are asking, hehe, I do have one request.

“A fellow called Jordan Steele wants to kill me.

You have to dispel this stupid notion from his head.

Stop him and ensure my safety.

Only then can I continue to help you, dont you think so”


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