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Rong Bingshao had brought the most advanced technology from the Rong family to the US.

He believed that his technology was invincible in all aspects.

Who would have thought that TikToks photoshop function and American womens makeup techniques would deceive Rong Bingshao He was shocked!

Indeed, everyone had their own area of expertise.

The Rong family never bothered to research such things.

Only South Korean and American women cared so much about their looks and figures.

Yule smiled.

“I found these girls according to your instructions.

If you dont like them, theres nothing I can do.

By the way, Mr.

Canine, youve had a good rest these past few days.

Can you provide the second half of your research on the artificial intelligence chip”

Lionel had already informed Yule that the chip was ready.

However, Yule knew of Rong Bingshaos plan.

He knew that Rong Bingshao planned to only provide half of the research.

But if Yule didnt ask for the second half of the artificial intelligence chip research, and instead asked for something else, it might arouse Rong Bingshaos suspicion.

Rong Bingshao smiled.

“Whats the hurry Take it easy.

You need to slowly digest these cutting-edge technologies.”

Yule said, “But, Mr.

Canine, youre such a patriotic person.

If you only enjoy yourself here every day and dont contribute to the country, you wont feel good, right”

Rong Bingshao thought for a moment.

He had already asked Yule to market “Canine Steele” as an American hero and very formidable scientist to the media.

So Rong Bingshao came to a compromise.

“How about this Ill show you the original framework.”

Yule asked, “I heard that you have also made great developments in artificial intelligence learning logic”

Rong Bingshao said, “Of course.

The artificial intelligence I developed will have the most astounding learning ability.

No matter what, it will learn faster and better than humans! Its definitely not as simple as copying an encyclopedia.”

Thinking of how the Rong familys wonderful artificial intelligence, “Dr.

T”, had been blown up by Jordans paper bombs, Rong Bingshaos heart ached.

Yule said doubtfully, “Arent you exaggerating a little In my opinion, no matter how powerful artificial intelligence is, its just a machine.

It cant have such powerful learning and reasoning abilities like humans.”

Rong Bingshao snorted.

“Youre so ignorant.

I often feel that you guys are like ancient humans living in the Paleolithic era.

Youre so different from me.

Oh well, Ill provide you with some information on artificial intelligence learning logic so that you can broaden your horizons!”

Yule lowered his head slightly, but he was secretly delighted.

He had successfully manipulated Rong Bingshao into giving up the important information which Jordan needed!

Only seven days later, Jordan and the Steele familys research team successfully developed the first version of their artificial intelligence system!

This artificial intelligence system was in the shape of an off-white robot.

It looked like an ordinary robot.

However, it was so powerful that no other artificial intelligence system could compare to it.

Jordan named it “Little Steele”.

“Little Steele” had an extremely strong ability to learn and deduce.

It more or less knew everything.

Jordan had even installed philosophies like “I Ching” and “Sun Tzus Art of War” into it so that it could learn them!

Jordan had been studying how to read people for more than a decade.

He believed that he was already a very powerful expert.

However, Little Steele only used half an hour to completely digest these complex theories.

It was now good at reading people, especially when it came to personality analysis.

It was not at all inferior to Jordan in this aspect.

Moreover, because it was a robot, it was not affected by subjective emotions like humans were.

It was more objective.

“The Rong familys research on artificial intelligence is terrifying! I originally thought that Dr.

T was just an artificial intelligence system with daily and defensive functions.

Now, I know that that thing was simply omnipotent.

As long as it has the chance to learn the relevant skills, it can even deduce my thoughts and my next plan of action just through my expressions.

“Fortunately, Dr.

T was blown up!”

Jordan felt that bringing the paper bombs back from the capital and detonating them was the right thing to do.

Rong Huangde was not that scary.

He was just an old man.

What was scary was his technology.

“Alright, Ill try and see if this artificial intelligence system is accurate! Who should we test it on I dont know where Shaun went to have fun.

As for Lionel, his personality isnt that clear-cut.

Theres no point in testing him.

“Oh, right.

We can test Hailey!”

Jordan immediately thought of Hailey.

This woman had a very distinct personality, and her strengths and weaknesses were also very obvious.

He wanted to see if Little Steele could deduce her personality just by looking at photos or videos.

Jordan activated the personality analysis program.

Little Steele: “Please show me a photo or video of the target.

A friendly reminder.

The more materials you provide, the more accurate it will be.”

Jordan took out his phone and provided all the photos posted on Haileys social media account.

In addition, Jordan also filled in some information about Hailey, such as her birth year, horoscope, favorite food, and so on.

He wanted to know if Little Steele could deduce what kind of woman Hailey was from this basic information.

“Little Steele, dont disappoint me.”

Jordan said with a smile.

He was also an expert in personality analysis.

Actually, Jordan could also deduce part of Haileys personality from the information provided.

Little Steele: “Analysis in progress.

Please wait a moment, Master!”

A few minutes later.

Little Steele: “Hailey Camden, female, 26 years old.

Born to a rich family.

“Character: Ambitious, vain, extroverted, cheerful, willful, Princess syndrome and loves to fantasize.”

“The type of man she likes: Handsome, good physique, rich, holds a high status.

She is destined to have no achievements in her career.

Her fate is full of misfortune.

But one can always turn misfortune into fortune.”

Jordan said, “Analyze the probability of her cheating.”

Little Steele: “According to my calculations, the probability of Hailey Camden having an affair after marriage is 88.88%.”

“This bad woman!”

Jordan was shocked.

This artificial intelligence was formidable.

It could even calculate the probability of a person having an extramarital affair.

In Jordans opinion, the probability of Hailey having an affair was not 88.88%.

It was clearly 100%!

She had even cheated more than once!

However, testing Hailey alone was not enough.

It was difficult to determine if the artificial intelligence system was accurate.

“Why dont I analyze Lauren next Shes the complete opposite of Hailey!


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