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Yule went to the courtyard to find Rong Bingshao.


Canine, which girl do you like this time You can just tell me and Ill find her for you.

Why do you have to post a video yourself and attract so much attention online During this period, Ive already praised you on all the major media outlets as per your request.

Youve helped our countrys scientific research.

“Now, everyone in the US treats you as a hero and a great scientist.

Why do such things that will damage your reputation”

Of course, Rong Bingshao had his reasons for making such a grand announcement to the entire country.

Firstly, Emily was Jordans sister-in-law and they had a close relationship.

If Rong Bingshao pursued Emily like this, Jordan would know in advance and Emily would definitely not agree.

Therefore, Rong Bingshao wanted to play on public sentiment first.

He wanted everyone in the US to know that he was currently lovesick and could not even sleep well, let alone conduct his scientific research!

He was forcing Emily to be with him.

Secondly, Rong Bingshao wanted to continue humiliating Jordan.

‘I bullied your wife and now Im chasing your wifes sister.

What can you do

Rong Bingshao didnt answer Yule.

After a while, he posted another video.

The video didnt feature him but was just a photo of Emily.

Below the video, Rong Bingshao attached a message: I love you.

Can you be my girlfriend @emilyclarke.

Not only did he include Emilys photo, he even tagged her to let everyone know that this was the girl!

Houston, Houston Bay One.

Emily was having a gathering with a group of flight attendants.

The houses in Houston Bay One were all mansions that only the richest people in the country could afford.

Jordan had given this mansion to Emily.

The luxurious living room was filled with long-legged beauties.

After all, they had all been air stewardesses before.

They had good figures and were very stylish.

However, everyone knew that the air stewardess industry was rather messy.

There were not many good women.

Emily was naturally considered a good woman because she had a powerful sister behind her.

She didnt need to rely on a rich man like others.

The girls were drinking wine and chatting happily.

“Who do you think is the girl whom Canine Steele likes If only I had such a handsome, fierce and heroic boyfriend, I would wake up from my dreams laughing!”

“Haha, stop dreaming.

How could he fall for girls like us She must be an ordinary bookworm.”

“Hey, look at your phone.

Canine Steele has posted another video!”

Everyone eagerly turned on their phones.

The moment they saw the latest video, they cried out in shock.


The screams of these girls nearly shattered the roof.

“Emily! Its a photo of Emily!”

“Ahhh, this is crazy! The girl whom Canine Steele likes is actually Emily!”

“Emily, you must have saved the entire galaxy in your previous life! Youre so lucky!”

Everyone surrounded Emily.

Emily was momentarily stunned before picking up her phone.

“What are you talking about”

She turned on her phone and saw that countless people had tagged her and sent her private messages.

Countless people liked her videos and become her followers!

“Oh my God…”

Emily was shocked.

She had never received so much attention in her life!

Looking at Rong Bingshaos latest video, Emily was in disbelief:Oh my god, is that true The person he likes is me

Emily never thought that a hero would ever like her.

Over the past few years, she had only liked one man, and that was Jordan.

However, she also knew that it was impossible between her and Jordan.

He had already told her that he only liked her sister.

Emily knew that she couldnt be in love with Jordan forever.

She had to find a boyfriend.

However, Jordan had set the bar so high.

After Jordan, it was very difficult for Emily to be interested in other men.

It could be said that ordinary men were not worthy of Emilys attention.

However, Canine Steele was not an ordinary person.

Not only was he a celebrity whom countless girls were infatuated with, but he was also a scientist and an American hero!

To be honest, Emily also had a good impression of this boy…

Emilys friends kept talking.

“Emily, go ahead and agree! Havent you always complained that the men we introduced you to are too ordinary Canine Steele is not ordinary!”

“Thats right.

Anyway, youre single now and want to be in a relationship.

Canine Steele is perfect in all aspects!”

“Get married this year and have children next year! Canine Steeles genes are definitely the strongest in the world! He has a great physique and his brain is top-notch.

Hes simply amazing!”

“Thats right.

Even if you dont date him, you have to have a child with him.

Oh my god, I really want to have a child with Canine Steele, sob sob…”

Emily blushed at her friends words.

Canine Steele was indeed a very, very exceptional boy.

How could Emily not know this

Emily covered her blushing face and said, “I really cant believe that an outstanding boy like Canine Steele would like me.

Im so ordinary and stupid, my education level isnt that high.

Canine Steele is a scientist.

Will I not be worthy of him”

Her friends comforted her.

“Who cares if youre worthy or not! Anyway, hes the one chasing you, not the other way round!”

“Thats right.

His crazy fans must be so jealous of you and dont want you to be with him.

But you dont have to worry about them!”

“Oh wait, look at the comments.

Everyone wants Emily to be with Canine Steele.

They even said that if Emily doesnt agree, she must be a spy and a traitor!”

Emily was shocked and immediately opened the comments section and private messages.

Indeed, countless netizens were persuading Emily to agree.

Even if she had a boyfriend, even if she was married, she had to be with Canine Steele.

If Canine Steele failed in his pursuit, it would affect his emotions and directly affect the progress of the countrys scientific research!

“Oh my, how did things end up like this It looks like I have no choice but to agree.”

Emily patted her cheeks.

She suddenly felt her entire body heat up.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ring, ring.

Suddenly, there was a loud knocking on the front door and the doorbell kept ringing.

Knocking and ringing.

It seemed like there were many people outside.

Emily looked at the surveillance footage and was a little shocked.

There were indeed many people standing outside!

“Who are they!”


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