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Xue Fanxin did not hide anything from Ye Jiushang.

She told him everything that had happened when she was unconscious, including the golden phoenix and the spider lily.

When it came to the golden phoenix, Ye Jiushang was shocked and happy.

But as soon as the spider lily was mentioned, he revealed a furious and worried expression.

His face was quite ugly and terrifying, and his body emitted terrifying killing intent.

He knew that the spider lily was a hidden danger.

“Xiner, be careful about that flower.

Dont let it enter your Realm of Intent anymore, and dont let it pry into your secrets.”

“What is the Realm of Intent Is it the mysterious place where the gold phoenix is produced” Xue Fanxin asked in confusion.

She only wanted to figure out where that mysterious place was.

Ye Jiushang nodded.


The Realm of Intent is even higher than the Realm of Oblivion.

A certain talent of yours can only be triggered under special conditions through a persons consciousness.

After entering the Realm of Intent, you can activate your talent and power even faster.

You can even awaken your bloodline power.

The Realm of Intent is incomparably precious and important to cultivators.

If the power inside is destroyed or forcefully taken away, your talent power will greatly weaken.

Its very likely that it will be taken away.”

He had never expected Xiner to be able to open her Realm of Intent at the Spirit Transformation Realm.

Many people could not open that place in their entire lives.

Only those with extraordinary talent, strength, and comprehension ability could do it.

If one had a conscience, they would never barge into others Realm of Intent.

Only greedy and scheming people would resort to such tactics.


Not only had the spider lily overstepped her bounds, but when it was thrown out, it actually wanted Xiner, who knew nothing, to help it… With such an obvious intention, he would never believe that it was not greedy.

If not for Xiners masters intentions, he would not have let this spider lily reside in her sea of consciousness.

Now that this spider lily had revealed its greed, even if her master did not agree, he would do his best to take it out.

When Xue Fanxin understood the importance of the Realm of Intent, she already had a grudge against the spider lily.

It must have known that that place was her Realm of Intent.

Yet, the spider lily went inside and even tried to use her ignorance to win her help… What was it after

The Realm of Intent concerned her talent and strength.

What the spider lily wanted was already quite obvious.

It coveted her talent and strength… It was too terrifying.

Fortunately, she had not foolishly let the spider lily stay back then, or the consequences would have been disastrous.

“Ah Jiu, could that flower really have ill intentions”

She believed that her master would not harm her, but if this spider lily really had designs on her and wanted to snatch her talent, possess her power, or even seize her body, then things would be terrifying.


Previously, she did not know about the Realm of Intent, so she was only a little angry at the spider lily.

But now, she also felt panic and unease.

If only her master was here, she could ask him clearly.

However, she didnt even know where he was.

Finding him was even more difficult than ascending to the heavens.


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